Music: Chic – I Want Your Love
Drink: 2010 Chateau Angelus, Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion France
Mood: Anxious

Stay the night, won’t you stay the night? I can be your lover, hold on tight…I can be your guide to paradise…

Ugh. What a dreary Thursday today was.

It was foggy all morning, kinda cold all day and misty rain. But cold to me is 60 degrees, I am sure my friends up north and in Europe (hi Liz!) probably are rolling their eyes at me! The kind of day that makes you wish you never got out of bed and you could just lay around cuddled in a blanket and watch Lifetime movies. The kind of day you just want to do nothing and nap. But sadly that was not possible…Now just home wrapped up by the fire in my favorite blanket.

Yesterday was my big deadline day at work, so today was super slow which was a nice change. I am training a new girl, from Russia, at work. While she was in my office today, I was training her while my mom was emailing me her work trip itineraries, and our separate trip itineraries to KY next month.  This girl saw all the trip emails coming in on my computer and says “What, you have personal assistant or something?!” and in my quirky, joking manner I said “Well, you know, when you’re a rockstar like me!” and she just kinda stared at me, like really confused…I don’t think she gets my humor just yet. Also, I got my hair cut by my hair girl Kimberly, and I think I got her talking too much and she wasn’t really paying attention and took a bit too much off this time. Sigh.

My mom and I have decided to go home to Kentucky for Christmas for the first time in 24 years! We booked our tickets today. I am going to be back in Kentucky for a week, I don’t know what I am going to do with myself for an entire week there….Its a super small town, and I don’t know anyone, and I have tried to see if the symphony is playing, or a concert or play is showing, and so far…no, nothing. Last time I was there (which was last year, the first time in 15 years I had been back), my first friend ever, Chrissy, and I went to dinner to catch up and reconnect. We went to the famous Moonlight BBQ restaurant, and I asked our waitress what kind of wines they had. Her response “Red and white.” I asked “So, is it a merlot, or what…?” and she just looks at me and is like “Honey, I don’t know, it comes in a box.” (I had the ‘red’). Looks like I am going to need a good book or three…

Thursday night has become my usual bubble bath night. I come home, put on some classical music, light my favorite mint chocolate candle, pour some champagne, and soak and decompress. It helps me get rested and ready for the weekend, which starts promptly at 5:30 on Friday afternoon when I get off work. Tonight I had some red wine already open, so I drank that and put on some Vivaldi.

Bath time!

I live alone, but am always a little jumpy when I am home alone. I came home a few years ago to two men in my house, and they locked themselves in my bedroom so they would have time to jump out the window. The police caught them though, thank goodness. The cops showed up within minutes, and I have an alarm system now. But the fear is always there; there is nothing worse than knowing people were in your home. I have nightmares about it STILL. So when I was in the tub soaking, any little creak or noise made me freak out a little each time. The wine helped 🙂

glug glug glug

Clean boy

Oh yeah, and this happened…


Yes, that is my stove. Yes, that is the stove handle propping up the stainless steel front. I went to open my stove a couple of weeks ago, and the handle became detached on one side. I was like ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?! UGH. I hadn’t got around to ordering a new one. So then, tonight, I go to open my stove to put in some chicken, using the handle that is half on, and the ENTIRE THING COMES OFF and the stainless steel front detaches as well, making the scariest, loudest, awful noise ever, but it is at least still attached at the bottom. I have had this stove like 5 years, and if you know me you know I can’t cook…ANYTHING. So this stove has been used WAY less that the typical stove in a non-bachelor’s house. I mean, a handle just isn’t supposed to come off like that, right? I have barely used it. So I guess, like, if this was Paula Dean’s stove, that handle would have fallen off in the first 8 minutes. Now I am scared to use it cuz I feel like the exposed portion of the oven door would get super hot. I have spent my Thursday night Googling oven door handles, and do you know how much my stove handle costs? $150. Yeah. For curved plastic. Truly, WTF. And my annual wine and cheese party is in a few weeks, so I am hoping I can get it fixed before then. Sigh.

Stove of shame.

So, if anyone wants to help fix my stove, that would be super 🙂 Also, the surround sound that runs through various rooms in my house is all jacked up because my ex-roommate either took or messed up my surround sound cords so the sound in some of the rooms doesn’t sound right. Can someone please help a guy out 🙂

Just sitting by the fire, watching Family Guy and Hoarding, my two favorite shows. Not too much going on really this week, which has been nice. If anyone wants a Christmas card from me, please email me your address or message me on Facebook! I have decided to send out cards for the first time this year!

I asked for topics people would like to see me blog about, or hear my opinions on…I got a few requests, but nothing I feel I can speak well on. But keep sending them in!

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Sleepy time.