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Drink: Robert Mondavi Private Reserve, Pinot Noir, 2011
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So turn it up a little more, cuz I’m steppin’ on the floor just to get a little closer to you, by the way I see you move, by the rythym and the groove, you will hit me like you always do….

Hi. What have you guys been up to?

I have been having some pretty relaxing nights at home. I have been fighting colds off and on and am trying to get rested, and get my immune system back up and running. I am also trying to get my laundry under control. I have so many clothes that I don’t have to do laundry that much, but it piles up and then when I do get around to it, then I have to fold it and store it and hang it and I just feel like I am slave to my clothes sometimes! I need a personal valet. I have also been eating super healthy as well…


Also took a hot bubble bath too one night recently.


Tonight I have my Gucci throw blanket on me, with all the windows in the house and in my Florida room with a nice, cool, light Florida spring breeze blowing through the house. Ooooh, ya know, a glass of wine would be good right now. Hold please….


…ok that’s better. Yay 🙂

I am actually watching Oprah’s ‘Where Are They Now’ show. Its actually pretty interesting. Right now they are replaying a portion of a 1993 show regarding ‘cougars’ and interviewing them. Yikesers. Check it out though, its pretty entertaining.

I hope you all have been watching DALLAS! Its been a great second season! So many people that have always asked me why I like DALLAS are now huge fans, and they get it now 🙂 What’s going to happen with the Ewing’s seized oil rig? Will Pamela Rebecca find out it was her father’s bomb that caused her babies to die? Will Sue Ellen keep drinking? Is Ryland going to get screwed by the Ewings? Will we find out this season who really killed J.R.? You won’t know if you don’t watch! Next Monday is a special 2 hour episode! I have been buying more vintage DALLAS memorabilia on Ebay:

IMG_4954 IMG_4943

Also been eating Easter candy…


This Friday night I was under the weather and stayed home. I was so exhausted I am not even sure what I watched on TV. Oh, I think I watched Family Guy. Yes, I did! Because ever since I have been OBSESSED with this scene…

Isn’t that HILARIOUS? I laugh so hard I cry each and every time I watch it. “The time is 26 Railroad.” LOL!

Saturday was a gorgeous day, so I ventured out of the house a bit and had lunch on Park Ave at Park Plaza Gardens, one of my favorite weekend lunch places. I sat outside in my huge aviator sunglasses and enjoyed the day 🙂 Sadly I forgot to take a picture of my food. And, sadly too, The Countess is in the shop due a fuel leak in the…something or other….so I couldn’t drive it on such a pretty day 😦 Boo.

After lunch I went to the mall to try to find a striped dress shirt to wear for the wedding on the upcoming cruise I am going on. I want to wear this bowtie with my suit:


But I don’t want to wear a solid color shirt. So its proven difficult to find a striped shirt to match that color teal. I will find it though 😉 I am THE shopoholic, so if its for sale, I’ll find it and buy it.

Speaking of shopping, H&M STILL has not gotten in that green blazer I blogged about last week! Ugh, first world problems.

I stayed in Saturday night too, because Sunday was Easter and I had to get up early for church. And I was actually baptized during the Easter service! I had never been baptized, even though I have been a Christian my whole life, and now at this point in my life I am putting God first and thought I needed to do this. When I signed up, I had no idea that I signed up for the Easter service until I told my mom about it! A girl took pictures of us and sent them to me on my phone, which was super awesome.







And my friends Chris and Scott were actually in the congregation, which was such a surprise because I didn’t even know Chris went to church there! So they and my mom and George got to see me.

Afterward, we at some yum yum steaks at Outback. Then I went to take a nap with my full tummy, and then I went to my mom’s for dessert and some quality time at home. I took Sunni, her doggy, a stuffed squeaky Lamp Chop for Easter.

IMG_4932 IMG_4938

IMG_4933 IMG_4934 IMG_4931 IMG_4930 IMG_4920 IMG_4925 IMG_4917 IMG_4915 IMG_4912 IMG_4911 IMG_4909 IMG_4907 IMG_4905

I went to my grandparent’s house later on that night to see them and my aunt, cousin, uncle and my dad. When I was little, like between the ages of 4 and 6, my dad had this beach towel that was the most 80s, awesome, beach towel ever. I asked him about it a while ago and he didn’t know what happened to it. Well, he found it in one of my grandparent’s closets:

IMG_4948 IMG_4957

Is that not the most 80s, preppy, frat-tastic beach towel EVER?!?! And its MINE now. And it matches my latest Sperry shoes. I seriously need to name this beach towel.

I stopped by Walgreens on the way home, and discovered this amazing little thing…


I was like…hmmm…this could make a good blog post. So lets give it a whirl shall we? Here we go…

IMG_4960 IMG_4962

IMG_4964 IMG_4965 IMG_4963 IMG_4982

IMG_4989 IMG_4968 IMG_4970 IMG_4967



Pourquoi as-tu bu tout mon vin? Dites-moi ou je vais hurler à vous en français!

IMG_4978 IMG_4977 IMG_4976

That last hat is from a CRAAAAAZY night in Zurich, actually referred to us that were there as ‘Red Hat Night’. That night started off with me and Nikki having fried food and a cold Coke on the streets of Zurich during the Euro-cup, and later that night I was at bar wearing that hat, we were all tanked, and I almost got in a fight with some Swiss dude cuz I knocked his beer over, and some old business man was hitting on me, I think I may have thrown up in the bar bathroom, its really quite a blur. But I was wearing that hat the entire time because I bought it from a street vendor during our nightly partying that night. I have not worn it in public since LOL Nikki? Liz? Jeff? Want to fill in the blanks here? 🙂


Aaaaaaaaaaand now you know what I do when I am home alone. I play with hats and fake mustaches.

I don’t think I blogged about this yet, but my grandma Pittman in KY (mom’s mom) sent me a ton of vintage Pittman glasses with the Pittman crest (my mom’s maiden name) on them! They are SO COOL. I am trying to find a fun place to display them. Thanks to Aunt Linda and Cousin John for mailing them for Grandma!

IMG_4959 IMG_4958

Oh! In SUPER AMAZING exciting news, my favorite singer/celebrity commented back to me on his blog again!!! He wrote that he was singing ‘truddelutter’ on his blog (written in Swedish) and the word didn’t translate on my computer, so I asked in my comment what it meant and he answered me!


How cool is that?! My favorite celebrity knows I exist and wrote me! Haha! Maybe I will get to have a drink with him in Stockholm this summer when I am there 🙂 That would be the best night of my life!

I have so many fun things coming up, so excited! So many outfit possibilities, but I am sure each one will involve a blazer and skinny tie or bowtie. Seeing a bestie in town this weekend for dinner, next weekend is another bestie‘s birthday, then that same bestie’s annual huuuuge charity fundraiser the weekend after, then a cruise after that, then a KY Derby party! WOOT WOOT!

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Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


Bonne nuit!