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Every time the music plays, do you get me caught up in the craze, please come get me I can’t wait, to work it like its ’78….Gimme gimme gimme what I want, what I need, baby, fire your lovegun… 

Omg! It has been a week since in have updated! I have been a bad boy. Spank me! Hard. 😉

Ready for Christmas!

So much has been going on right now (so this blog is kinda long). So, I saw the James Bond movie Skyfall last Wednesday night. LOVED. IT. As an extreme James Bond fan, I must say it is probably the best James bond since GoldenEye, excluding Casino Royale cuz that was like epic good. Skyfall! You have to see it! OMG! I laughed, AND cried into my huge bucket of popcorn.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was good, my mom cooked 2 different kinds of turkeys, and all our favorite sides. It was just me, mom, and her boyfriend (of like 15 years)! So it was low key but very good. She had a mint chocolate pie for me for dessert 🙂 Later that night I saw the movie Prometheus. I usually don’t enjoy movies like, but was glued to it. It was kinda…weird. And gross. And I didn’t really understand a lot, but then again I didn’t know it had anything to do with all the Alien movies, which of course I haven’t seen. Whatever.

Thanksgiving at Mom’s

The lake behind my Mom’s house on Thanksgiving Day

 I had to work on Black Friday. I KNOW! The horror! The humanity! The biggest shopping day of the year and I am inside my office doing nothing, because every other company is off. I got ONE email that day. I took a long lunch and headed for the mall, otherwise known at my mothership. And guess what JC Penney’s had on sale for $4 a pair…

I LOVE Happy Socks!

…HAPPY SOCKS! I got 9 pairs, although all the good designs were already all sold out by the time I got there at noon. But was happy with my 9 pairs. I also got drapes for the spare room I am redecorating (more on that later), and an HOT outfit for my annual wine and cheese party coming up, and a new vacuum cleaner!

This is my new vacuum. It is AMAZING. If you know me, you know how OCD about cleaning I am. I wasn’t so much when I had my roommate cuz he never cleaned inside the house, even when I asked, so I was damned if I was going to be a maid to him or for him. Now that I have my house back, it is always spotless again, and I spend a lot more time at home now because its so great not being forced to watch shows about like how they make tires, or how lava cools. I have named my new vacuum Sucky-Sucky.

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT WAS INSANE. Let me explain. I went to eat at Bikkuri Sushi downtown with three friends of mine. Bikkuri Sushi is the weirdest, but most authentic sushi place. Its in this rundown office building, and you have to go up this sketchy stairwell to get there. And they have this INSANE Asian dance club in the back, where I am SURE they must sell drugs and hookers. But they have like 100 different rolls on the menu, and its freaking DA BOMB. After noodles and sake and rolls, we were ready to take this party elsewhere…

Dinner at Bikkuri

…So we landed at Stardust, a basement bar/club downtown near Thorton Park (I have tons of cute pics from Stardust, but a friend that is in them won’t let me post them here). So we start drinking and meet this random lesbian and her friend Yanine, I am not even sure how that happened. We went outside with these two girls so they could have a cigarette, and determined Yanine looked JUST LIKE Christina Ricci. So I, in my now drunk state, start yelling “OMG Christina Ricci is at Stardust! Its Christina Ricci!” So the crowd went kinda nuts for a hot minute, then we went back inside and had these shots called Loopy Shots that tasted JUST LIKE Fruit Loops cereal! Then we danced and danced with our two new friends, and started to play pool. I am now starting to get a little drunk from all the Loopy Shots, and my phone starts blowing up with some sad news…

As most of you know (or if you read my About Brandon page here on my blog), I am obsessed with the TV show DALLAS from the 80s. HUGE #1 fan. At Stardust, I was informed, via 8 different text messages, that my favorite actor, Larry Hagman, star of DALLAS, had died. I lost it. I started crying so hard, I couldn’t believe it. My favorite actor ever, from my favorite show ever. Gone. Just as they were rebooting DALLAS on TV. It was truly my dream to meet Larry Hagman. I remember being very little, like 3 or 4, and watching him on I Dream of Jeannie, and saw him on DALLAS when I was little because it was my mom’s favorite show back then. I was devastated, and crying, so I needed to leave. We took a cab, cuz I drove us downtown and was in no state to drive.

In the words of his I Dream of Jeannie co-star, Barbara Eden, “I can honestly say that we’ve lost not just a great actor, not just a television icon, but an element of pure Americana. Goodbye, Larry. There was no one like you before and there will never be anyone like you again.”

Me infront of the famous Southfork Ranch from the TV show DALLAS

Me with the actual prop gun used to shoot JR

Me in the master bedroom of the famous Southfork Ranch from DALLAS, with the portraits of Linda Gray and Larry Hagman

I woke up and was like, oh crap, I am sure my Mercedes, The Countess, has totally been towed because you can’t leave cars overnight in garages downtown. Super. I had to do community service that morning at 9, so I was going to have to get my car later. Community service at the Habitat for Humanity Home Store (like a thrift store and all the proceeds help the needy) was…interesting. You can tell that most people that work there had a GOOD time in the 60s and 70s. It’s like they are all cracked out from too many acid trips, or still coming off of one. And this one guy with no teeth that is like the head honcho dude kept hitting on me ALL day and kept asking if I played golf. Like, kept asking me. And I was sorting tile out back for like an hour and he just came out there and sat and watched me. UGH It was the strangest day. So finally that is over with and it was onwards to my Saturday night…

I got downtown to determine where my car had been towed to, and it was STILL IN THE GARAGE. It should have been towed at around 3AM, but it was still there! In the history of parking in Orlando, I have never heard of that happening! I had been towed SO MANY TIMES! I had fantastic luck that it wasn’t towed. So that night, it was our friend Troy’s birthday at this Irish bar which was A LOT of fun. I had some beer and way too many greasy appetizers. I was pretty exhausted from my community service all day, so afterwards went to Chris and Todd’s and had a couple of glasses of wine before heading home.

The Countess is ready for Christmas!

Sunday was super low key, and I started decorating my house for CHRISTMAS! WOOOOO!!!!!!!! I don’t decorate too much because I don’t want to take away from my décor, but I have some precious things I put out. And what Florida home at Christmas could be complete without a light up flamingo that moves and is wearing a Santa hat? I have this weird obsession with flamingos…

So I put on my Santa hat, poured some wine, lit a candle, put on Christmas music, and put up my white tree in my front living room my friends dub the “Cocaine Room” due to all the white furniture and mirrored surfaces. And of course my white tree has martini ornaments and disco balls, what white tree could be complete without it?

I think I have enough disco ball ornaments, what do you think??

Meet me underneath the flashin’ mirrored light…

My other tree goes in my family room. As most of you probably know, Hallmark always does those “series” ornaments, where they create one new ornament each year for each series. I have ALWAYS loved Hallmark ornaments, especially the Nostalgic Houses and Shops collection. The series started in 1984 and I had a few of them. Last year I decided I wanted ALL of them, and now have the entire collection, each one they made since 1984.

The first one! The 1984 Victorian Dollhouse

The rarest one! The 1986 Candy Shop

It took a LOT of hunting on Ebay, but I ended up with all of them last year. I put them on the tree in order, one by one. And I don’t put them up until I have bought the current year’s ornament. I don’t think anyone thinks its as amazing as I think it is, to have an entire Hallmark series, but I doubt you’ll go into any other house this Christmas that has it! Last year when I was buying the one for 2011, the lady at the Hallmark counter was like ‘Oh this ornament is so cute!’ and I responded proudly ‘Yeah, I actually have the entire series.” She definitely did not care. When I was ordering them all last year, one would come every few days, and the mailman would have to come to the door to deliver it. So in total I received about 28 of them that the mailman had to bring to my door. Close to the end he finally said, ‘Dude, what in the world are you buying in all these small boxes?!” I just love them, they are all different, and when you turn them around, you can see inside 🙂

The tree with my disco stocking

Tonight I went to the Orlando Magic basketball game, and had some really great seats! Been home now, eating the last of the mint chocolate pie I have and watching Family Guy. I have started painting my spare room FINALLY, but haven’t got far. My annual wine and cheese party is NEXT weekend, I have so much to do to get ready for it! The last piece of my outfit arrived yesterday, but I of course can’t tell you what I am wearing yet!

Mint pie!!!

So, thats pretty much all thats been going on. Crazy weekend, Christmas decorating. Now gearing up for this weekend! Friday night I actually don’t have any plans, and Saturday will be more community service followed by a Bachelor Party! Woot woot! I am also trying to put together a huge song list for my party…anyone have any good party songs I should include? All of Orlando is buzzing about my party! The paparazzi is already camped outside my house! And I could barely sleep last night…so many helicopters.

Well, back to my wine and Family Guy.

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

In my favorite velvet Christmas boxers

Cuddling with Mrs. Clause