Music: Donna Summer – I Feel Love
Drink: Chateau Fonroque Grand Cru Classe, 2005, St. Emilion, France
Mood: Anxious

Tonight…tonight…I will meet you underneath the flashing mirrored light…

I am still trying to recuperate from my weekend. Whoa. It was sooo great seeing Sarah this weekend! It went by way too fast.

Sunday was the Counting Crows concert, so I met up with Adrianna and Sarah around 4 and we had a drink or two before we left for the concert at Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios City Walk. Upon parking, Adrianna and Sarah turn around to look at me in the backseat and go “Look Brandon, we love your blog, but you left out a LOT of stuff that happened Friday night at Dexters! People want to hear about the crazy stuff! We just didn’t get ‘overserved’ like you wrote, we got f*cking hammered and danced to Pearl Jam and Matchbox 20. Write about that!” So, after hearing this, I agreed that they were right, and appreciated the criticism because as I stated before, I am new at this and need pointers 🙂 so before I get to talking about the concert, here is the true recap of Friday night that I wrote about last time…

Friday night, the plan was to meet up with Sarah, Adrianna, and Chris immediately after they picked up Sarah from the airport. While Jeremy and I were at dinner, I get this text from Sarah (who, the last time I spoke to her, was having a preflight beverage or two) as she is boarding the airplane: “You know you ain’t got some unless you got buns hun. You can do side bends or sit ups, but please don’t lose that penis. Tell Jeremy to be prepared for the biggest boobs he’s ever seen!” and I was like “Omg are you wasted?!” and the reply was “Your mom is wasted!” So I was like oh boy, this is gonna be a night…

So by the time Sarah, Adrianna, and Chris meet up with us at the wine bar, I am already three martinis and three glasses of wine in (she was delayed). After having a few at the wine bar, we walk across the street to Dexter’s for live music and more drinks. Immediately upon entering, we start doing shots shots and more shots.

The Friday night crew

And we were just all in a pretty crazy mood…

Craziest night ever!

We proceeded to do shots and dance and catch up with Sarah. Then at one point I go to the mens room, and the only option was a urinal and I HATE using urinals. I don’t know why, but I just hate it. But I had not choice, so I took my spot. The guy next to me immediately starts saying “Man, girls are so hard to read…” and starts telling me how he likes this girl he is with, but doesn’t know what she wants or how she feels. So of course, with all the drinks I have had, I think I am fully capable of giving this guy relationship advice. He proceeds to talk to me at the sink about how he told her he loves her, but now is unsure, blah blah blah. I keep trying to talk to him, but he keeps interrupting me and I finally figure out this guy is toooooooooootally wasted. So I start trying to end the conversation (keep in mind the men’s room is FULL), and he starts telling me about his very large, um…lets just say ‘man part’. And I was like uhhhh omg. So then he starts asking me if I want him and his ‘large man part’. This is where I ran out of the mens room…moral of this story – don’t use urinals.

I run over to my friends and start telling them what just went down in the men’s room, and before I know it the guy comes OVER TO OUR TABLE, WITH THE GIRL he is with!!! And because Sarah is amazing, she took this pic just as I was telling the story as the guy comes over…

Totally totally gross!!

And then this happened…

That would be my leftover porkchop from dinner

Then this…

Sexy sexy

The band then comes back on, and we hear Long Day by Matchbox 20. And we lose our minds, run up right infront of the band, and dance and sing like its the last night of our LIVES. I then highfived the band.

Now you all know what REALLY went down Friday night. Now back to Sunday…

At Counting Crows!

Dan Vickery is a guitarist and singer in Counting Crows, and Adrianna and Sarah have met him MANY MANY times. So after we get in, we run to be at the very front of stage infront of where Dan will be standing, and we made it right behind the barricade.

Right in front!

At one point, I go to get us more drinks and come back and Adrianna and Sarah have totally disappeared. I am looking around and notice everyone is looking at the corner of the venue. I then notice that Dan has come out JUST to talk to Adrianna and Sarah! Everyone is kinda quietly freaking out, and I don’t know if I should go over there with them cuz I don’t want to lose my place and also cause more of a scene and then cause Dan to go backstage. Everyone around me is like GO GO we’ll hold your spot! but I didn’t and stood my ground.


The concert was REALLY fun, minus this HUGE TALL girl pushing her way to the front of the stage. We called her Wildebeest. I seriously thought the three of us were gonna fight this girl, we managed to scare her boyfriend off and eventually I think she could feel everyone around her threatening her, so Wildebeest FINALLY left. We kinda bonded through this with the people around us, who I promised I would post pictures of, if they read my blog! And with the three of us, wherever we go, we always manage to make friends!

Concert friends!

apparently I met her too…

After the concert, we continued the party at Rising Star, a karaoke bar where you sing with an actual band and back up singers. This is what happened to me…

Singing onstage!

Rocking out the crowd to Magaritaville by Jimmy Buffett! This is what happened to Adrianna…

Passed out, but still sexy

Yeah, she was pretty done I guess! Afterwards, we got food at 7-11 (at like 2:30AM on a Sunday) and I discovered hot dog flavored potato chips. So obviously, this discover changed my life forever.

I made it to work on Monday, but it was such a long day after having a night like that on a Sunday. Today I have been just working, and doing laundry and prepping for my big weekend in Nashville this weekend! Still have no clue what I am wearing to The Grand Ol’ Opry!

Well, I guess thats everything goin on right now. Pretty low key evening at home, just watching Family Guy.

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Goodnight moon.