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Got your number on my underwear, I’m alone but I can see you when I close my eyes, and think of you…

Ah. Its been such a nice easy week so far.


Yours truly at work

I am currently sitting in my Florida room. For those that aren’t familiar with what a Florida room is, it’s a large square or rectangular room on the back or side of your house that is all windows on 3 sides. I am out here with all the windows open, enjoying a nice evening Floridian breeze, and watching the sheer drapes dance in the wind while I sip an oaky red wine.

Wow. That was almost poetic. I am getting good at this writing thing perhaps 😉 haha


Yes, that is a wicker giraffe planter in the corner. His name is Cheeto.


Ok, so, EVERYONE has been sending me messages since two blog-updates ago regarding if I had obtained the green blazer from H&M. Well…(drum roll please)……I did!  BUT not at H&M. I have been going in there twice a week after each of their shipments, and the blazer never arrived. So then one day last week I am in there, and the entire display where all the other articles of clothing in that color series were had been moved, and the HUGE poster of the blazer was gone. So I asked wtf happened, and the girl there informed they were not going to receive that blazer and the rest of the clothing in that group. OH MY GOD. SHEER PANIC. Apparently only certain HUGE stores got that blazer, and none of those stores being in Orlando. MORE PANIC.

So, what do I do when I can’t find something I want in the store, online, or on Amazon? Ebay.


Oh, hello H&M green blazer, new with tags, IN MY SIZE, on Ebay. It was listed as a ‘buy it now’, or you could bid. So I was going to do what I always do, and wait till the drop dead last section of the auction and bid. BUT I fell asleep and missed it. OMG OMG OMG! My ONE chance. Thankfully, no one bought it or bid and it was relisted. Done. MINE. Meant to be, or meant to be? I think I beat the universe on this one, because obviously the universe did not want me to obtain this blazer.

It will be here next week. I have to have almost everything I buy that isn’t Slim-Fit taken in and altered like crazy, so my tailor probably won’t be able to get it done before my cruise but that’s ok. There is this other blazer I saw in a store today I really want now….

Don’t even bother to ask how many blazers I own. I won’t tell you.

This week is my slow week at work, so its been a nice break since the first two weeks of the month were CRAAAAAZY for me.

No one has emailed me any topics to do a Top 10 list on. And I couldn’t think of a good one to do this week. Sad. If you think of something you would like me to do a Top 10 list, or a blog, about, then click Contact Brandon at the top of the page and email me 🙂

The past weekend was a good mix of crazy partying and rest and relaxation. It took me 31 years, but I think I got this ‘resting on the weekend’ thing down! I finished my dog sitting with Sunni, and got some more cuddle time with her.

IMG_5146 IMG_5096 IMG_5147

Friday night I cruised over to Mt Dora to hang out with Tim and Brooke! We popped open some bottles of red, and they made two of their completely-home-made pizza. It was to DIE FOR. I ate my weight in pizza. We laughed and talked and listened to music as the bottles kept getting uncorked.

IMG_5102 IMG_5101 IMG_5099

Then I was like, screw the glasses, a straw will save me time! Haha! Made for a funny picture.


Everytime I am there we end up talking for like 8 hours, and I couldn’t even tell you what all we talked about. We only reconnected last year after OVER TEN YEARS but I feel like they have always been there!

Saturday morning I cruised on over to Erica’s pool party for her birthday. I hadn’t seen her, or her little boy, or her parents in waaaay too long. SO great catching up with them! We ate and watched the kids in the pool. It was amazing how much energy 7 year olds have, my gosh. A family member of Erica’s was sitting next to me and I was like ‘Wow, I would like to have that kind of energy!” and she replied “Heck, I wish I had a THIRD of that much energy!”


photo (31)

Happy birthday Erica!

Erica is a Zumba instructor, so we did a little Zumba dancing. Met some really cool people there too.

Afterwards I headed home to get ready for my best buddy Jon’s 30th birthday bash!!! We had a big group at dinner for him at Ember downtown, and the conversation flowed and there were a bunch of laughs as always. We did some shots and Jon was given a cane as a gag gift from his friend Paul, so that obviously became a sword he would hit us with later 😉 So great catching up with a lot of people over dinner I hadn’t seen in a while!


Me and the birthday boy

DSCN7196 DSCN7197 DSCN7199 DSCN7200 DSCN7201 DSCN7202 DSCN7203 IMG_5155

After dinner, we surprised Jon by taking him to SAK Comedy Lab, which does hilarious improv comedy.


The whole crew at SAK!


In line!

After the intermission, little did Jon know that he would be on stage…


For special occasions and birthdays, SAK does what is called “A Slice of Life”, and the point is for it to a be a surprise. So what you do is you call SAK, tell them what night the person you are doing it for is going to be in the audience, then they send you a list of things you are supposed to fill out about the person. Funny, serious, embarrassing, etc. So Jill, Jon’s wife, did this and they called Jon up on stage and read out the list of facts about him, and it was SOOO FREAKING HYSTERICAL. We had about 20 there for him and we were all rolling. So then, after the list is read, they do an improv skit for like 10 minutes about the person and incorporate the things they read from the list provided. The one they did for Jon had us all SCREAMING with laughter! Jon hates musicals, so they obviously did a musical sketch about him 🙂 It went perfectly and I think Jon was really tickled.

I also ran into my high school and college friend Mary downtown! It was her birthday too!


After SAK, I headed to a bar called The Lodge with Andrea and a friend of hers.

IMG_5168 IMG_5170

After two beers, I was ready to go home, I was exhausted. I slept till noon Sunday, and laid on the couch ALL DAY Sunday and did nothing, it was great! I watched Extreme Couponers like ALL DAY. Part is me is like, why don’t I do this? Part of me is like, omg it takes so much time. Part of me is like, wow you’re just hoarding with grocery items. Part of me is like, where would I put all that stuff? Part of me is like, OMG I WANT 43 GALLONS OF LAUNDRY DETERGENT TOO!!!!

Monday night, I got to see my British friend Sam!!! We met 2 years ago on a cruise to Bermuda and she is just the sweetest most amazing person. She had just gotten off a cruise and had one night in Orlando, and was actually staying in a bed and breakfast just 10 or so minutes from my house! I picked her up in Orange City, at the bed and breakfast that actually used to be the mayor’s house back in the early 1900s! It was gorgeous! What a neat little treasure. I want to stay here!

IMG_5184 IMG_5182 IMG_5179 IMG_5185

I picked her up and she had requested crab legs, so I took her to a local favorite spot called Our Deck Down Under. We sat outside, and we were lucky to see some dolphins! I hope she liked it. It was GREAT catching up with her, and hearing her British lingo about things being daft and rubbish 🙂 Sam – lets plan a trip together SOON!


Oysters! YUM!

IMG_5200 IMG_5195 IMG_5194 IMG_5193 IMG_5192 IMG_5190


In some amazing European news, I have discovered that one of my most, most, MOST favorite music groups I have LOVED since I was like 13 is opening their museum NEXT MONTH! ABBA: THE MUSEUM opens in Stockholm in May, and I will be there in JULY! I AM GOING TO ABBA: THE MUSUEM!!!!! It’s a dream to finally make my pilgrimage to Stockholm and see the ABBA museum! I can’t wait to also eat at some awesome places I have heard about in Stockholm and hopefully take a little cruise around the Stockholm archipelago.

In other European news, when I am in Paris visiting my friend Liz, she knows about my nightly milk and cookies and ritual, and has stated she is going to make me cookies so I can eat them with my milk before bed, on her balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. CAN’T. HARDLY. WAIT! Can’t wait to see one of my besties and her little baby again, in my favorite city in the world.

My cruise is in like 9 days! I will be going to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico, and the cruise is for my old buddy Drew’s wedding! He marries Amy on the second day of the cruise in Key West, and I am SO EXCITED I get to be there. I am trying desperately to pick out outfits for the cruise, its just so hard to choose!

If you are trying to eat healthy, check out this website. Its FREAKING HILARIOUS too!

Seriously, do it.

Well, sadly, that’s all the news I have I guess right now. Gearing up for a really fun weekend again! Happy hour tomorrow, fun plans Friday night, and a huge charity event thrown my Jon’s law firm Saturday night! WOOT WOOT!

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (32)

Come cuddle.IMG_5202