Music: Madonna – Lucky Star
Drink: Ménage à Trois, California Red Wine, Napa 2010
Mood: Sleepy

Did I hear you crying in your sleep? Did you feel like you were all alone? Well it must have been a real bad dream, You should know I’d never let you go…Here I am by your side, just one kiss away…


What are you doing?

Whats going on out there? I am laying in bed.

Lazy Brandon.

Boring day today. I guess when you just work and hang out at night through the week, it doesn’t give you very much to blog about! My weeks are usually so jam packed, when they aren’t it kind of leaves me in a quandry, like, what am I supposed to be doing?? Am I missing out on something?? Anyway, tonight and the past few have just been lazy nights on the couch.

It got COLD tonight! I have a fire going in the family room, and ordered pizza instead of going out to get something.


Santa and Snowman huddled by the fire too.

It was nice out today, but when I left work it was frigid. I should maybe go outside to cover my poinsettas…but I don’t want to be cold. It is 53 right now and dropping…I have always said Florida cold weather is different than northern cold weather. I have been out in NYC and places when the temperature has been in the 20s and 30s, but its a drier cold than in Florida. When its cold in Florida, its like this bone piercing, wet,  cold that is more intense. Once you experience it, you get it.

I did get the iphone 5 today. A white one. Oh my gosh, I love it SO much. Its so much faster and better than my old iphone. I spent a lot of time tonight playing with it and figuring it out. And I LOVE Siri, although I think me and her may have had our first fight already…

But I DID find the most perfect iphone cover today.


Yes, my blog friends, that is a JR Ewing (DALLAS) iphone 5 case. And its mine. I bought it on Ebay. How amazing is that?! Most of you know my obsession of DALLAS…maybe I should write a blog about how I came to love the tv show DALLAS so much. So my iphone cover ships from England, which means it will be here in like 3 years. Sigh.


Yes, still laying here. Hmmm what else is going on.

I don’t check my mail a lot, as all the bills I receive I get electronically, so when I do get around to checking the mail I end up throwing the entire pile away after seeing what each piece is. Well it didn’t dawn on me that I may be getting Christmas cards! So I checked it today and low and behold…


5 Christmas cards for Brandon! Woo hoo!

And one was addressed to His Highness, and the other Prince Brandon…

photo5 photo4

I will share what that refers to in a minute. But with THAT, and the recent packages my mailman has delivered from Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong, some letters from England, along with the dozens of Tiffanys, Express, and Undergear (mens underwear website I order from CONSTANTLY) catalogs that were in my mailbox today, my mailman is probably wondering like “Who IS this guy?!”

Ok, so the Prince thing. One night while over at my besties Jill and Jon’s house, we walked down the street to get some frozen yogurt, and the three of us were having just the best time ever. So walking back to Jon and Jill’s, I just randomly turned to Jill and said, out of the blue:

Me: Jill, sometimes…I get really upset…that I’m not a prince.
Jill: Oh. Really?
Me: Yeah, I think about it a lot. And it makes me sad. I feel like I was born at the wrong time or era and should have been a prince.
Jill: Well, ya know Brandon, not a lot of people actually get to be one.

It was this HYSTERICAL moment, so funny. We laughed so hard. So a lot of people and have heard that story now, and it gets told over and over and we laugh so much about it. Like Sarah. When I flew to KY to visit her, she was waiting for me with this sign at baggage claim…

So its been this super funny long joke that will probably never die.

I have no plans tomorrow night, which is wierd. Brandon has no plans on a Friday night, what is the world coming to. Maybe I will just be laying here again tomorrow night, along with my hot chocolate in my Santa mug.

photo12 photo7

I am going tie shopping tomorrow during my lunch break, to find a new one to wear to Mike and Meredith’s wedding on Saturday. I have this great green dress shirt I want to wear with my pale gray suit, so I want a tie to pull it all together.

Well, I guess thats all I have today. Oh, a little blog housekeeping – I have had a lot f requests to change the settings so that people don’t have to type in thier email address when posting a comment on my blog updates. So, you don’t have to type your email address anymore, anyone can post 🙂   And STILL freaking out about what to get my mom for Christmas…time is running out! I leave for Kentucky NEXT Saturday! AH!



Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Goodnight Florida.