Music: French Kiss – Panic
Drink: Le Grand Pinot Noir, Limoux France
Mood: Relaxed

Celebration runnin’ up and down my spine, I know its my destiny to have a real good time…

Shout. Shout. Blog it all out. These are things that I blog about, come on. I’m blogging to you. Come on.

Fishbones on Friday night. Love me some apple martinis

Hello blog readers 🙂 Sorry its been a while since my last post. Two quick things  – First of all, I WILL be blogging soon about my recent trip to Kentucky, just haven’t had time! Second, if there are any topics, etc. that you would like me to discuss/share my options on, send them in 🙂 I am going to try to make my blog a little more interactive/engaging, so its not just a diary of my days. Just don’t want my readers to get bored, so just bear with me, I am new at this 😉

So lets start off by recanting how I started my morning on Thursday. I accidentally said “grande” in a non-Starbucks coffee shop, and got pretty much the same kind of reaction like you would get shouting the wrong name during sex. They looked at me like I was a total low-life scum. So I glared back at them with a ‘well, maybe you should work in a more high-end coffee shop’ look. Take that.

On Halloween, I went out to eat with Jeremy for dinner. We went to the flagship Ruth’s Chris steakhouse cuz I had always wanted to go to that one. Ugh, it was SO good, as usual. I had the most amazing wine but can’t remember the name to save my life…I was probably a bit over-served 😉 Dessert was a key lime cheese cake and dark chocolate bark, EPIC with my wine. Thursday night, Deana and Chris had Melissa and me over for dinner. I hadn’t seen them all in so long since we stopped doing DALLAS night (DALLAS blog is coming!)! We caught up over many glasses of wine. I love going over there, they always make such yummy meals 🙂

Ruth’s Chris is SO GOOD.

Halloween has now come and gone, and I see the stores wasted no time putting out the Christmas wrapping paper and other Christmasy things. Every year I see SO MANY Christmas ornaments and things I want, but a tree can only hold so many. What are we to do? Buy more trees? And when I was in the mall the other day, omg, all the objet d’arts and chachkies! Its like, how do I choose? Do I choose the sparkly candle holder covered in gems, or the super awesome glass giraffe wearing a green glass santa hat?? I have only so much tabletop space. Sigh.

Next Friday I leave for Nashville, TN, for a belated 30th birthday celebration for my bestie Valerie. Its gonna be good food, good times, and COUNTRY! We are going to the Grand Ol’ Opry on Saturday, and this is what I have been fretting about – WHAT DO I WEAR? I kinda wanted to wear something like this, with a black cowboy hat:

But then I was thinking about a western-cut denim shirt and brown hat, with like a plaid wool vest, but of course I can’t find a vest like what I am envisioning now. So I was also thinking about my denim blazer, but its kind of 2002. I got it after Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears went to the 2001 American Music Awards in matching denim outfits, and i thought it was so cool. OR I was thinking I could channel my inner country rock star and wear a sleek black button down, black blazer with velvet trim, and a black low-key cowboy hat. What should I wear, people?! Help me! Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Rants? Raves? Seriously, this is like all I can think about.


Still going hardcore on my scarf obsession, bought lots more this week! Even though I hate cold weather, I am excited to get to wear them. And there is this Swedish sock brand I have recently discovered called Happy Socks, that I LOVE, and I discovered that they sell them at JC Penneys! Christmas is right around the corner people, hint hint 😉

Sarah is in town this weekend from Kentucky! Woohoo! Saw her last night at The Vineyard with Adrianna, Chris, and Jeremy, after eating at Fishbones. So fun! Then we went to 80s night at Dexters and danced and got crazy…you can probably say we were definitely over served 😉 I love I get to see her so much even though she has moved away. Today we tailgated with our crew for the UCF homecoming game, it was gorgeous out and we played beer pong and cornhole and enjoyed a fun day outdoors. Tomorrow is the Counting Crows concert with Adrianna and Sarah! Woot woot!

Football fun in the sun

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

I go sleepy-night-nights now.