Music: George Michael – Father Figure
Drink: Poema Cava, Extra Dry Champagne, Spain 
Mood: Blessed

Try to surrender, its a party out of control, disco defenders never lose it, body and soul…

Words. Words cannot describe the insanity, chaos, fun, craziness, fabulousness, outrageousness, calamity, and love that was packed into this weekend. Why, you ask? This weekend was my 4th Annual Christmas Wine & Cheese Party. And ya know, “party” just doesn’t cut it as a term to use for this event anymore. From now on, its going to be called the Annual Christmas Wine & Cheese Experience.

Sunny was at the party too!

Bar was stocked!

Wine glasses are ready

Red velvet, in that little boy’s smile…

 Where…oh where…do I begin?

This yearly party actually began as a New Year’s Eve party the first year I owned my home in 2007. It was a HUGE success and I had many people here. The next year though, I planned for it to be even BIGGER but hardly anyone showed up because people don’t like to drive on that night. 2009 the party became a Christmas party instead, and now I don’t think I can EVER stop throwing this party. Within many groups of friends I have, this party has become THE party you don’t want to miss. People come from near and far, and start asking me for the date of my party starting usually in October or September.

Friday night after work I went out and started buying all the food and obviously tons of cheese. I had 13 cheese varieties:

Apple Smoked Aged Cheddar
Apple Smoked Gouda
Dutch Gouda
Extra Sharp Cheddar
Mild Cheddar
Sharp Cheddar

15, if you count the Doodle and Whiz J

I put little names on all the cheese so people know what kind is what. I also served grapes, meatballs, cocktail weenies, cookies, and the list goes on. And Jenny and Chris brought some AMAZING chocolate covered strawberries, and Giovanna and John brought an EPIC chicken dip.

DSCN6162 DSCN6159 DSCN6158 DSCN6156 DSCN6155 DSCN6154

Saturday morning I woke up in a small panic. I was like OMG I ONLY HAVE 10 hours to do everything! I had a million errands, had to get the keg, liquor, etc, and went to the dry cleaners first to pick up a valance for the hall bath that I had cleaned and starched (I like it crisp for when company comes over). In the dry cleaners the girl behind the counter was like “Hi Mr. Edwards, how are you doing today?“ and I blurted out, probably shaking a little from the massive coffee I just drank, “OMG I AM HAVING 50 people over for a party and SO much to do today! I am FREAKING!“ and instead of this random girl being like ‘Oh, you’ll be fine!“ she says “OMG what are you doing HERE?!“ So that didn’t help my stress level…

I made the MOST AMAZING music list EVER. Disco. Pop. Britney. La Bouche. Alcazar. Madonna. I swear it was the best music mix ever burned onto CDs. I even threw in an Andreas Lundstedt song in Swedish, and some awesome French pop. No one commented on the music though, so maybe I was the only one that thought it was epic? Anyway, I got everything done and cleaned, and all the food put out, and just in time.

Some of the first people here were Mark and Tiffany, they drove in from St Augustine and met up with Monique on the way, she flew in from Key West. I met them at Lauren’s wedding with Sarah back in September, they are just the sweetest most fun people ever, I love them dearly and wish we all lived closer L


Catchin up with Mark!

Bon chic bon genre!

Amber and Tommy drove in from Gainesville, Brooke and Tim from Mt. Dora. People came from near and far! Mariah Carey had the AUDACITY to show up, but was of course turned away at the door. She really has some nerve, as if her name will EVER be on a guest list of mine. I talked to Sarah on the phone around noon; her and Kevin moved (against my wishes 😉 ) to Lexington a few months ago. She wished so bad she could come cuz so many people were going to be here. As the party began to rage, I was outside on the patio and heard this commotion inside, and looked in the Florida room and THERE WAS SARAH AND KEVIN!!!! People said I screamed and/or squealed as I ran inside, like WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!??!?! Everyone was BEYOND stunned, including me. I think I could barely talk, I just kept hugging them. I am surprised I didn’t pee myself. Apparently they had just packed a bag and went to the airport and got a flight at the drop dead last minute in order to come, booking their ticket on their phone AT the airport. Epic surprise of the year! I just couldn’t believe it, and STILL CAN’T!

Christina captured the exact moment!

DSCN6200 DSCN6205

So, I have this blow up doll that is a prop I used with a Halloween costume last year. I named him Burt Reynolds. I had some people over one night and we blew him up as a gag, and he has been inflated since and in the garage. I cleaned up the garage a little the day before, and decided its time to deflate Burt. Or I could put him in the shower during the party.

Burt Reynolds

So my plan was to have Burt frighten and shock people as they went into the bathroom to tinkle. What I didn’t plan on was all the amazing photo opportunities.

photo1 photo11 DSCN6204


Some casualties of the party were:

8 wine glasses
2 martini glasses
4 ping pong balls
My kitchen tile grout
And some people’s dignity

I hung outside a lot and played flip cup and beer pong and what not. Deana and Chris brought a million jello shots, and also brought gummy bears in shot glasses that had been soaking in vodka for three days. At first everyone was like ‘Omg they’re SO strong!’ but by the end of the night, there were none left!

Vodka soaked gummy bears anyone?


DSCN6255 DSCN6233 DSCN6208 DSCN6209 DSCN6199 DSCN6184 DSCN6180 DSCN6179 DSCN6170 DSCN6169

EVERY year I buy a ton of pizza rolls to make around 1AM when people are craving drunk food, but always get so wrapped up in the party I forget to put them in the oven. So, again, like the years before, I have 300 pizza rolls in my freezer. Guess what I’m eating RIGHT NOW. Yup. That’s happening. Nom nom nom.

Just like last year, Rhianna spent the entire night crying in the bathroom over Chris Brown, so no one even got to see her. Lindsey Lohan tried to console her, but seemed…out of sorts. And of course, things got kinda crazy…

photo9 DSCN6254 DSCN6212

DSCN6214Apparently the party raged past 4AM. I am kinda shocked, and a little disappointed, that the cops didn’t show up. There were cups EVERYWHERE, ALL over the yard. I woke up the next morning, the whole night being a huge blur. I had a total of 46 people here including me. I truly hope everyone had a good time, I feel like I had so many people here I didn’t get to talk to a lot of people very much. Maybe I just have to have another party soon 😉 I checked my Facebook and had 37 notifications; people tagging me in photos and posts stating “amazing party at Brandon’s last night!” and so forth. I really hope everyone had a good time. My house was completely trashed, and my room had been redecorated with the furnishings and decorations moved all around. But it was totally worth it. I got out my new vacuum, Sucky-Sucky, and went to work.

Memories of jello shots past... DSCN6341 DSCN6340 DSCN6337 DSCN6335 DSCN6334 DSCN6332 DSCN6331 DSCN6328 DSCN6329 DSCN6327 DSCN6325 DSCN6322 DSCN6319

I got some really cool gifts from people, totally unexpected but so generous and awesome. I got a ton of wine and champagne, and some highlights were flamingo party lights, solo cup stemware, a hardcover Louis Vuitton book about their watches, and a sign that says Party Naked. Do my friends know me or what?!


Lauren’s mom (Lauren, being the girl whose wedding was where I met Mark, Tiff, and Monique) lives in Key West, and sent these for me with Mo…

They say KEY WEST on the butt

Amazing, right? At first I was like why would she get me these…then I was like OMG how could she NOT have gotten me these? Love.

So, another successful wine and cheese party. Nothing too crazy happened…or did it? 😉

I have spent last night and tonight recouping. My mom was out of town all weekend at her big company Christmas party up in Pennsylvania, so I had dinner with her tonight to catch up. I saw the movie Ted last night. Who has seen it!? AMAZING.

Not too much going on this week, looking forward to Mike and Meredith’s wedding on Saturday!!! So excited I get to be there for the big day! 🙂

Still so undecided on what to get my mom for Christmas. I am thinking a Clarisonic, and maybe some simple pearl earrings from Tiffany’s. I got her earings from Tiffany’s last year though. Thoughts?! Help me people 😦

Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Santa comes soon!