Music: Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King – Love Come Down
Drink: Pinot Noir, 2008 Acacia
Mood: Spunky

Hello blog-world, Brandon is here.

Cosmos with Val, The Four Seasons, Washington, D.C.


Everyone has told me for years I should start a blog. Maybe its because of my intense social calendar. Maybe its because of my fun nature and easy goingness. Maybe its because of my love for anything retro, vintage, and 70s, which kind of objects and music fill my life and home. But whatever reason, here we are, starting to document all that is me 🙂

So, here I sit, typing my first blog, while drinking an oaky pinot noir in the room of my house my friends have jokingly (and let me stress, jokingly) dubbed my ‘cocaine room’, due to its solid white furniture, Andy Warhol prints of yours truly, countless mirrored surfaces, and deep white shag rug. This blog will recount my never ending social outings and other crazy situations that I find myself getting into all the time. When my friends see me, they always seem to immediately start asking me for my latest and greatest crazy story, and the first thing out of their mouth after hearing it is usually “That would ONLY happen to you Brandon Edwards!” or “Only you, man.” or “HOW does this kind of stuff happen to you?!”. So, now all you readers of Naked Disco can hear these stories as well.

my front room, dubbed the ‘cocaine room’

Lets see, whats going on today. Well, this past weekend I was in Lexington, KY, visiting two of my best friends, Kevin and Sarah, and their little girl. Have I unpacked? No. Have I rested from my trip? No. But I had the BEST time, more to come on that later after I upload all the great pictures I took.  Today was just a boring day at work, and came home to massive piles of laundry to do…it truly never ends. Had dinner with mom, she had just got back from a business trip.

Mom and me, Bermuda

Looking forward to my fun weekend! Tomorrow night is the Hook’s Halloween Party! Each year, they choose a letter from a hat, and the guests must come dressed as something that starts with that letter; this year the letter is C. What do you think I will be?!  😉  Saturday is Todd’s graduation, followed by watching the Florida/Georgia football game, followed by the Spollen’s Halloween party! And you’ll all get to read all about it 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ok, well my first blog entry is done! Hooray! And don’t forget to visit the About Brandon section.

Goodnight, disco stars! Wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Sleepy boy.