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Hey now, did I see you here last Sunday? I’m the guy that brought you that Moet, partied all night long ’til early Sunday…Yes I know I’m certain that we met…

Merry Christmas everyone! Santa comes tonight! My milk and cookies will be out, along with my carrot for Rudolf 🙂

I am typing this from a Panera in my hometown of Owensboro KY (barbeque capital of the world!). This is the only…ONLY place in town with free wifi. There really isn’t anything to do here…except eat. And sleep. I have been doing a lot of both. I slept 13 hours the first night I was here, and another 10 last night. I woke up at like 8AM this morning because I just couldn’t sleep anymore.

Lets see, what has this boy been up to. Well, Wednesday was my last day of work. I woke up Thursday morning on my own, no alarm. It was so nice to just lay in bed for a while and wake up slowly…

photo (25)

Cozy warm Brandon

I had a million errands to run for my mom, and myself, to get ready to leave on Saturday to KY. Upon getting to the mall, I ran into Jon! So we shopped together for a long while, pounded some Chic-Fil-A like we hadn’t eaten in days, and began helping each other with last minute present decisions. In one store shopping for his wife, we were offered champagne, so of course I didn’t pass that up…

photo (27)

Shopping with Mr. Jon

photo (26) photo (28)

Drinking champagne in fancy stores is truly one of my favorite things. It takes being fabulous to a whole other level. At the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris last year, my friend Mike I was with was blown away that I was the only one being offered champagne amidst the crowd of people (after they looked up my purchase history, of course…)

That night had a Christmas éclair and some prosecco and relaxed.

photo (29)

The next day, Friday, I woke again, enjoying some York Peppermint Patty flavored coffee while admiring my Christmas tree in my front living room for the last time before I depart the next day. I ate some red velvet cake too; sweets, and lots of sweets, in the morning is kind of routine in my family, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for me. I met my friend Melissa for a soup and salad lunch and we caught up, which was much needed.

photo (33)

photo (30)

Consoled a cup of coffee, but it didn’t want to talk…

photo (32) photo (31)


Me and Melissa on her Bday!

I finally decided to get my mom a Clarisonic as her big gift from me this year. I just had so much trouble deciding what to get her this year. But when I found a Clarisonic in a limited edition coral color (her favorite), I took it as a sign. So I picked that up after lunch to be bestowed upon my mom with some silky pink pj’s, fluffy socks and slippers, and some blouses which were totally her style.

That night was….drum roll please….my best buddy Jon’s law firm’s annual Christmas party. I was invited again as I was last year, and couldn’t have been more excited and more thankful. Several of us rode together and the laughs and good times started as soon as the car started rolling towards the restaurant.
We arrived at Del Frisco’s, which is basically like a Ruth’s Chris to the nth degree. Its truly epic. It’s the kind of place you’d expect to see mobsters hang out at, with all the red leather tufted booths, the huge bar and grand piano. The wine list is…extensive. Its like a bible. Upon arriving, we were quickly escorted to our private dining room.

photo photo (34)

I look forward to this so much. Dinner is very slow paced, so conversation flows and flows…along with the wine ;). I love fancy dinners that last a long time. Its so nice to just sit with everyone and talk and talk and laugh and laugh. Something about being around a dinner table just makes conversation happen, and I love that. There is nothing better. That’s probably showing my age; 10 years ago nothing was better than clubbing and dancing and going to bars with my friends, now I just want to sit around a table with them and drink wine. Something during dinner came up about songs by Enigma and Enya, so we played one via a phone and joined hands around the table and sang along to it while swaying! It was seriously hysterical. We thought the waiter was going to walk in and think we were crazy. I think it was Orinoco Flow? Or Sadness by Enigma? I don’t know…Retelling this part of the night is hard, it was just the perfect thing at the perfect moment. You probably had to be there to understand just how funny this was…

The waiter did not want to dance.

photo (40)

Then after we ate Jon started going around the table to give a little speech about each person there, just as he did last year. Each speech for each person is always really quite moving. By the time he got to me, I was already starting to well up. I won’t retell here what he said to me, and will keep it private amongst our friends that were present, as a special part of our special night. But he did well up, which made me well up and my little heart swell with love. I love that guy so much.

photo (38) photo (37) photo (39) photo (36) photo (35) photo (58)

I drove home and did my last minute packing, which is typical of me. I got to bed at 2AM, then had to get up at 4:30AM to leave the house shortly after 5, to put me at the Daytona airport by 6 for my 7AM flight. Oooooh it was so cold! But not nearly as cold as I was going to be later that day.

Leavin’ on a jet plane

Daytona Beach at sunrise

Daytona Beach at sunrise

photo (41)

Who flies this early?! UGH. Brutal.

I had a layover in Atlanta, and we know the Atlanta airport is awful. But the HEAT was on FULL BLAST everywhere. I mean, wtf? You have thousands of people running around, pulling luggage, most of them in coats and winter clothing, and you have the HEAT on?! Carrying my laptop, and my carryon full of bulky sweaters and jeans, in my sweat pants and hoodie, I thought I was going to pass out. Then I get to my gate FINALLY and was standing by this column, and this creepy man comes out from the other side and starts like grinning at me like The Grinch or something. He wouldn’t stop staring at me and making eye contact with me, and kept moving closer. So creepy. As if.

And when I fly, I usually don’t want to talk to people. So obviously, when I don’t want to talk to people that’s when the person sitting next to me wants to talk. When I want to talk, everyone next to me is silent. Given that I only got 2.5 hours of sleep, I was not a happy camper and on the flight from Atlanta all I wanted to do was read my new GQ (I can’t sleep on planes) and the woman next me was like reading over my shoulder, and asking me questions about the ads and stuff, and was like reading my magazine with me. Who does that?! It was so annoying. And on our tiny tiny plane, the one stewardess was like new or something and was reading off cards what to say over the speaker, but she didn’t know how to use it. So she would start talking into the hand held device for the speaker, but it wouldn’t be coming through. So someone would FINALLY interrupt to tell her we couldn’t hear her, then she would have to start over. For EVERY. SINGLE. ANNOUNCEMENT. I thought I was going to jump out the window. It delayed our take off by like 15 minutes.

I flew into Evansville, IN because you can only fly into my hometown of Owensboro on Fridays. It is a tiny airport for tiny planes, so you have to go down the steps of the airplane on the runaway. When I stepped out into the Evansville air, the COLD slapped me in the face hard. I was confused for a minute and was like WHOA Chris Brown is here?! Oh no, its just the 27 degree air. I could see my breath!

photo (45)


We got to Owensboro and I was STARVING, so my mom went to the famous Big Dipper and got me a burger. They have the BEST burgers and shakes, its been there since my mom was little and hasn’t changed a bit. They even take checks!

photo (46)

Thursday night I went out to eat with my cousins Todd and Lisa, my first cousin once removed Justin, and Lisa’s boyfriend Darwin. It was such a treat to catch up with them, and I hadn’t seen Justin since I was 15! Afterwards, we went over to Lisa and Darwin’s and Darwin has the most massive, intense telescope I have ever seen in a private home, and we looked at Jupiter…you could see all the vivid colors, like you were looking at a NASA photo! We saw nebulas and gases and constellations, it was REALLY cool. And REALLY cold.

photo (47)

I woke up to Burger King breakfast which was awesome cuz I am rarely up early enough for it.

photo (48)

Yesterday my aunt Linda (my mom’s sister) had the ENTIRE family over for a Christmas reunion. EVERYONE was there, and I got to see so many relatives I hadn’t seen in a long time. We figured that the last time we had all been together like that was probably back in ‘88 or ‘89. It was a really special day and we ate and caught up with everyone. I have a lot of pics of it on my camera, but didn’t bring my camera here to Panera with me to upload the pics 😦 So those will be posted at another time.

photo (56)

My cousin Lisa and my Grandma

Owensboro has changed so much, but still is so much the same. Its wild being back here…I love coming back here because its so nostalgic for me because it will be always be home to me, but at the same time I am so glad I did move and not grow up here. I couldn’t imagine not growing up where I did in Orlando…I wouldn’t have gone to UF or have the friends I have today, I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without the people in my life today. I love Orlando and don’t think I would ever leave. If I wasn’t an only child, I would definitely be living in Paris right now but I could never leave my mom behind in FL. We are staying at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house, the house I spent most of my life in while we were still living here. Its so neat to be in their house because the house is covered in old pictures of family member and me and my mom.

The Chester, England clock showing the East Gate clock in my Grandma’s hometown of Chester, England, flanked by Pinky and Blue Boy.

photo (54)

My English nanny Tasker, my great grandmother (grandma’s mom)

photo (53)

Mom on her wedding day

photo (52)

Me. I think I was 3ish?

photo (51)

Me. Third grade? Maybe fourth?

photo (50)

my Great Uncle Ron (grandma’s brother)

photo (49)

Mom and me, I think I was about 4.

This is the first Christmas I will have spent in Owensboro since I was 6, and my grandparents have come to FL every Christmas since 1990 so they don’t have a tree anymore since they haven’t put one up since Christmas of ‘89, so we are tree-less this year which will be strange to open presents and not be near a tree.

This morning we got donuts from the famous Rollin Pin bakery, its been here since 1947 and you have to place orders for donuts the day before because they usually run out by like 10:30, the line of cars getting in is always around the block, its crazy but so worth it. Nom nom nom.

photo (57)

Its Christmas EVE! According to the NORAD official Santa Tracker, he is Kabul, Afganistan and has delivered 2 billion gifts so far. His next stop is Dushanbe, Tajikistan. I hope he doesn’t forget Owensboro KY! I am hoping for a Gucci polo this year. God help Santa if I don’t get that Gucci polo…

Its so dreary here, but apparently we will have snow tomorrow night! Ugh I am excited about it, but also dreading it cuz me and my mom don’t know how to drive in snow so we are prepping to be stuck in the house for a while.

Well I guess that’s all I have for now. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Merry Christmas disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

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