Music: Waiting For a Star to Fall – Boy Meets Girl
Drink: Little Penguin Merlot, 2010, Australia
Mood: Down

I’ve been searching every nightclub from Marais to Montparnasse, clouds above are crying ‘I’m a stranger you can trust’, heartaches I’m escaping, love that’s gone insane, fountains heal the heartache, Paris in the rain…

Oh, hump day. You bring me nothing but a day closer to the weekend.

I have been a boring dude. I came down with the flu last Thursday! UGH. I woke up Wednesday with a bad cough, that was so bad on Thursday morning I called into work. Finally that day I got the chills so bad I went to the doctor and he gave me the flu test, and sure enough. Have you ever had a flu test? They stick one of those long Q-tips up your nostrils, like the kind they use for a strep test, only these are like flexible. THEY PUT THEM UP EACH NOSTRIL. FAR UP THERE. Omg, worst feeling ever. Each time they did I made this like wheezy, weird sound. Brutal.

So, I sat in the house Thursday, and Friday…and Saturday…and Sunday. Sunday I was feeling better, thanks to Tamiflu which is basically Satan in pill form, so I journeyed out of the house to have brunch with Deana, Chris, and Melissa. I needed to catch up with them DESPERATELY. No mimosas for me though, I had to stick to my gigantic coffee. My friend Jon coined the term ‘Tamiflooping’. If you have to ask, you don’t want to know.

photo (95)

So Monday I worked a half day, and have been just chilling at home each night. Haven’t been in the mood to do much. I have been down, and if you know me well, you know exactly why. Sigh. I need to mow my grass. I need to pull weeds. I need to do laundry. But instead I just have been sitting here. Just not too motivated anymore. Sigh.

But on a happy note, Girl Scout cookies are starting to arrive! YAY! As if I need more cookies in the house. But I have to have my nightly milk and cookies, so the more the merrier. So far I have the peanut butter sandwiches, the lemonades, and the mangos. I have eaten so many already. Nom nom nom.

photo (99)

My month of April is starting to book up fast! I have another KY trip planned, and a wedding cruise, and my buddy Jon’s annual charity fundraiser for his law firm. And because I have these things planned already, I will miss Ashley’s beach weekend for her birthday, AND Chris’s 30th! Why is EVERYTHING happening in April!? The wedding invitation I received in the mail for the wedding on the cruise was amazing!

photo (98)

Epic wedding invite!

My birthday is coming up in March, my 31st (screams!). I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do this year, but I think I have come up with what I want to do. I think I am going to rent out the huuuge room at Ceviche, a tapas restaurant downtown, and then afterward go to One80 Grey Goose Lounge at the Amway. I really wanted to go to my favorite restaurant, 310 on Park, but I don’t think it can accommodate my large crew I will be inviting. Ceviche isn’t my FAVORITE place in the world, but the big room they have for large parties is very cool, and everyone can mix and mingle in there.


One80 Grey Goose Lounge

Speaking of my birthday, and my ho hum week, I have been shopping for my birthday outfit.


Yes, those are pink pants. Are they part of the birthday outfit? Are they part of a suit? Where does one find pink pants? Did he actually buy these? Or is this a rouse to throw people off? That’s the fun 😉

Usually when I have ho hum weeks, I combat the boredom with shopping online. There is this website The Tie Bar where I buy a lot of my tie bars from, and I have found they have cufflinks too! I want these…


And these..


And these!


I mean, what gentleman doesn’t want wiener-links? Amazingness.
And I discovered a new sock website, Unsimply Stitched. I have ordered these…


Love. Them. So. Much.

Since the theme of my week has been just spending each night on the couch, I figured I could be productive today and finally TAKE MY CHRISTMAS TREES DOWN! So, that’s what I did so I am no longer the shame of the street.

photo (92) photo (91) photo (90)

Back to normal.

photo (93)

Sad to put away my last Christmas flamingo.

photo (94)

When I was clearing out the ornaments I put in my gigantic martini glass, I found a cocktail monkey in there.

photo (96)
I have monkeys, cats, and pink elephants that I put on cocktails and glasses and such at parties I host (they hang off the side of your glass), everyone always loves them. Well my buddy Ryan, each year at my Christmas parties, likes to hide the monkeys ALL over my house, to where I am still finding them months later. He places them in vases, chandeliers, on curtain hooks, anywhere and everywhere. Last year I found one in my hall light fixture in July. So, today I found another. Just when I think I have found them all, there is always another lurking about!

photo (100)

And since I was feeling so productive, I also replaced a light bulb in my guest room.

photo (89)

After I took down my tree, I took a bubble bath since I really didn’t have anything else to do. So I poured some wine, put on my Tchaikovsky CD, and got the water nice and hot and hunkered down.

photo (101)

photo (88)

Nothing else to do, so why not?

photo (87)

Soaky soaky

I am such the epitome of a Pisces. I constantly daydream and escape to my fantasies. So, in my bubble bath I just soaked and daydreamed for what finally seemed like forever, not even sure how long I was in there. I daydream about everything, I guess its an escape for me. Not that my reality is all that bad, and I have learned in my 30 years that the grass is never greener on the other side, but I constantly am thinking about what if this…what if this happened…ooh wouldn’t it be neat if…I wish this could happen…I wish…

I was really craving pizza tonight, but was a good little boy and had soup and veggies.

This weekend is my best friends’ little boy’s 1st birthday! Yay for Carter turning 1! I can’t believe the little guy is already a year old. Can’t wait to spend the day with my friends and their wonderful family. And Sunday is brunch with Adrianna and Steph! Woot! Looking forward to a fun, full weekend.


Yay Cart-Cart!

Well, I guess its back to watching my Impractical Jokers show, and milk and cookies. Is anyone else out there watching this show?! Its on TruTV, please check it out, you will DIE laughing. Its my fave! Besides DALLAS of course.

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (97)

Missing someone.