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Hey there yes it’s me that guy from TV, Surely you have seen my daily show, Don’t be shy I’m used to being noticed…So look at me, ’cause I’m almost famous, I was born to be a superstar one day, and I’ll do anything to make things go my way…

Hello my faithful blog readers! Sorry its been so long since an update!

Just an FYI, this update does NOT include Tommy and Amber’s wedding or Tommy’s bachelor party. That will be in the next update, after I am done soaking up all the awesomeness from that weekend, and detoxing from all the champagne. Stay tuned, you really won’t want to miss that one.

I run into people I know here and there, most of which I haven’t seen or talked to in awhile, and am always amazed when they say “oh my god Brandon I love your blog!!!”. Its amazes me how many people consistently read it, that people want to know about my daily shenanigans, and it means so much to me that people what to know about my little Orlando life. I will try to update more 🙂

So much has been going on, as always. Lets start with NYE, shall we?

Sarah and Kevin arrived at my house New Years Eve from Lexington, KY, and so did my friend Gabby from around Tampa. Sarah and Kevin weren’t going to go out downtown with us with our super fun crew, but in the fun of us all getting ready and dressed up, they changed their mind! We were all catching up, and helping each other figure out what to wear for our epic night. I was blasting disco tunes through the house’s sound system as we got ready. I couldn’t decide on a tie, and posted two pics on Facebook for votes. The striped one won!

IMG_3579 IMG_3580

Gabby and I hopped in The Countess and I drove us across town to Chris and Jenny’s where a taxi van was waiting for us. We were originally going to meet everyone downtown but plans changed with short notice. So we cruised in our taxi van downtown, laughed the whole way there, and were dropped off at Loft 55, where we had tickets for an all night open bar party! Everyone looked great, and everyone was there, and we arrived just as Sarah and Kevin arrived too.

photo (67)

Gabby and I


Some of our crew

The crowd was intense, and we kinda were all in a huge state of confusion because we had so many people with us no one could decide what they wanted to do, or where we should all be at, because so many people had different ideas. But we all ended up gathering outside on the terrace overlooking Church Street Station which had been closed off from traffic for a huge street party.

DSCN6599 DSCN6623 DSCN6664

The party RAGED. We danced, we drank. It was so fun because we had such a huge group, there was always a different conversation going on you could just in to, or people to dance with, or smoke with, whatever you wanted to do, we had people doing it. At midnight there was a huge balloon drop and the tempo of the night picked up even more.


Everyone in our group had TONS of energy and was just so excited to be there, the energy of us all was intense, and that made it even MORE fun. Nina ‘obtained’ hats for us all, and Justin ‘obtained’ a red boa that I somehow ended up wearing? And somehow my tie got ripped? Whaaaaat? I didn’t even know Nina left, the next day she said it was because she couldn’t stand up anymore.


photo (66)

Kapa and I





DSCN6658 DSCN6652 196847_10200107147430830_1878015771_n

We danced and were crazy until 2 when the club closed, and our taxi van picked us back up and we arrived back at Chris and Jenny’s for an after party. We drank more. And more. And then Jenny made martinis…


Every time I after party there, I always end up trying to have, or just plain having, deep conversations with people. Conversations which I am sure make no sense. I went to bed that night at 6AM, and at 7AM Gabby woke me and wanted to come home, so she drove The Countess back home. Via toll roads. Toll roads we had no cash for. I am sure tickets are coming soon in the mail. When we arrived home, we realized I left with no shoes, and I slept till 2PM.

photo (69)

I recouped all day New Year’s day on the couch, and Kevin, Sarah, their little girl Harper, and I had Wendy’s frosties while she played with my huge stuffed Homer Simpson doll that was just her size. I managed to get them to watch Hoarders with me! And Impractical Jokes, which they LOVED. They both laughed till they cried, it was awesome. Sarah said “You watch the WIERDEST shows!!!!” I told them, now you know what I do at home by myself, eat cookies and watch these two shows and sleep! LOL


Harper and Homer

I left them asleep, and they were going to be gone by the time I got home, but left a surprise for me. I came home to a dark house, turned on my dining room chandelier, and saw this…

SCARED. ME. TO. DEATH. I thought someone was in my house!

That Friday night I had dinner at Amura with Brooke and Tim! We definitely have a FUN time anywhere, that’s for sure. We had many drinks and sushi rolls, then headed to The Vineyard for dessert and YUMMY wine, and more laughs 🙂 I couldn’t even tell you what all we talked about, the three of us just talk and talk and talk! I guess that’s the sign of true friends!


Sushi with martinis!

Last Saturday I headed to the mall with my pal Jeremy for some shopping, because TODAY WAS THE DAY I was going to buy the Gucci polo I had been wanting for YEARS. Its hard to justify spending a lot on a shirt that you can easily spill something on and ruin, but I had coveted this shirt for so long, so damnit I was buying it finally. Carpe Gucci!

photo (62)

So I drove us to the mall with top town down, enjoying the super awesome warm day. We arrived at Millenia and I was in such a great mood, and got my Starbucks to walk around the mall with. I mean, you have to have a Starbucks to hold when you walk around the mall. Well…at least I do.

I walk in to Gucci like a child walking down the stairs on Christmas day. Polo shirt day! Yay! So I start looking at them all and oh my gosh, way more selection than the website. I had determined I wanted the ink blue one with the red stripe on the collar, with the little interlocking Gs all over it. But the black one was cool too…and the brown one….and an orange one?! Whaaat?! So many. So I find the dude to help me and I start telling him I wanted a polo but was unsure the color now, so he said he would go upstairs and get every polo shirt in my size. While he was up there, I was trying to decide and overwhelmed with choosing which one I wanted…after much debate with myself I determined that the ink blue one I could wear with my red and blue belt from there, and it would go with either jeans or khakis, black belts or brown belts. My sales guy comes back and I proudly proclaim I had made my decision, but he produces only 3 polos in my size, none that I wanted. None. Ugly ones. Polos he should have just burned instead of showing them to me because no one should ever have to behold the sight of such ugly polos.

I could have fainted on the plush brown store carpeting. In a blur of my own confusion he stated he could order me the one I wanted but wouldn‘t know how fast he could get it, or if it would have to come in from overseas, but I quickly said no because I don’t like doing that, ordering something in a store and paying for it then waiting and waiting for it to come in isn’t the same kind of excitement or gratification for me.

I walked out of the store in a daze, in complete bewilderment. I didn’t even get any champagne. The world just didn’t make sense anymore. I leaned against the mall balcony railing in agony, limp with my arms hanging over, like I had been shot. Today wasn’t my polo shirt day after all. I was sad. Jeremy said ‘Ok, so are we going home now?’ I looked at him in complete and utter confusion…had my friend ever met me before? Go home?…No, now I have to buy myself things I don’t need until I feel better. Duh.


So I found some super awesome red dress pants at Express that were an amazing price, and some fun necklaces at Aldo, and some cologne I had been wanting. After a nice dinner and some red wine at Brio, I felt better and uplifted again, ready for a night out on the town with friends.

I got ready and took a cab downtown to meet up with the gang – Steph, Happy Nina, Chris, Jenny, Nikki, and many others. We were going club hopping because Nina’s sister was in town. We started in a VIP booth at 23 and that’s where we all congregated.


Bringing us our bottles

545136_4174771689963_272094510_n 481268_4174771049947_1691218962_n

After a quick drink there, it was time to move on! So we headed downstairs to Backroom, where this happened…

photo (64)

And this…



And this…


This pretty accurately sums up the night

The DJ was playing booty dancing music LOUD, I kinda felt 22 again. Then at one point it started RAINING MONEY from the DJ booth above us, dollar bills right into our VIP booth. Money was everywhere, it was crazy (I made out with about $30). We ran out of mixers in our booth, so what were to do? Drink vodka on ice? Well, when in Rome!

Me, Jeremy, and Jenny couldn’t handle drinking vodka anymore cuz we were tanked, so we went to the place we were at for New Year’s Eve and chilled a bit, then got a late night burger before we headed home in the cab, getting home at 3:30AM after another EPIC night.

The next day was brunch day at my favorite brunch place Hue (of course!), but today was a special brunch because my friend Cortez was in town! The friend who INTRODUCED me to fabulous brunching. He moved away a few years ago to attend grad school at Yale for architecture, and also become a model for Gant, apparently….check this out Yes, that’s Cortez!

I drove again with the top down, and felt super cool because my watch perfectly matched my shirt.


The hostesses and almost all the waiters know me there, so the moment I walked in I was asked how many was in my ‘entourage’ today, and was given the prime location of the large table on the patio underneath two umbrellas. I was HUNGOVER as heck. A mimosa and coffee helped ease the pain while I waited for my table to be ready.


photo (68)

It was SO great catching up, and seeing a lot of his other friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Brett also came by, and then Jeff showed up too! Quotes of brunch included:

“I HAVE to go buy a car today, I just got fired.”

“I live off lawsuits.”


me and my buddy Cortez!

IMG_3708 photo (63)

photo (65)

We sat and talked and soaked up the beautiful day while sitting on the fabulous patio downtown. While at epic-brunch I got a text about a dinner party at 5, so I went straight from brunch to a fabulous dinner party and was introduced to putting avocado in my chili. It was AMAZING. Try it, seriously. We went through many bottles of champs and had another great time at Ken and Chris’s! And I made a new friend as well, Alpin.


I have been so busy lately, almost to the point of freaking out. It seems lately so much is going on! Its hard to keep up on laundry, housework, work in general, paying bills, etc while trying to maintain a hectic social schedule of weddings, parties, birthdays, other events I want to go to, dinners with people I want to see, things I want to do, etc. Its become a hard balance and I am in need of some much needed down time before I really start to crack. Really. Breathe. Just breathe. At least I can come home to a clean house and watch Hoarders and Impractical Jokers and just be me for a few nights this week at least. I still haven’t taken down my Christmas trees!

My next blog update will be all about last week, Tommy’s bachelor party, and him and Amber’s EPIC wedding. So be looking out for that, but for now I think I am getting sick. Sigh. I am trying to fight it off, so I am off to slumber land.

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (70)

Sickie Brandon.