Music: Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
Drink: Green Tea
Mood: Sick

Where the boys lit cigarettes with a sneer, and the girls wore jasmine behind their ears, and the noise tasted like smoke and bad gin, oh I wish I could be drinking it in…

Being sick SUCKS! I have been trying to get around to updating my blog this week, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it cuz I have been feeling so bad. I have been home from work the past two days. UGH. I had the chills so bad last night in bed, that at one point I was wearing long flannel sleeves and pants, had TWO comforters on me with a blanket, with the heat on, and I was STILL freezing. Brutal! I have been on the couch all day today, after sleeping till 2, watching movies.

Other than that, things have been slow with me. Except, of course, the craziest weekend ever last weekend!

My friend Adrianna had planned to go to Lexington to visit our besties Kevin and Sarah for the weekend, so Sarah and I came up with the idea that I should come too as a big surprise for Adrianna. So I booked a ticket on the same flight Adrianna was going to be on and didn’t tell her. When it was time to check in and choose seats, Sarah got online and checked in Adrianna and we paid for Adrianna to have a seat next to me. I got to the airport Friday afternoon early so I could try to get through security before Adrianna, and find a hiding spot. We were flying out of the tiny airport in town, so this would be quite a feat to be able to hide from her.

After I got through security, I grabbed a snack and then tried to find a good spot to hide. My plan was to sit at a gate in the back of the terminal, but that was where our gate ended up being! Crap! So I walked around a bit more trying to find a spot to sit, but with each spot I tried I would immediately get up to move to a different spot, so people were already looking at me weird. Then I was walking to another spot, and there was Adrianna walking towards me! OMG CRAP CRAP CRAP! So I ducked behind a column as she walked by, and she didn’t see me. Whew! That was close. And I was wearing RED pants. WHY did I choose to wear something like that when I knew I would be trying to hide? Not exactly inconspicuous.

So Adrianna walks to our gate, and then walks to the bar to grab a drink. The best place for me to then be was in a corner by the emergency door, so I sat down in the corner on the floor and hunkered down. I was there sitting there for over an hour, hiding. People were looking at me like I was totally crazy – sitting on the floor in the corner when there are TONS of chairs around me I could be sitting in.

photo (112) photo (100)

I was texting and calling Sarah to see if she could find out what Adrianna was doing, and Adrianna was thinking about changing her seat! No no no! Sarah luckily talked her out of it. But then the time came to board the plane, and my plan was to board after Adrianna so she could see me walking down the aisle, or I was going to have a stewardess announce her birthday over the speaker and say there was something special here to surprise her. But Adrianna wasn’t boarding! What is she doing?! Finally they made the final call for our flight, and Adrianna goes to the restroom. Again, last call for Lexington! OMG, ADRIANNA HURRY UP! Finally, I just ran to the gate to board, hoping I could get to the seat before she boarded. (Apparently the screen at the bar she was at announcing flights never said “Boarding” for the Lexington flight. What are the odds!?)

So I get to the seat, and the stewardess asks me if I was traveling with anyone else, because the other guy in our row was trying to sit with someone a few rows back and they were going to try to switch people around. I said ‘Well, I am traveling with the girl that will be sitting there, but she doesn’t know I am here!” The stewardess immediately starts helping me like “OMG we need to hide you!!! What is she wearing?!” So I tell her and the stewardess goes and stands by the emergency door area and I hide behind her, and now the entire back of the plane knows what is going on. Then the stewardess goes “Hide in the bathroom! Bathroom!” So I run into the bathroom and she says she will come get me when Adrianna sits down, so I run in there with the rose and tiny balloon I had. Finally the stewardess knocks on the door, and I go and sit down by Adrianna and she is SHOCKED and screams OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! The plane erupted into applause. I have a video of it, but I can’t figure out how to upload it here! Check my Facebook page for it! But for now, here is me and her in a Louis Vuitton ad from several years back, staring my duffle bag Uncle Vinny;)


It was SO COOL to surprise her! I brought some cheese and grapes onto the plane, and bought us some wine so we could start the party.


photo (78)

When we landed and got to baggage claim, Sarah and Kevin were standing there holding a sign welcoming us. But there was a third person there with them….LAUREN!!! Lauren came to Lexington to surprise me and Adrianna!!! So Adrianna got a double surprise that day, and I got a surprise!!! It was SO COOL! This was really going to be the best weekend ever!

photo (79)

After leaving the airport, we went for dinner at The Merrick Inn and feasted on great food and wine. The Merrick Inn is like an old fancy country house in Lexington. It was amazing!

photo (80)

photo (81) photo (109) DSCN6847
After dinner, we went to a bar to meet up with some of Kevin’s people that he works with. We had a few drinks there, but wasn’t feeling it there. So we hopped in the car with Kevin’s boss, and went to a bar with an 80s cover band! PERFECT! Oh my gosh, we danced SO much. And drank a LOT of bourbon. We were the first people to start dancing and really started the party. As we were dancing, some old nasty lady kept trying to dance with us and she would try to take sips of our drinks, and did a few times! Gross.



DSCN6888 DSCN6881 DSCN6874 DSCN6856 DSCN6872 photo (111)

We danced and sang in the car on the way home. Our plan was to go through Taco Bell drive-thru and order a small coke, just a small coke, and the girls were going to flash their boobies, but we forgot about our plan once Ke$ha came on the radio. Once to Sarah and Kevin’s, we smoked cigars out on the deck, and Adrianna made a snow angel. Well, tried to. WHAT. A. NIGHT.


The next day, we went to visit the Woodford Bourbon Distillery. It was beautiful, and a beautiful day. We took the tour and saw how they made and aged the bourbon. When we were in the fermenting room, the odor was so extreme we almost got sick. But it was still very cool! After that we had a little tasting. When I purchased my ticket from the ticket counter, the lady informed us of the tasting afterward and I said “Oh man, I hope I get over my hungover before the tasting!” The lady at the counter almost DIED laughing!

photo (108)

Ready for the cold day!

photo (86)

DSCN6936 DSCN6933 DSCN6946 DSCN6928 DSCN6924 DSCN6917 DSCN6914 DSCN6905 DSCN6904

From there, we had a late lunch and then went to the Talon winery in Lexington, and did tastings of 6 different wines. It was in this old 1800s house which was gorgeous. We were the only ones there so it was like we were having a private tasting! One of the wines made my tongue feel like a dry sock though, but one was good and ordered two bottles to have shipped to me. They still haven’t come yet 😦

photo (83) 734183_10200491907645212_1818632702_n

photo (84)

And this happened…

photo (110)
I tried to buy…and steal…the huge wine glass, but neither plan of attack worked. I have tried to find something like it online, but have had no luck, sad.

After that we were going downtown to a nice bar, but for the first time in my life I had packed no nice shoes or dress shirt in my bag! So as everyone at the house was getting ready, I ran to the mall and in 20 minutes, bought shoes and this entire outfit…

photo (106)


Ready for a night out!

Love it!

We got a cab and went to downtown Lexington, with the scariest cab driver that almost killed us twice, once just starting to run a red light while we were stopped at it. Sarah and Kevin wanted to take us to this place called Shakespeare & Co., and it ended up being one of the COOLEST places ever! Everything was Marie Antoinette themed, with pictures of her everywhere! If you know anything about me, you know I am obsessed with Versailles (my fave place on earth) and Marie Antoinette. She was even on the placemats! The entire place was awesome, I just couldn’t get over it. Even the check came in a cool holder!

photo (88)

I love this place!!

photo (107) photo (95) photo (94) photo (93) photo (92) photo (91) photo (90) photo (89) photo (87) DSCN6952 DSCN6951 46779_10200491916325429_3672634_n

After that, we went to Skybar, a bar on the top floor of a building downtown. Very cool. While there sitting at a table, we found a number written in the drink menu. So I texted it “Omg where are you!? Why aren‘t you out with us?! Brad and Matt are here, its so fun, we are getting crazy!” (Brad and Matt obviously don‘t exist). It provided LOTS of entertainment for us the rest of the night, especially when the girls called him later, but the guy who’s number it was didn’t get as much of a kick out of it though.

photo (102)

Random number? Totally texting it.

photo (103) photo (101) DSCN6968 DSCN6960 DSCN6955

After SkyBar, we went to another bar named Harry’s. While we were there, we met Jordan from England, a guy that dressed his dog in baby clothes, and some girls that ran up to Adrianna and were SO EXCITED we thought they knew her or something, but they came up to congratulate her on upcoming nuptials – they thought the bday hat she was wearing was a crown for her bachelorette! On the way home I was trying to text our friend Mark with my voice recognition on my phone, and didn’t check it before I sent it and it ended up being texted as “We are all here and we are thinking of you. Tina’s penis.” We laughed so hard we cried. Adrianna and I were up LATE just talking and drinking, and snuggled on the couch together.

photo (113) DSCN6967

The next morning, it was time to go. Sarah’s mom brought Harper back home that morning, she watched her for Sarah and Kevin all weekend. When Harper saw me she ran up to me with her arms open for a hug! SO SWEET. We went to a diner for breakfast called Ramsey’s, where I had the ‘Ramsey’s Breakfast’. OMG so much food! Just for me! I couldn’t finish it, obviously. It was SO GOOD.


photo (105)

Yes, this really was all for me.

photo (104)

Then it was time to leave. Sarah drove me and Adrianna to the airport, and we had to say goodbye. We were so bummed our super fun weekend was over!

I got home Sunday and haven’t done too much, with being sick and all. I was supposed to have dinner with my buddy Chris tonight at Ceviche, but I couldn’t make it of course. I was going to wear my new blazer, but it will have to wait.

photo (97)

Speaking of blazers, I have been trying to copy this outfit that Brad Goreski (former stylist for Rachel Zoe) wore recently. I have the bowtie and shirt, but I can’t find this brown blazer! UGH. Like I need another blazer though, but still, I want it!


BUT this week was the premier of DALLAS! DALLAS is back! And boy was it GOOD! I wore one of my JR t shirts during the premier episodes, and had my wine out of my Southfork wine glasses. And I have of course been watching American Idol. And yes, I still hate Mariah Carey.

I bought a box for all my watches, cuz I have been having trouble keeping up with them, I can never find the one I want when I want it. So bought a box to keep them all in, and after rounding them all up I realized I may have too many watches now.

photo (2)

I really don’t have an excuse to be late to anything, ever.

OMG, let me tell you about THIS. If you know me, you know that I love love LOVE Alcazar, a Swedish europop music group. Being that they are from Sweden, I obviously have never got to see them perform or anything. Their last CD was released in like 2009 or 2010 or something like that, and haven’t performed much recently, if at all. WELL they are performing on May 3 for one night only on a one or two night cruise leaving from Stockholm! I had been planning on going back to France this year to visit Liz and stay at the beach in France and spend time in Paris, as I didn’t get to go last year, so I was thinking I could schedule my Europe trip this year around seeing Alcazar! Epic! AND you can buy a VIP ticket to have dinner and have a mingle session with them! I could MEET THEM! OMG! This would be like the best night of my life. So I immediately started looking at flights, and seeing what I could do. Well, the thing is, I get back from a 5 or 6 day cruise on May 2 which I will be on my friend Andrew’s wedding. SO that means I would have to get back into Tampa that morning of May 2, and fly from Tampa and arrive into Stockholm on May 3, and immediately board the ship. My friend Liz in Paris wouldn’t be able to go with me, so that means I would be alone. So then after the show/cruise, I wouldn’t want to stay in Sweden alone, so I could fly to Paris after that. BUT I would only be able to stay like 4 days at the most because of work. With the 3 one-way tickets, that would be almost $2,600. Eek, that’s a lot. Especially if I wouldn’t be able to stay in Europe very long at all. THEN I thought I could get a round trip from Paris, and the morning of my arrival on May 3 fly from Paris to Stockholm. Well, that does bring down the price A LOT, but no flights from Paris to Stockholm that day would get me there early enough! So, with the extreme cost, and being that I would be COMPLETELY jet lagged from my flight, especially after coming off a cruise with my friends, and then having to be there alone and have no one to enjoy the experience with, I decided not to go. I am so bummed. 😦 But I still plan going to Europe later this year, maybe they will decide to perform again 🙂


I want to see them so bad! Epitome of cool. Love them!

Well that is it for now my blog friends. Back to my chicken noodle soup and OJ, trying to get better.

Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (114)

Sick Brandon.