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Hey there, yes it’s me that guy from TV, surely you have seen my daily show, don’t be shy I’m used to being noticed, for guys like me there’s just one way to go…

What is up, my beautiful blog followers? Just sitting here watching Family Guy 🙂

My weeks are so strange. Throughout the week, I just spend each night at home, which is pretty nice. But then my weekends are INSANE. Plus, I am always tired from my weekends so I never get anything done through the week around the house, and then I am never home on the weekends, so nothing ever gets done. Ugh. Plus I don’t sleep well because of my sleep apnea; I have a really rare kind where when I go into REM sleep, my brain stops telling my lungs to breathe. Its not that I can’t breathe or get air, its just my body doesn’t breathe. So when I start to get into REM sleep, my body wakes up almost every minute for air (I never remember it though), so basically I never get any real deep sleep. I need to start sleeping with my CPAP machine again, but sleeping with a breathing mask and tube isn’t exactly comfortable. I sleep on my stomach, so having a mask on your nose (which forces air up my nose) with elastic bands around your head doesn’t make sleep easy. But when I use it, I sleep much better but I am still unable to keep it on all night because I rip it off in the middle of the night because its uncomfortable. Plus, it takes a while for me to go to sleep with it on. I just can’t win! Stupid sleep apnea 😦  Maybe I will try sleeping with my machine again tonight…

Last weekend I got to see my old buddy Jeff on Friday night! He was in town and stayed with me one night. It was SO GREAT to catch up with him! We discussed life over a great bottle of wine and some great food.

photo (39)

In Zurich with Jeff for Eurocup! And with Nicci and Liz too 🙂


Wine time with Jeff

The next day was a Kentucky Derby party at Phil and Laura’s new historic home in downtown Orlando.


Its Derby Day!

IMG_6228 IMG_6229 IMG_6227 IMG_6226

What a perfect house for a Derby party! They told us about the family that used to live there, and things they had learned about the house from neighbors, the historical society, and things they found in the attic. We talked about how their house and my house are both haunted. No, really, my house is totally haunted. And I believe Laura that their’s is too (sorry Phil).

I met some new friends and caught up with old ones. It was a great party. Phil is always a great bartender. The Derby Punch and mint juleps were out of this world! I am always last to leave their parties, I just love them so much!


Mint juleps were SO good!


Catching up with the Provenzales!


Me and Becca caught up too 😉


Southern and proud!


I do declare! That is some mighty fine Derby punch!


Even Phil’s bowtie had mint juleps on it!

IMG_6256 IMG_6253 IMG_6246 IMG_6245

The next day I finally got to see my Adrianna! I hadn’t gotten to see her in weeks! We had lunch on beautiful Park Avenue at one of our favorite places. We caught up over many mimosas and enjoyed the gorgeous day.


Wasn’t there supposed to be three of us? 😉


Afterward, we cruised down to Baldwin Park to meet up with Jon and the Sassos for a few Cinco de Mayo beers.


Happy cinco!


After the weekend, it was back to an uneventful week. But I got to have lunch with Andrew on Monday! And went shopping after work one night for my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day. I was just at a loss as to what to get her this year, but luckily I found some things I knew she’d love. And I found some things for me too…


Can’t wait to wear these shorts

As if I needed more tank tops. But they were too cool to pass up. So excited about my fun shorts and sunglasses!

This past Friday was mom’s birthday. After work I changed and cruised over to meet my mom and George for her birthday dinner at Kobe. If you have read my past blog posts, you know all about the quest to obtain the green blazer from H&M…


Yay! I am finally wearing it!


Quick fix of the hair


I posted an Instagram of my shoes, and the official Instagram of Bealls Department Store ‘Liked’ it! That was pretty cool!


We had a great time at hibachi and it was great as always, and my mom loooved all her gifts. I got her some pajamas and matching gown (flamingo print), a necklace, a box of Godiva, and some fun parrot earrings which I thought would be great for our next cruise.

IMG_6445 IMG_6442 IMG_6441

After dinner, Adrianna invited me out with her and Christin, so I cruised on over to Adriannas and oh my gosh, we were laughing so hard together within minutes. This was going to be a good night. We started writing down all the funny stuff we were saying:

“I’m kind of stupid. But I’m hot so it doesn’t matter.”

“You’re going to go from a 10 to a 14!”

B: Who the HECK are we!?
A: And its only been 10 minutes!

“You deserve my cookings.”

B: Haha, I sleep closer to your man than you do.
A: Don’t say that! I hate you!

C: You both have your stalkers!
A & B: We know!
C: No, like, you guys are stalking.

After a couple of beers, we were off to Wally’s! Its the oldest bar in town. And its a DIVE. The bartenders will apparently throw limes at you to get your attention. This guy walked up to me at one point and just started telling me I should adjust my privacy settings and how its easy to do. Like, privacy settings on what?! I tried to be polite but I wanted to just be like, um…what are you talking about?! He must have been totally wasted…

IMG_6449 IMG_6451

On the way, Laura Ann decided to join us! And she brought me a present, an amazing tie!

Things got a little crazy. The  bartender gave the girls bumper stickers that say “I’m a Wally’s girl!” and so obviously Adrianna made me wear one.

IMG_7599 (2)

After a cab ride home, we apparently thought it was a great idea to stay up till 8AM talking. We went to bed at 8:30AM, after taking tons of SnapChats and videos that I definitely can’t post here.


Bed time!

I slept a while, then met my mom at the mall, had lunch with her, then went home to nap like crazy. That night, it was time for steaks at Tim and Brooke’s!


I picked up some wine and cheesecake, and I was off! The laughs started as soon as I walked in the door, and a bit of dancing too!

IMG_6510 IMG_6512 IMG_6519 IMG_6520

Dinner was amazing, minus some wine spills 😉  Tim made this feta-butter for the steak and OMG EPIC. And then we sat outside for HOURS talking. I am seriously going to record our conversations next time. I couldn’t tell you what we talk about, but somehow we manage to find things to talk about for HOURS and HOURS each time I am over. I always stay the night there because they live a bit far from me.


I woke up the next morning, not wanting to get up.


come cuddle with me!


I don’t wanna get up!


Don’t make me.


But, it was Mother’s Day! Had to get over to see my mommy! I went over to mom’s, then we went shopping up in Daytona Beach, where I found this….

photo (101)

Isn’t that the COOLEST thing you have ever seen!? Its a house-shaped tissue cover and the tissues come through the chimney! EPIC!

Then it was off to a late lunch at one of our favorite places, Our Deck Down Under in Port Orange, and I gave my mom a diamond necklace for Mother’s Day which she loved.


On the way to see mom!


Reading her cards


Opening her presents


Yay presents

IMG_6568 IMG_6585 IMG_6582 IMG_6583

I tried to take a picture of it, but it doesn’t do it justice.


IMG_6604 IMG_6603 IMG_6601 IMG_6600 IMG_6599 IMG_6598 IMG_6597 IMG_6596 IMG_6595 IMG_6592

After some dessert at mom’s, it was time to come home to get ready for the week.

Today at work, I go to a meeting every Monday morning as the representative of my department. I sat by Carrie, who would totally be my work-wife if Katrina already didn’t hold the title 🙂 Carrie is AMAZEBALLS and I love her dearly. I have been begging her to come by for a drink! We were chatting about our weekends, and I mentioned on Friday night I basically didn’t sleep and she says “I don’t know how you do it. Your social life pains me, from just hearing about!”  LOL

I had to work late tonight. Sigh. And have been on the couch ever since.


Left over pie from moms!

Got some fun things coming up, this weekend is kind of up in the air though. We shall see what happens 🙂

OH! Exciting news! So, if you know me well you know I LOVE the show Impractical Jokers. If you have never seen it, YOU NEED TO. They are this comedy troop that does like candid camera stuff. Well, they are coming here to do a live stand up show the end of this month, and I bought a meet and greet ticket! I GET TO MEET THEM! And my favorite one of the four, James Murray! I AM SO SO SO EXCITED!

Well, thats all I have for tonight I guess.

Goodnight, disco stars. Wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

photo (40)