Music: Stevie Wonder – Do I Do
Drink: Milk (with my mint Oreos)
Mood: Excited

We’re the VIP, everything’s for free, it’s a life filled with love and emotion, this is wonderland, try to understand, to get in it takes more than devotion…Welcome to our galaxy…

This weekend was one WILD ride. I was totally a rockstar, and have been thoroughly exhausted since. Last night I watched The Wizard of Oz because it was on, and whenever its on I HAVE to watch it, just like I did when I was little. Afterwards, I went right to bed to recoup from the weekend. And I guess you could say my weekend started Thursday after work…

I met up with Jon and Kerstin at The Citrus Club for happy hour, and their friend Mark was there so we chilled at a table by the large windows overlooking downtown Orlando. We had some yummy snacks and talked about our work days. I, once again, and once again unsuccessfully, tried to get Kerstin to agree to marry me, but she turned me down. I shall win her one day 😉

IMG_5250 IMG_5254

After a few chardonnays, I was hungry and already downtown so I dialed up my buddy Brett to see if he wanted to do dinner. We hadn’t hung out in a while and had some SERIOUS catching up to do. There was a 5K race downtown and it took me almost 30 minutes to drive just a mile. SO. ANNOYING. We ended up at The Funky Monkey and ran into the Provenzales there! After a wonderful cheese plate, pork, and red wine, we went back to his house to chill with his roommate, our friend Jeff, and Chris, and shared a bottle of gewürztraminer and pondered life.


Friday was a slow day at work, and afterward I went to World of Beer for a colleague’s going away happy hour and got to talk to some people from work I usually don’t get to. I had SO MUCH FUN getting to know some people better, I almost didn’t want to leave. But, I didn’t want to miss Erica’s birthday dinner, so down I-4 I flew to Hash House A Go Go…


Wearing a new shirt and blazer! Yes, I bought ANOTHER blazer…



Cruisin’ down the highway…

I arrived at the table and Erica’s boyfriend Kiko (whose bday I had missed cuz I was sick) was sitting next to me, and I apologized for missing his birthday dinner a few weeks earlier. He says ‘That’s ok, you’re sick now though aren’t you?’ and I was like ‘Um, no…I’m not sick’ and he replies ‘Oh. Well, you sound sick.’ Gee, thanks Kiko 😉

The food was ok, but the presentation rocked.

IMG_5299 IMG_5297

I laughed SO MUCH at this dinner my ribs and chest hurt. Greg, Erica’s dad, told this story about how they had this old car when his daughters were younger that you could adjust the radio volume even when the radio was off, so for example if you turned the volume knob up when the radio was off and turned the radio back on it could be at full blast. Well, apparently they had a friend in the car once and Greg did that to this guy, and when the radio came on full blast it scared this guy so much that he flailed and jerked so hard that he punched his own nose with his knee and his nose bled, and everyone in the car was laughing uncontrollably HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. So mean, but SO funny. We laughed about so many things, it was an awesome time. Then as we were leaving they have this retro tractor in the foyer, so we got pictures on that which was fun as well.

IMG_5304 IMG_5303

photo (35)

After Hash House A Go Go, we went downtown for drinks and cigars, and I ran into the Sassos!


Me with THE Mrs. Sasso


There was a TV screen behind us at the bar and there was a news station on covering the Boston bombers. At one point on the screen there was a newscaster on a street at night, with cop cars and they stated they were looking for the bomber downtown or something, and Deisy says “OMG IS THAT ORLANDO?! ARE THEY HERE?!” and we were like “Um…No, Deisy, that’s…definitely…Boston.” And we and Deisy just cracked up laughing for SO long we were CRYING. She obviously just spoke before she thought 🙂 Then a car commercial came on with a car driving on a mountain and I go “Look Deisy, its Mount Eola!” (only people from Orlando will get that reference) Maybe it was one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but OMG it was hilarious…


Afterwards, Kiko and Erica said they could take me a secret speakeasy, so they did. We went through a bar, up some stairs, until we came to a door marked ‘Private’ with a doorbell. Kiko called before and made our reservation, and was given a password which he gave to the man that opened the door. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in there, but managed one as we went up another flight of stairs upon entering, and one in the bathroom.


Check out that wood part of the wall, there is an old painting stained into the wood.


It was this cool, dimly lit, 1920s prohibition bar with amazing cocktails. They only let 30 people in at a time. I can’t tell you where it is or how to get there, because it’s a secret 😉 Seriously – one of the coolest, most hidden places in Orlando. After the speakeasy, we went to Ember for a nightcap.

The next morning I wasn’t feeling so good (probably from the cigar) but got myself together and packed a bag for that evening, because once I left the house that morning I wouldn’t be back. I went to meet up with Jon, Jill, their family and friends, for lunch downtown. Afterwards I ran a few errands and bought some new tuxedo pants, then dropped some things off to my tailor. Cruised back downtown to check in to the hotel that would be my home for the night, and took a much needed nap.


Then, it was time to get ready! Firm Fest 2013 was tonight!


So excited to wear my new cufflinks


And excited to wear my new blazer

My best buddy Jon’s law firm puts on this EPIC charity event every year. This year it was at Harry Buffalo downtown. I arrived and got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while! I settled down at the bar with my pal Bridget and was ready to see The Dave Matthews Tribute Band! We truly had the perfect spot, seated at the bar. The place was packed, but as people mingled they would make to our area so basically everyone came to us as we got to sit still with our drinks 🙂


Our good spot at the bar!

DSCN7224 DSCN7228 DSCN7235 DSCN7218 DSCN7223

Got to talk to Chris and Heidi a lot too, which was nice cuz I love hanging with them! Chris & Heidi – I meant what I said about our wine night! 🙂


Glen “Big Baby” Davis from the Orlando Magic was there too, and auctioned off some autographed bottles with Jon, and was available for pics and autographs.


Jon and Big Baby


Me with Glen “Big Baby” Davis! His hand was like as big as my face.


“What is this, Pizza Hut?!”

Phil and Jeff flew in as a suprise for Jill! And so did my buddy from college, James! SO fun to party with them all again!

IMG_5373 DSCN7257 DSCN7260

Jon actually played several songs with the band, it was great to see him in his element.


Mark and Ann are Jon and Jill’s professional photographer friends, and they had a set up where you could have professional pics taken which will be available for purchase later. Well, I somehow started getting pictures taken with some of the girls I knew, and Mark started clicking away and we had a CRAZY FUN photo shoot. The pictures aren’t available yet, but here is a preview…

IMG_5393 IMG_5394

Basically, during our photo shoot Mark got an idea and told me to sit on a stool. Then he took a hand of each of these incredibly attractive six or seven girls and put it on me. He started taking pics like CRAZY and we just posed, not really knowing what he was doing. Well, then he showed us. He had taken pics of just my upper chest and face, and all you could see of the girls were just their hands on me – pulling my tie, pulling me close to them, hands on my shoulders grabbing me! It was AMAZING and HYSTERICAL, and he started showing the pics on his camera to people that were watching us do all this. This older woman comes up to me and says:

Woman: That was amazing. You have to tell me just who exactly you are…
Me: I’m huge in Belgium.
Woman: I don’t know who you are, or what you do, but I like how you do it!

After the photo shoot, it was time for more drinks and more good music!


Jon’s typical pose when I ask for a serious, nice picture with him! The only one I have of us where he isn’t make his cheesy face is the one the photographer took of us at his wedding!


The place stayed packed till the very end. Then it was time to hit up a club and DANCE! Off in a cab we sped, and I ran into Dusty and Andrew and made a lunch date now that Andrew works by me!

I got back to the hotel at like 6:30AM! I slept for a few hours and felt like death from being up so late.


Ugh. Why did I stay up so late?!

After a quick stop at Jill’s parents’ house, I realized it was the third Sunday of the month! That means its DISCO BRUNCH at my favorite brunch place, HUE! I texted Brett and we were off. Thank God we got a table on the patio so we could sit outside and be super fabulous, and listened to classic tunes.


Chillin’ with Izzy


Another of me with Miss Izzy


Candid shot

IMG_5423 IMG_5419 IMG_5417

And we missed our friend Diana.


It started raining an hour or two in, thank goodness we were under the awning, but like our waitress said, “Thats ok, because now its like we’re in a French movie.” And she was kinda right! We laughed and reminisced about college days and so forth, like we usually do.


Its brunch, but like in France.

That night, Sunday Funday continued. I stopped by the Hammered Lamb because I had been trying to get over there to see it since it opened. Met some FUN new people too and enjoyed the Florida nightlife.


Had a nice lunch with my friend Andrew today! We usually just run into each other at events around town or bars or something like that, but it was great to actually sit down and have a conversation and get to one another. We went to a sushi place up by where we work, and I forgot to take a picture of our yummy food 😦 I hope it will be the first of many lunches 🙂

Ran some errands for my cruise today, and got some new dress shirts, shoes, and sunglasses! I had been dying for a pair of wayfarers, and found the PERFECT pair. Still trying to find a new tuxedo bowtie, but just haven’t been happy with any I found. Working on that tomorrow…

photo (37)

I leave Friday for Tampa to have dinner with one of my dearest and best friends from college, the one, the only, Michelle! I am staying the night with her, then hopping over to the Port of Tampa to board my cruise to Key West and Cozumel for Andrew and Amy’s wedding! I am getting really excited to see my old friend Andrew again 🙂

And check out my Parisian friend’s Instagrams, especially the hashtags…She is getting excited for my visit!


I’m coming!

photo (4)

Its bed time now for sleepy Brandon.

photo (33)

Milk and cookies, Florida style


Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (36)

nitey nite.