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Up until the day we met, I was doin’ fine, and now I don’t know how to get, you right off my mind…I never felt so weak…

Hello blog world!

It was another low key week and weekend. I have been sleeping SO much I think my body is just constantly craving sleep now.

So, a lot of people are always telling me how much they love my blog, how fun it is to read, how its written just like I talk, etc. But others tell me its just a diary of my days. Well, that is true, it was kind of its sole purpose – to document my escapades and shenanigans. But so I can also share my little life and world with my friends that live far and overseas. I have been asking for people to email me blog topic suggestions, but I have yet to get one 😦

However, I got a good response when I wrote 10 Ways to Spring into Spring a post or so back, so I thought maybe I could try writing a weekly a top 10 and see how it goes, and people could email me suggestions for my weekly Top 10 list. So, if you have a topic you’d like me to do a Top 10 about, click the Contact Brandon link at the top of the page 🙂

Since a large portion of my readers either live in Orlando or are from Orlando, I thought I could do my Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in Orlando. I don’t really cook…ever…so eating out is what sustains my little body, therefore its important to have a good venue, good eats, and good drinky drinks all at once 🙂 These are in no particular order…

1. 310 Park South – My favorite place in town! On historic Park Avenue in Winter Park, it’s where us locals go. There is a big bar, and there is seating right out front on the sidewalk. Great for dinner with a few friends, where you can be fab and be seen. You can smoke a cigar and chill with your pals with some amazing food and drinks. I always order the filet, bruschetta appetizer, and a few glasses of the Irony pinot noir. For a nice yet causal dinner with one or ten, it doesn’t get better than this.

2. Hot Olives – Granted, their old location was far superior, but the food is just the same. Small menu, but everything rocks. And they have a killer cocktail menu. For the love of everything holy, order the signature appetizer, the hot olives. They are served in a martini glass, fried, infused with asiago cheese, and come with dipping sauce. And be sure to order your own, you won’t want to share 😉


Hot olives!

3. The Vineyard – This is a great little find, over on the border of Sanford and Heathrow. It’s a fabulous wine bar, with an exquisite food menu. The wines on the menu have been hand picked by the owner, and he knows his wine, believe me. Many wines are available by the glass, and they do a killer filet as well. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays!


The Vineyard

4. Four Rivers – Best BBQ place in TOWN! Enough said. Be prepared to wait in line though, and I recommend ordering the burnt-ends. Super casual. The one in Altamonte has a bakery, and they have a grape soda cupcake! Epic.

5. Linda’s La Cantina – If this ever comes up as a dinner option, I try to steer my friends there. Don’t be fooled by the exterior, it kinda looks like a doctor’s office or library, but its been around since the 50s! AMAZING steaks. Mom and Pop establishment, but makes for a great night out. The steaks are GREAT and they have a lot on their menu as well. Nice and homey, not pretentious at all, and always PACKED. Try it and keep an Orlando tradition alive!

6. Bikuri Sushi – This place. OMG this place. Its like, upstairs in a random office building. I bet you have driven past it on Colonial Drive a billion times and never knew it was there. It 110% authentic. The sushi roll menu is LONG and EXTENSIVE. It’s the best sushi in town. There is like, some club in the back though, but I have never been brave enough to check it out.

7. Hue – Ah, my Hue. I have been going here for brunch for years and years now. The was like a 5 month hiatus when I couldn’t go there because I had this rocky relationship with a server there and didn‘t want to go, and my friends appeased me by not asking to go there for our Sunday brunches, but we don’t think of this dark period in my Hue-life anymore. You want to brunch on a Sunday somewhere you can be outside and be seen looking fabulous? Go here! There have been several times I have been there for brunch, and still been there for dinner. The bloody mary bar on Sundays is all the rage of the brunch scene. And the 3rd Sunday of the month is disco brunch! They blast disco tunes, have a disco themed menu, and the servers where 70s garb. Its SO FUN!

photo (80)

Brunching at Hue

8. Park Plaza Gardens – I feel as comfortable here in a swimsuit as I do in tux. Across the street from 310 on Park Ave, there is sidewalk seating, a bar, and atrium seating with a grand piano. Sunday brunch includes unlimited mimosas! Super fab place. Great for a special occasion for dinner, too. For brunch, order the turkey, brie, and apple croissant.

9. Del Frisco’s – Screw Ruth’s Chris, this place is the SHIT of steak houses. Always where I ask to go for my birthday. The bottle list is as think as a bible. Dimly lit, red leather tufted booths, its super mobster-like. You can even rent private rooms for dinner. For special steak dinners, it doesn’t get better than this. Order the onion ring appetizer and be amazed. If you’re just ordering by the glass, order the Chalone pinot noir. If by the bottle, try…


10. Red Lobster – Yup, not even kidding. You can order a dozen cheddar bay biscuits to go for $3.99. And now your life has been changed. You’re welcome.

And there you have it, my second Top 10 list. No applause, please, no applause.

This weekend I got the itch to start spring-cleaning. I stayed in Friday night and all day Saturday. I am starting with the bedrooms in the back of the house and am working my way forward. I have been going through EVERTHING! Under the beds, every drawer. EVERYTHING.

My closet was in quite a state. It was not enjoyable.

photo (29)

But with my trusty duster in hand, I took the challenge.


So I still need to do my linen closet, and then onward to the kitchen cupboards and such, then the garage. But I am determined!

I found this under my bed…

And can you BELIEVE I still haven’t turned them in! haha. I am almost scared what I will find, I really have no idea what could be on this film. I haven’t used a camera with actual film in it since like 2003 or 2004! There will be a blog on this for sure when I get them developed.

I also rediscovered a ton of books I have been meaning to read…


I took a break from my cleaning on Saturday to have dinner with my bestie Val! She was in from DC to visit her family for a short weekend trip and was sooo sweet and took me out for a birthday dinner at The Vineyard. It was so nice to just relax and laugh and talk about life with her 🙂


Off to dinner!



Our dessert

We had some good drinks, and each had a filet and enjoyed our amazing yet short time together.


On my way home, Jenny called me and there was a little get together over at Kapa’s house! So I picked up a few cold beers and was on my way! OMG I had so much fun! We played some drinking games and laughed….soo…much!!!! Then we played charades, and then Jenga!

IMG_5018 IMG_5024

I loooove hanging out with them SO much.

The next day I woke up early and went to church with my high school friend Ebony! She invited me to try out her church. We randomly reconnected in the Charlotte airport in September, she saw my check-in on Facebook that I was connecting there for a flight, and she was too and messaged me then 10 minutes later we met up in the terminal! It was sooo random and fun. And meant to be 🙂

We had some coffee and some light eats after church, where I ran into another high school friend, Mary! I ate a little of my yummy chocolate chip and banana waffle!


Then, I cruised to Thorton Park for Brunch Part Deux, with Jenny and Chris and Kapa. We talked about goodness knows what and enjoyed a fun brunch and some mimosas. Afterward, the boys went to a movie and stayed for one more drink at the bar with my Jenny.

This is my busy week at work. UGH. I should have stayed late tonight but couldn’t because I am dog sitting Sunni, my mom’s Cairn terrier. And I am SURE she had to tinkle. Tomorrow I will have to stay late though. Sigh.


Rubbing Sunni’s tummy on the couch

Another DALLAS t shirt arrived this week…


Haven’t been working out. At all. I have been a bad boy. BUT I have been eating super healthy and…AND…I can now fit into my true vintage disco pants that I found while cleaning out my closet…


Disco pants!!!

IMG_5060 IMG_5058

They have never been worn, EVER. I have had them about 5 or so years and have NEVER been able to fasten them. Until now! The original tags from the 70s are still on them. You cant tell in the pics, but they are totally bell bottoms. I think they make my butt look good too.


This weekend is my bestie Jon’s big 30th birthday! And Erica’s birthday! And Ashley’s! But I can’t make Ashley’s beach weekend bash though 😦 But I will be there in spirit my love! Also, Friday night is din din and wine wine at Tim and Brooke’s! 🙂

Been shopping for Stockholm and Paris, July is getting nearer and nearer 😉

Also, want to buy one of these…


Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (30)

Sunni and I go nite-nite