Music: You Are – Lionel Richie
Drink: Milk (with cookies, of course)
Mood: Tired/Lonely

We keep on rockin’, baby don’t stop, we keep on rockin’, can’t get enough, we keep on rockin’ baby don’t stop, we never give it up…

I thought I was going to have a nice, low key, restful weekend. Was it? No. It was craziest weekend EVER.

I would like to know JUST how many weekends in my life I have dubbed the ‘craziest weekend ever’. I have been saying the phrase ‘craziest weekend ever’ since college, due to my crazy weekends back then. And still 7 years later, I am still having ‘craziest weekend evers’. Its got to be hundreds of weekends! I wonder which weekend was TRULY my craziest weekend ever. I will ponder this…

I chose this song as the theme of my weekend:

Eric Saade – Hotter Than Fire

I discovered this European pop singer Eric Saade via my favorite celebrity’s blog. He is great! I love this song too, so much…

Eric Saade – Manboy

Friday I went to happy hour down at Taps at the Winter Park Village. I had never been but heard good things about it. I had on my mustache tie clip, which I love. I got there before my friend Christina, and was able to get a table outside and enjoy a beer while keeping an eye on The Countess. She can be mischievous so ya gotta watch her…She is always looking at those big muscle cars, she is such a size queen…Well, I guess that would be a size Countess…

photo (58)

There’s my baby


Christina and I had never got to hang out one on one before, so it was super fun to catch up and also get to know each other better. After Taps, and good conversation and laughs, we rode in The Countess to Park Ave for dinner at Cocina 214, which could be a good place to have my birthday I am thinking. We ate on the patio and had some YUMMY drinks 🙂

photo (59)

After dinner I figured I would be going home for a good nights sleep. A few glasses of wine, a low key fun evening, and then my cozy bed was next on my agenda. Little did I know that my phone would start blowing up because several of my friends were at our favorite karaoke bar Big Daddy’s! I couldn’t pass up on a Big Daddy’s night, so I drove right over!

Melissa, Chris, Deana and Brian were there and they have hookah at Big Daddy’s now! So I joined their table and we passed the hookah around, and sang and sang along to the karaoke singers. I of course sang my usual. What is it you ask? Well, guess you’ll have to come with me to find out 😉

photo (61) photo (60) photo (90)

I ran into Kerstin, which was super fun times!

I didn’t even have all that much to drink, but whoa was I hungover the next morning. I headed to McDonalds the next morning for my hangover cure – a double quarter pounder with cheese, large fry, and a Powerade. I was out of any Aspirin and stuff at the house, but in line at McDonalds I found some Motrin in my car! Praise sweet baby Jesus.

photo (62)

I rallied hardcore and got ready, and headed to Toys R Us to buy a gift for baby Carter because I was off to his first birthday party! Yay! I got him a really cute stuffed giraffe, and this tall plastic giraffe you put blocks in, and the blocks have little monkeys and things inside them, and when you put them in the giraffe’s mouth they go down the long throat and make noises and things. I kinda wanted to play with it, not gonna lie.

So I arrived in Baldwin Park and was totally speeding down the road because I was like 30 minutes late, and stopped at a stop sign and looked around because I knew I was close. Looked to my right, and there was the Simon family on the porch! I had arrived!

photo (63) photo (69) photo (64) photo (73) photo (72) photo (71)

There was lots of food, family and friends. I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time, like the Harnes, Jon’s sisters, Jill’s sister, and Jill’s high school friend Adam. Great catching up with everyone, and of course it was amazing to see the man of the hour play with his smash-cake!

photo (91)

photo (67) photo (66) photo (68) photo (65)

The ice cream cake for the adults was FABULOUS.

photo (92)

There was a bounce house outside for the kiddies, which wore my bestie Jon out.

photo (70)

After most of the people left, Jon, his sister Jill, and Adam and I had a little conference outside while enjoying a beer, trying to figure where this evening was going to take us. We decided on dinner at The Citrus Club, then BIG DADDY’S!!!! Big Daddy’s twice in a weekend! Whoa.

Well, I had on shorts, flip flops, and a polo. I couldn’t exactly go to The Citrus Club in this. Well, I had jeans in my car from work on Friday, which I had changed out of for dinner. AND I had my tie and blazer from the night before in my car. AND I had a clean white shirt from the dry cleaners. I had an outfit! BUT I had no shoes. Gonna have to stop and get shoes.

So I get dressed, after putting my jeans and blazer in Jon’s dryer for a little refreshing. We stopped at Target for my shoes, and we were off!

I LOVE The Citrus Club. Always such a treat to get to go there. I need to just bite the bullet and become a member myself, but I feel it would be way more worth while if I lived downtown. Oh well, we’ll see. So we looked out over the skyline of Orlando, and had delicious drinks and a great fancy meal 🙂

photo (75) photo (76)

photo (74)

Then it was on Big Daddy’s! I needed a little 5 Hour Energy, so as our crew went into Big Daddy’s I popped across the street for one at the gas station. It took me FOREVER because I was behind a lady turning in all these scratch off lotto tickets.

photo (77)

Whoa. She should be buying me drinks tonight! This literally took FOREVER for the cashier to validate and give her her money. O. M. G.

So onward to Big Daddy’s! We got a table and Jon started the night buying us a round of Patron shots. Jon sang some stellar hits. I sang my usual, and Lady Di was the DJ – she is famous around town and has known me from the bar scene for years. Every time I get up there to sing she is always saying stuff to the crowd like “I just LOOOVE that cute little ass! Look at that!” or her usual when she sees me “Don’t you just want to put him in your pocket and keep him!?” Love her. Well, after my usual song, I got the courage from Patron shots to sing the song “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls. What was I thinking?! AND while I was singing it, I fell over. Yup. Sure did.

photo (78) DSCN6994 DSCN6996

And I ran into my pal Jennifer, who I had not seen in FOREVER! SO good to reunite and catch up! Jenn – CALL ME!

photo (79)

I love me some Jennifer!

Let me take an intermission to tell you about one of the last times I hung out with Jenn. Her and her boyfriend/fiance at the time had us over for a BBQ and pool day, which was super fun times. While I was eating my burger and pasta salad, I was like “omg what is SO spicy?!” I was freaking DYING. And everyone there was like “What are you talking about, weirdo? Nothing is spicy” and I couldn’t tell what it was so I concluded it was the pasta salad. I can’t handle anything remotely spicy, not even medium salsa. While I was helping clean up the kitchen, I went to put the pickles away, and noticed the label said SPICY in a red jalapeno. SPICY pickles. They make spicy pickles?! I was like, whats next, spicy carrots? spicy peas? Seriously, those spicy pickles I put on my burger almost killed me. But Jenn, don’t worry, I don’t hold it against you that you buy spicy pickles. 🙂

I was in a dancing mood apparently. So I danced with all these women I met. I think I gave one of them my number.

Yup, have no idea who this is.


Or this.


I crashed at Jon’s, because I was in no situation to drive home. So I woke up Sunday morning and had to drive all the way home to get ready for Sunday brunch! YAY! I get to Hue and there was just an opening of a table on the patio for us.

photo (93)

Perfect day for brunch outside

photo (81) photo (80)

Adrianna’s sister Stephanie was in town, and her friend Christina came too. I seriously haven’t laughed so much in SO LONG. We laughed and laughed and laughed, and planned a cruise to go on! We are going to do theme nights for each dinner, so far we have Renaissance night where we will dress in Renaissance clothing, as well as 80s Prom Night. WOOT!

So at brunch we were talking about favorite celebrities, etc. To my astonishment, I learned the following about each one of my brunch friends:

Adrianna: Was in the movie There’s Something About Mary.
Stephanie: Was in a 50Cent music video
Christina: Was in the car with her mom on the highway, and Chris O’Donnell walks up to their car and asks them for a ride.

I was like, well damn. I got nothing.
And as you can see in this pic, my trusty messenger bag side-kick Rex joined brunch today too.

photo (94)

Me and my messenger bag Rex

I can’t express how much we laughed and how much fun we had. It was a GREAT brunch day!

After brunch, walking to the car, Adrianna’s shoe totally broke. It was HYSTERICAL.

photo (83)

After that, I hung with a friend in the park looking at some peacocks. We tried to crash a wedding reception, but it wasn’t working.

photo (88)

Lake Apopka. And who doesn’t want to live in Florida!?

photo (95) photo (84) photo (87) photo (85)

I was exhausted Monday at work. Holy moly. Came home and just chilled and went to bed early, after watching the new DALLAS episode of course! Its SO GOOD! I am so glad all my friends are watching the new series, now they can see how great DALLAS is and what I have been talking about all these years!

photo (100)

I hate this week because its Valentines week. I have never had a date on Valentines day ever, so I have never gotten to experience it. It makes me really sad. I do love my Valentines Day Woodstock that my mom got me a few years ago that I hang up at work during this week, its really the only thing making me smile during the day this week. I know its silly, its just a day like any other day, but I can never seem to shake it. I always make reservations at my favorite restaurant for Valentines day just in case I end up having a date, but year after year I never actually show up. So probably like tonight, I will just have a TV dinner…

photo (97)

Yum. Not.

photo (99)
Today I was so busy at work, ugh. If I can just get through the next 2 days I will be golden for the rest of the month. Every case I have touched at work this week and last has had issues. I probably should have stayed late at work today but by 5:30 I was so burnt out I just couldn’t do it anymore.

See all these folders at my desk. All that was ‘kinda’ due today. I still have a day or so to finish it. And I should be working on my CPA. Meh.

photo (96)

Nothing has been on TV tonight. Sigh. BUT I did get a phone call from my buddy Andrew in LA! I am going on a cruise for his wedding in April and we have been trying to catch each other on the phone to catch up. SO good to talk to him!


Seeing Drew in NYC with the crew

Not too much going on right now, still trying to figure out my birthday plans. Happy hour with Jenn on Friday coming up, dinner with Tim and Brooke Saturday night. Bought a few bowties online, so waiting for those to arrive. And the beat goes on…

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (98)