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Its my birthday if I say it is again, we don’t need a reason for the party to begin…One, two, three, four, everybody on the floor, I can step with you like I’m walkin’ in your shoes…

Yee haw! I’m as tickled as a wooden spoon in a spellin’ bee!

This past weekend I was in Nashville, TN, for a belated 30th bday celebration for my bestie Valerie. Valerie and I have been best friends since we were 15, thats half of our lives! She went to high school and college with me, and lives in Washington DC now with her hubby and her pretty kitty Rose 🙂 Work was CRAZY this week, so I was completely crazed during work on Friday trying to get stuff done before my 2PM flight. I actually met someone cool on my flight, her name was Jenn and is moving to New Smyrna beach soon from Pittsburgh. I had left ALL my gossip magazines in my car (along with my copy of Fifty Shades of Grey), and Jenn had oodles and shared with me. We bonded through talking about Taylor Swift, how fat Brooke Shields has got (like, REALLY FAT), and our mutual hatred for Mariah Carey. We are going to have drinks when she moves here 🙂

While I was in the Daytona Beach airport waiting for my flight, I was sitting in the ONE restaurant (Subway) and this group of people kept staring at me and whispering and I was like uhhh thats weird but whatever. So I go to my gate, and these people are at my gate and they are totally staring at me. I had on my big Versace glasses so I could keep my eye on them without them knowing I was looking back. Then this one guy comes over, and sits down next to me and I am like WTF and before I can say anything he says “Ok, we won’t tell anyone who you are if you tell us who you are.” And I was like “Um….I…don’t know what you’re talking about…” and this dude goes “So you’re not a celebrity or someone famous?” and I was like “UM NO” and he says “Oh we thought you were! With your big sunglasses and your luggage, you looked so famous and fabulous, and we fly out of here all the time and never see anyone like you!” I was like “hahaha thanks” and while I guess it was a compliment, it was totally strange.

I arrived in Nashville just 2 minutes after Valerie, and she met me at the gate which was super awesome and unexpected. We got to our hotel and our room wasn’t ready which kinda freaked us out cuz we had awesome dinner reservations and needed time to change and get fabulous. We went up to our floor which was club level and had some apps and wine. While we were up there waiting on room, we met this couple that just WOULDN’T STOP TALKING to us, and we were totally trapped at this table at the bar with them. OMG. I finally just got completely silent and just drank my wine faster and faster, and they just kept talking and talking. Once Germany came up, I made the mistake of mentioning a beerfest in Stuttgart I was at last year, and instantly I was back in this never ending one-sided conversation. FINALLY our room was ready, and as we departed this couple asked for our numbers to meet up tomorrow for drinks. Saving Val, I gave them my number and wouldn’t you know, they totally wanted to meet up the next day. Its like, HELLO, we are not here to hang with you. I mean, maybe they were just super nice but awkward people wanting to make friends. Ooooor they could have totally been swingers. I wasn’t willing to take the chance.


I had brought all these amazing scarves with me, but it was still too warm to wear them 😦 Our first dinner was at Virago, a fabulous sushi place recommended to us by Sarah and David. We drank white cosmos and had some amazing sushi and caught up and talked and talked and talked. About people we love, people we hate, work, life. After dinner, we started walking to the strip where all the bars are, but upon feeling like we were going to get mugged, we got a cab and landed on the strip.

Ready for dinner!

Dinner at Virago


After trying out some bars, we ended up at Bootleggers Inn. They had live music and we got seats right at the bar. A few minutes later, we had blue raspberry moonshine drinks in our hands! After one, Val and I looked at each like “uhhh these are strong!” So the bartender girl overheard and informed us they were 93 proof! So we had a few more 😉 We sang with the band, and talked and talked over many moonshine drinks for a few hours. We decided to leave, and as I got up I realized I was pretty stinkin’ drunk, but it was a different drunk. I was mooooonshine drunk! It was the most amazing drunk ever. Like, seriously. I was super super drunk, but had my wits about me and was coherent and could walk. I hadn’t experience being so drunk but so in control of myself. It was the BEST DRUNK EVER. I had a hotdog from a vendor on the way back that was quite the late night treat.



The next morning I nursed my moonshine hangover, and we went to Puckett’s for lunch. There was a long wait, so we decided to go to the bar to wait and get a mimosa. There was only one stool open, and several woman noticed our plight and was like ‘Hey y’all, pull up a chair, we’ll scooch in for ya!” Gotta love that southern charm and grace 🙂 so we ate at the bar too and I had the most epic fried green tomato BLT. EPIC!!!!

Fun times at Puckett’s!

We then mosied over the Country Music Hall of Fame. AMAZING! They had clothes and memorabilia from every country star you could imagine. Elvis’s limo and gold leaf piano. Reba McIntyre’s dress. Hank William’s guitars. Patsy Cline’s jewelry box. Then, in the midst of all these amazing, priceless, items of country music history, was Taylor Swift’s Macbook that she made a video on. I was like, uhh….that doesn’t quite fit in here, bitch needs to GO. HAHA All could think about was the Sesame Street song “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…”


Elvis’ piano

Taylor Swift’s laptop

One of Val and mine’s favorite things to do together is get drinks at a fabulous hotel together, like the Four Seasons or something. We went to The Hermitage, an old and luxurious hotel steps from ours. The doormen had on tails and tophats, something I would totally want to get married in. They have a famous men’s room that has been in tons of movies and music videos, so me and Val went in and took pics, then she left so I could pee in one of the vintage urinals in the famous art deco men’s room.

The Hermitage

Drinks at The Hermitage

Then it was time for the Grand Ole Opry! If you read my earlier posts, you knew I was fretting about what to wear and ended up buying a western shirt in Nashville that was super awesome. We had pretty good seats and we were just so thrilled to be there! People wait their entire lives for something like that. We saw Ricky Skaggs, all these old legends of country music, Connie Smith, and the original singer of Rocky Top! I about leaped out of my skin when it came on! Then the guy that stars in the TV show NASHVILLE was there and performed, his name is Charles Esten and plays Deacon Claybourne. We got a pic of him afterward, after being cut in line by this annoying 5 year old. As if. But how cool to end the trip after meeting a celeb!!!

At The Grand Old Opry!

The Opry was great!

We met Charles Esten from the TV show NASHVILLE!

The next morning we left and had Starbucks in red cups 🙂

Since being home, haven’t done too much. I am all caught up on cleaning and laundry, so its been nice to have a few nights in which I don’t have to do anything either at home or socially. Getting ready for Laura’s Monte Carlo Casino Party on Saturday! SO excited about what I am wearing, its cocktail attire 🙂 It sucks with the time change, I can’t work on my yard or wash my cars after work because its so dark, so I am going to need to do that on Saturday at some point…

Right now I am drinking my wine and put on my favorite James Bond movie, The Living Daylights, which the intro is written by A-ha! “All right, hold on tight now/It’s down, down to the wire/Set your hopes up way too high/The living’s in the way we die…”

Has anyone heard the new Nikki Minaj song Va Va Voom?! Its my new favorite thing, I have listened to it like 100 times. Seriously, give it a listen. And Spectrum by Zedd. Trying to decide if I want to go to Machu Picchu next year….anyone want to go? Also fretting about what to get my mom for Christmas… I am thinking maybe getting her a spa day somewhere…does anyone have any spa recommendations in Orlando?? Putting the tree up next week! Woot woot! Getting in the Christmas spirit and wearing my favorite snowmen boxer shorts tonight.

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Santa is coming soon!