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Your baby’s goin’ out but he doesn’t wanna go with you, when the beat is loud, he wants to dance with someone new, he moves with the disco nation…

Home sweet home! I arrived back in Orlando on Friday afternoon after a nice visit to my hometown of Owensboro. As nice as it was being back in the home I grew up in (till I was 7) and seeing tons of relatives I hadn’t seen in FOREVER (some, literally, forever!), I was glad to be back in the sunshine and be in my own house and bed. As relaxing as the trip was, it was still quite busy and kind of a blur.

Who’s up for a trip recap? 🙂


The riverfront

Here are some more pics from our family reunion Christmas at my aunt’s


Me and mom


Me, mom, and my aunt Linda


Me and my 3 cousins


Apparently, in KY, you can get a 24oz can of Mountain Dew. And now we know.


Christmas Eve mom and I did some last minute errands around town, and I had her drive me down the super fabulous Griffith Avenue in our hometown, which is lined with most of the town’s prestigious and historical homes. I always begged my mom to drive down this street when I was little so I could see all the large houses. My favorite house was a gray and black super-huge 80s mansion called The Hocker House, which has sadly been torn down since.

IMG_3409 IMG_3407 IMG_3405 IMG_3404 IMG_3403 IMG_3402 IMG_3401 IMG_3398 IMG_3397 IMG_3394

Also on Griffith Ave was the old library my mom used to take me to when I was little.


Christmas Eve night my mom, grandparents and I sat around the family room looking through old boxes of pictures and reminiscing. OLD pictures of my grandma back in England, old black and white photos, and ones of my mom as a little girl, me as a baby, and so forth. It was really fun looking at them all. I uncovered these old letters from the 40s and 50s from my relatives in England writing to my grandma after she moved here from England. I read them outloud to my grandmother, and when I couldn’t decipher the handwriting and/or the old English terminology, she knew EXACTLY what the next word was without looking at it, and she hadn’t seen these letters in AGES! Me and my mom couldn’t believe she knew what came next in these old old letters! I stayed up late to wrap presents, I had to be sneaky 🙂


My old Santa mug from when I was really little

The next morning Santa came! Yay! After we opened presents, my mom and grandma started cooking our feast, and I ate while drinking wine from some really old Pittman (my grandparents’ last name) wine glasses with the family crest.


Happy Socks on Christmas







IMG_3440 DSCN6467

After dinner, my mom and I went with my aunt to my cousin Lisa’s house as she was having her kids over for some food and presents. I got to see my cousin Savannah after 15 years, and meet her husband and little boy. It was SO fun catching up with everyone. After we got back to my grandparent’s, my mom’s cousin Celia came over with her son John, who I had never met but had talked to on Facebook here and there. We chatted for a long time with them. In Owensboro, people just pop over randomly to sit and talk with you awhile…its that old-timey, country way of visiting 🙂 I love it. That would NEVER happen here where I live. But in Owensboro, people just stop over to talk and say hi, and you let them in and sit around the living room for an hour or two. I loved it! Everyday we were there we had surprise visitors, like my grandparent’s good friends and neighbors Jessie and Jewel whom I had never had the chance to meet either. I loved just sitting around talking to everyone that stopped by! Its like nice and welcome surprise interruptions 🙂


That night the weather called for snow. SNOW! I hadn’t seen snow since I was 6. I tried to stay up late enough to watch it start, but didn’t make it very late. When I went to sleep the wind was HOWLING, and it was starting to sleet. I woke around 5 and jumped out of bed, and threw back the curtains to find….

IMG_3450 IMG_3455

tada! SNOW! It was like magic, how it just seemed to appear out of no where. I am sure if you were standing in the yard when I pulled back the drapes, you would have seen a very wide-eyed, giddy, kid-like Brandon with his mouth wide open. The next morning when I awoke I jumped out of bed, got dressed as FAST as I could, and was out the door within 2 minutes to take pictures!


Grandma handing me a broom to sweep the snow off the porch

DSCN6524 DSCN6558 DSCN6520 DSCN6516 DSCN6515


Cardinal in a tree!

The snow wasn’t think, we only got about 2 inches. But was enough to thrill me! I made a super tiny snowman, which I called my snowbaby.

DSCN6550 IMG_3481 IMG_3516 IMG_3480

Playing in the snow, running in the snow, I was just mesmerized. It was SO crazy, and SO cold. I was outside almost an hour just walking in it, playing in it, running around in circles! That night when the neighbors came over to visit with us, Jewel said she saw me running around like a little boy! I made snowballs, but only threw them at the shed since I had no one to throw them at, but I had to throw some.


That day John (cousin mentioned above) and I went out to have a late lunch and get better acquainted. He is close to my age and we ended up having TONS in common. We went to the famous Old Hickory BBQ restaurant in town, and I was able to have my fix of mutton and burgoo 🙂


Before I continue, let me talk about burgoo. I am sure no one reading this has EVER heard of burgoo. Owensboro, KY is pretty much the burgoo capital of the world. Burgoo is a stew made with meats and vegetables, but usually made with mutton (lamb). It is traditionally cooked in enormous iron kettles outdoors over an open flame. Cooking can take as long as 30 hours and flavor improves as it ages. Its SUPER yummy.

John and I talked and talked and talked! And went to Starbucks (the only one in town) to talk more after we ate. I don’t think I have ever met someone in my life so much like me! It was crazy how alike we are. We think the same thoughts, and do so many things just alike. And to think he had been in my family all this time and we never knew each other!

I checked on my snowbaby that night, and he was still there.



The next few day we just hung around the house and ate at Fazoli’s, since we don’t have them in FL anymore. YUM. That night, snowbaby was still in the backyard, along with some plates of food we put out for the rabbits and chipmunks that hang around.




I said goodbye to snowbaby on Friday morning EARLY, as we had to leave to head back home. It was so sad saying goodbye to my grandparents as always, it took everything in me not to cry. We arrived at the Owensboro airport, which is just one large room. I had never been to it before (I had always flown out of Evansville, IN), and it was an experience. Upon walking in, I was like “why are all these people standing at the entrance?” Then I realized they were in the line for security. Its like these people are just playing airport or something. There isn’t even a gate, just a door to go outside to the plane. It was CRAZY. I had never seen an airport like it in all my travels.


Tiny tiny airport!

When I arrived in Orlando, this was the state of my bag.


Yes, that is tape all over my bag because it was inspected AND they broke, busted, and ripped the zipper to my outside pocket. I mean, was that really necessary to break into my pocket to look at the pair of flip flops in there? I guess the Owensboro airport doesn’t have xray scanners? Thanks, TSA…you’ll be hearing from me.

It was warm on Saturday here, so I was able to take The Countess for a spin with her top down, I missed my baby. I ate dinner at Spice downtown, and to my shock and amazement I discovered they have milk and cookies on the menu for dessert. I think I have a new favorite place. The cookies were AMAZING. Epic, even. After dinner I watched the movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Um, AMAZING too. Best soundtrack! Haha!

IMG_3571 IMG_3569

Today has been a lazy day. After brunch I came home, and desperately tried to clean my kitchen tile grout AGAIN, to try to bring it back to normal from my Christmas Wine and Cheese party. Its getting cleaner, but I don’t think it will ever be the same. Tomorrow, the Euga’s and Gabby will be here and staying with me for New Years Eve!! WOOT WOOT!

I talked to my grandma tonight, and they had more snow in KY, and snowbaby is still in the backyard.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work in a week and half. Sigh. Sorry if this post was a little boring…Not much really went on in KY or this weekend that was crazy or intense lol I am sure my next post about New Years Eve will be a bit more exciting 😉

Also, I think I may actually be getting to go to Machu Picchu this year! My number one place in the world I want to see!

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

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