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Drink: Red Rock, Pinot Noir, California 2009
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You live a life alone and so do I, don’t you ever get lonely, and do you wonder why? May I propose a new solution? A revolution, for you and me? Can I be the one to share your love life…

Today was my last day of work, I am officially on Christmas vacation! YAY! I don’t go back to the office until December 31. This was week was SO busy for me as I prepared to be out of the office that long, it was not fun…

At least I have my tree at my desk!

I want to be on vacation already!

…and I am SURE something is going to go wrong, or someone won’t be able to find some report they need. Who knows. Something like that ALWAYS happens. I don’t leave for KY till Saturday morning, EARLY in the morning, but I took tomorrow and Friday off just to have some downtime before I leave. I plan on just sleeping in, and doing some Christmas shopping and just chillin 😉

Did anyone watch the Miss Universe pageant tonight? Ugh what was up with Miss Venezuela’s dress? She looked like the girlfriend of The Incredible Hulk or something. Anyway…

This weekend was Mike and Meredith’s wedding! It was fabulous and so so nice. Class all the way, just like the bride and groom 🙂 The ceremony was in a really pretty church, and the pastor was the perfect mix of serious, funny, and loving. I BARELY made it in time and didn’t get to sit with Jon and Jill. Before the ceremony started, Jon mouthed to me “Do you have your phone” and made the ‘texting’ gesture, and I knew IMMEDIATELY what he was referring to – that Family Guy scene where Quagmire and Peter discover they are at the same ballet or opera and start to text across the auditorium. But unfortunately we didn’t get to recreate the Family Guy moment because my phone was in the car. Fail.

photo (12)

On the way to the church!

Here comes the bride! Gorgeous!

Mr. and Mrs. Sasso! Yay!

DSCN6359 DSCN6358

The reception was at The Winter Park Racquet Club, and we arrived for the cocktail reception just as the sun was setting on the lake in the Winter Park chain of lakes the Club sits on. It was gorgeous! I was so happy they had such a beautiful wedding day.

The Winter Park Racquet Club

Amazing sunset!

Cocktail hour!

photo (18)

The food was fabulous, the drinks were fabulous, the cakes were fabulous. They even had a mashed potato bar and fried green tomatoes! Mike’s Groom’s Cake was mint chocolate, my favorite.


Cutting the Groom’s cake!


Gator chomp!


The Groom and I

Me with the beautiful bride!

DSCN6408 DSCN6392 DSCN6387 DSCN6386 DSCN6382 DSCN6367 DSCN6366 DSCN6365

When the dancing started, Jon didn’t want to dance, and ABBA came on, so I grabbed Jill and twirled her ALL over that dance floor. Then they started playing some disco, so of course I went CRAZY dancing, and grabbed this middle aged woman and stared twirling her all over the place, disco style. She kept saying “My leg! But my leg!” and I was like “Its ok, I’m going easy! Just keep going!” but then after the song ended, I realized she had a cast on her foot and I had been twirling her around like crazy, not letting her go! Poor thing, I felt so bad!

Jill wanted to dance….

…and so did I!


Sorry, lady with cast on your foot


They had a cigar roller come in to roll cigars for anyone who wanted one, so lots of people went outside by the lake to smoke cigars, it was so fun! I love me a yummy cigar. Such a fun fun wedding!


Cigar anyone?



Sunday, after Christmas shopping, I went to see the movie The Hobbit, not knowing anything about it. And when it starts, I turned to someone I was with and was like, “Uh, does this have something to do with Lord of the Rings??” and I was told it was the prequel. I was like OH cool! So the movie keeps going…and going…and going. And I knew from the beginning of the movie what the ‘goal’ of the movie was, so the movie is like two and a half hours in and I’m thinking ‘wow, this is going to wrap up really fast at the end I guess’. So then the movie just kinda, ends. And I am like “UM why did it end like that?!” and then was told its going to be a trilogy. REALLY wished I had known that going in. But was still a good movie.

Monday was back to work. Sigh. Tuesday, same thing. But Tuesday I met my pal Michelle for lunch (which is now going to be an every-Tuesday thing!), and that night I had dinner with my friend Justin. Justin and I had been trying FOREVER to get together to have some guy time one-on-one, cuz we have only been around each other with large groups of friends. We went for sushi and then hit up a wine bar, and realized we have a lot in common! (Justin – come with me to Machu Picchu in May!) Also, last night I watched this hour long special on the history of Vogue magazine. It was AMAZING! Has anyone else seen it? Oh my gosh, SO interesting.

So, let me tell you about my Subway experiences. Every day at work, EVERY DAY, I eat at Subway for lunch and I order the same thing, every day. I started eating there everyday in January when I started working out with my trainer. I get a 6 inch sub, turkey, swiss, on wheat, toasted, with pickle, lettuce, tomato, and yellow mustard. So I have been going there for so long now I don’t even need to order, and ALL the girls in there call me ‘Boyfriend’. Every day when I walk in, everyone is like ‘Hi Boyfriend!’ or ‘Look, Boyfriend is here!’ or ‘See you tomorrow, bye Boyfriend!‘ and all the other customers always look at me like uh who is this guy? They are the nicest people EVER, and I learned when going to Nashville that they all collect shot glasses, so I brought them shot glasses from Nashville and will continue to bring them shot glasses from all my adventures.

Today, when I went in there, they knew it was my last day I was working before Christmas, and they had a Christmas surprise for me.

photo (24)

They gave Boyfriend a sleigh made out of candy, with a card. It was the SWEETEST thing ever.

Tonight was my last night I had free before leaving to KY, so I made the most of my night alone and tried to relax – I took a hot bubble bath, lit a candle, poured some wine, put on my Tchaikovsky CD…and my Santa hat.

photo (14)

And with my Santa hat, AND bubbles, this had to happen…

Is that Santa?!

Is that Santa?!

No, just me!

No, just me!

Afterwards, I ordered Chinese food and made a fire. I never EVER get good fortune cookie fortunes, but tonight I think I got a good one 😉

photo (13)


photo (19)

The Chinese place gave me a calendar!

In other news, an artist has asked that I pose as one of his nude models to be painted for a gallery premier. Am I doing it? Maybe. Maybe not. More on that later as details develop… 😉

I started reading a book I got, ‘Chopin in Paris’. So far, not bad! Tomorrow I get to see my friend Melissa for lunch, and do some more Christmas shopping. And Friday I have been so blessed and lucky to be invited to my best friend Jon’s law firm’s annual Christmas party. You WON’T want to miss that blog update 😉

Now, its back to my regularly scheduled milk and cookies.

photo (16)

Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (17)

Snuggly Brandon