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I can feel your force right across the floor, every look I take makes me want you more…Now we’re all alone and the time is right, so don’t even try telling me goodbye…

UGH. Not Friday again yet. Tuesday. And a slow one at that. Sigh.

And my Tuesday started off with this:


I don’t even think it was legal how they gave me that ticket! I was on the road near my house to I-4 and traffic was moving SO SLOW, there is never traffic there, then the car ahead of me goes on and then I see there is a cop standing in the middle of the road, holding up traffic, and directs me into a parking lot, I am like WTF. Then I see the parking lot is FULL OF CARS, 3 lines of cars in the parking lot waiting to get tickets written. That cop in the road is directing every car without a seatbelt on into the parking lot to get a ticket. Is that even legal? Like, I didn’t even get pulled over. Can they just stand in the middle of the road like that and block traffic? WTF.

I guess, that’s life….

However, I signed up for my first paddleboard lesson yesterday! It is Wednesday after work on the Winter Park chain of lakes. I am really really excited, its something I have wanted to do for a long time! I just hope I don’t fall off. Should be an entertaining blog post afterward…

Something terrible is happening though. It’s the worst thing to happen to me since moving back to Orlando in 2006. My eyes are welling up just typing about it…my life will never be the same. So many great memories. Its just…so hard. Hue, my beloved Hue Restaurant, is closing forever! I have been going to Sunday brunch there since moving back here, my friends Cortez and Micah introduced me to it. I have been there countless, countless times with so many great friends. Months would go by without me even missing a Sunday.

hue1 hue2 hue3 hue4

There have been times I have gone there for brunch and still been there at dinner time. Met so many people there throughout the years, and taken so many people there, it was truly the place to be seen. And Disco Brunch was the third Sunday of each month. Ugh. Its truly the end of an era. Where will be “my spot” now??? First world problems, you say? More like first world tragedies. Truly. Tragic.

But, onward to more fun news I guess. Memorial Day weekend is upon us and I think I finally have plans! I am looking forward to getting to the beach 🙂  Sunday is Hue’s last day open so I hope I will be able to make it to that as well. What are YOU doing?

And if you are a fellow University of Florida alumni, and was there when I was there, you will probably want to read this hysterical Facebook wall thread that occurred today…


Convo2adj Convo3adj


If I had a blog in college, I probably would have either won an award, been famous, or both.

I have this terrible habit I MUST stop doing. If you know me well, you know I want to live in Paris more than ANYTHING IN LIFE. If I wasn’t an only child, I would BE GONE, but I can’t leave my mom behind here in Florida. So, in Florida I stay. My bad habit is that I keep looking at Paris apartments on Craigslist and spend my days daydreaming about living there. Like this apartment…

And this one…

And ooooh I would love to decorate this one…

Le sigh.

Last Wednesday I had another fun lunch with Andrew! Sushi of course, our favorite. That night I got to see Deana and Chris! Yay! I hadn’t seen them in SO long, they had me over for a spectacular dinner and we ate pool side and caught up and cut up 🙂


Thursday I reconnected with someone over a nice Italian meal. I only had two glasses of wine but wow it seemed to hit me hard for some reason so I went straight to bed when I got home.


Friday night was dinner and movie night with Ebony! Ebony and I had class together in high school, and we really haven’t seen each other since. September I was flying to a wedding and had a connection in Charlotte, and when I checked in at that airport on Facebook, she messaged that she was in the airport too so we had a reunion right there in the terminal building!


Did not want to wake up on Friday


We ate at Elephant Bar and Ebony was telling me about her work trip to Alabama and the NICE hotel room she had. I said, “Man that sounds like a great hotel for Alabama! Who knew?“ and Ebony said “Well, it was in Birmingham, which is not like the rest of Alabama, it’s the we-got-a-little-money-over-here-Alabama” OMG it was the funniest thing I had heard all day! Then went to see The Great Gatsby. People. PEOPLE you must see this movie. It’s the BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. OMG. 20 minutes in, we turned to each other and was each like ‘Oh my goodness, this is the best movie ever made!’ GO SEE IT! Oh it was fabulous. We lingered in the parking lot afterward, we just couldn’t stop talking about how good it was! I almost went out afterward as my buddy wanted to hit up our favorite karaoke bar, but I was a good boy and went home to bed.


The next day I cleaned out my garage. Not fun, but productive. And HOT. That night was Kobe night for Joanna’s bday! It was a lot of laughs as usual. Upon getting to my buddy’s house to ride with him, he noticed my denim shorts and goes “So, did you lose the rest of your pants?” Bitch. I looked GOOD! Haha



Jill said I should order the Silly Eel Roll cuz I’m silly 🙂

IMG_6772 IMG_6778 IMG_6788

After Kobe, Adrianna and I met up with Christin on Park Avenue to meet up with my friend Mike who I had not seen in YEARS! We have been catching up via Facebook and texting, but had legit not seen each other since…well, we don’t even know! We had two glasses of wine with him at Eola Wine, then hit up Prato for more drinks and conversation.

IMG_6846 IMG_6783 IMG_6787

So we meet some new people, talking, laughing, having a GREAT time. Was so great reconnecting and hanging out with Mike finally! At one point, I ended up talking to these 3 Russian girls at the bar that were sitting near us and we were talking and I asked where they were from, since they had thick accents. They said England. I was like ‘Um, I have been there and have English relatives, and I don’t think your accents sound like they are English. Did you live somewhere else?’ They finally said they were Russian. They were kinda rude and mean, but kept asking what I did and where I lived and stuff. At one point I made them, and our new friend Jonathan, laugh and I lightly put my hand on one of their backs, just as like a friendly touch, didn’t even think about it, and she goes “DON’T TOUCH ME. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH ME. I DIDN’T SAY IT WAS OK TO TOUCH ME.” I was like whoa ok sorry. After I thought more on it later, I am pretty sure they were prostitutes or escorts or something.

Quote of the night from Mike: “I am very entertained and slightly frustrated at the same time.”

I don’t remember what it was in reference to, but wrote it down in my phone so it must have been hysterical at the time. Mike is a paddle boarder instructor, and he will be teaching at my lesson tomorrow!

After Prato, we cruised over to The Silly Grape wine bar but it was closed, so we ended up getting CRUNK at the Applebee’s near Adrianna’s apartment and ended up talking to random people there and telling them we had just flown in from Europe, because apparently that was funny to do at the time. I was CRAVING mozzarella sticks and when they came out Adrianna and Christin went outside for a cigarette and I didn’t want to eat alone, so I just took out the entire basket of mozzarella sticks outside with me. What else was I supposed to do?

IMG_6849 IMG_6848 IMG_6851

Then the three of us went to Adrianna’s and continued being silly till about 5AM.

It was a long day of being awesome.

Sunday I slept on and off all day and had dinner with my mom and George.


Sunday night on the couch with my favorite show


Thursday when I was on my way to Deana’s, I stopped in H&M to try on just one thing I had seen in there before (the cuffed denim shorts from earlier) and started freaking out. They got new stuff in. TONS OF NEW STUFF. I was filling my arms up with shirts, bracelets, and swimsuits, oh my! Everything was awesome and hot, I was running around the store grabbing as much as I could in a panic! But I had to get to Deana’s for dinner! OMG! No time! So I finally had to get myself in to the fitting room and had to let the other stuff go I didn’t have time to try on. I got a few things and I did go back the next day though, and this AMAZING blazer I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT but didn’t was gone in my size 😦 Oh well, maybe its for the best. I tried on swimsuits and other things I didn’t have time for the day before, but nothing really worked so it wasn’t a total loss. I did find a funny tank top though 🙂


Hee hee 😉
I ate so bad today. I had cookies for breakfast. Then a healthy lunch. But then there were donuts at work so I had the biggest chocolate one there was. Then I came home and had Dr Pepper and salt & vinegar chips. I am gross. After a good salad, I did have my nightly milk and cookies.


My mom found one of my favorite mugs at her house and I brought it home with me. I have had it since I was like 11, I always loved it. Now, it reminds me of quaint towns and villages I have seen in Europe during my travels. July is approaching fast, I will soon be back!

In other good news…


I cleaned the Honda today and found this in the trunk…


I mean, sure, I love slurpees, I guess.


Ok, I am off to bed my sexy blog readers. Got to find a good swimsuit to wear to my paddleboard lesson!

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.



Only my book to cuddle with. But thats ok, I like my book.

IMG_6635 IMG_6807