Music: Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon
Drink: 2012 Triada, Malbec, Argentina
Mood: Disappointed

The golden years, the silver tears, you wore a tie like Richard Gere, I wanna get down, you spin me around, I stand on the borderline crying at the discoteque…

This rain just won’t stop! It is that time of year in Florida again where it rains all day every day, pretty much. I have not been able to mow my grass in weeks because every time I am home its raining, or has just rained.. Its getting really bad! I need to just hire someone to do it early in the morning or something while I am at work, but I hate paying for something I can do myself, and I also extremely enjoy working on my yard, so its very frustrating. Grrrrrr. And now ALL this weekend we are going to be hit with a tropical storm and tornados. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the rain A LOT, but its interfering with my LIFE. Stop it, rain. Just stop it.


Outside my office

In some fun news, I got on SKYPE this week! Obviously I won’t be using it while at work, but try to SKYPE me some night at Naked_Disco 🙂 And no, no one has skyped me yet.

In some SUPER fun news, I got a fan email to my blog address!!! It comes from Christof in Belgium. He stumbled upon my blog several months ago and has been following me ever since! It was a very nice, fun, and exciting email to get. Christof posed a question to me which I will share:

“I see you wear very much blazers and vests. Why do you not wear both at the same time? And which one is your favorite to wear?”

Well, Christof, the reason you never see me wear both at the same time is because its just way too hot here! When I wear a blazer, it is usually only at night time. I don’t ever wear it while driving in the car, either. Too hot! A shirt and blazer can cause you to be very hot in Florida, even at night. So if I know I am going to be indoors in air conditioning, then I will wear a blazer. If I might be outside a bit, then that’s when I typically do a vest. My favorite to wear of the two is definitely a blazer. I think a man, whoever he is, just looks more sophisticated and classy in a blazer. I especially like to wear a black blazer with a black dress shirt. Black on black will always be uber chic.

Yay for blog fan mail! Do YOU have a question for the Prince of Disco? Then shoot him an email!

Me and my friend Liz in Paris are starting to make plans for my visit! Right now we are thinking we may take in a ballet, rent a limo to bum around town in, do a fun Versailles day, and of course drink on her balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I really want an excuse to wear a tuxedo in Paris. What could be more fabulous than THAT? Not much, I say, not much. What other shenanigans will we get in to? We will be spending time in La Tranche Sur Mer on the Atlantic side at the beach as well. She bought a cute little outfit for Raphael for our beach time!


We are starting to make our Stockholm plans as well! SO many restaurants there I want to try! We won’t be there but for a few days, so I am going to try to squeeze in as many as I can.

This past weekend was the BEST weekend EVER!!!! It started off with seeing The Tenderloins, the comedy troop that is the cast of The Impractical Jokers TV show. Its kind of a like a candid camera type show. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT OMG WATCH IT. Its on TruTV and its hysterical! I have loved the show when it first aired and was so excited when they were coming to Orlando to do their stand-up routine! I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I went by myself cuz I wasn’t going to miss this!


On my way to the show!


I am here!!!



IMG_7458 IMG_7449

There was a huge crowd and the show was hysterical. I laughed so hard the entire time, I was crying. I bought a meet and greet pass to meet them, and waited in line forever. I thought we would just shake hands, take a picture, and move on. So what was taking so long? They were letting in groups of 10 backstage at a time. Finally it was my turn, I was in the last group of ten. Basically once you are back there with them, you just stand around and talk to them and mingle, it was incredible! I met James Murray, my favorite one of the four, first and shook his hand and introduced myself! OMG JAMES MURRAY! Then I met Joe, and I was bubbling over with excitement so much he laughed. I couldn’t believe this was happening!!!! When I got my picture taken with them, I was so excited that Q said, “Hey, you need to calm down with your bad attitude problem” haha!!! I even made Sal laugh, I asked him how he was handling the Florida heat, and he said he got no sun at the pool that day and that tomorrow he just wouldn’t wear sunscreen. I said “Ooh, be careful, you don’t want to end up a Peely McPeelerton!” He laughed! One of the funniest guys ever laughed at a joke I made! Wow!

IMG_7467 IMG_7470 IMG_7502 IMG_7483

After my pic, I got to talk to James Murray for a bit longer and got my picture with him too!


Me and the old Murr!

It was surreal. Meeting the cast of my favorite TV show! Like, I see myself in the pictures with them, and I remember it all happening, I just can’t believe it really happened!

I immediately posted the pics on Facebook, tagged them, and did the same on Instagram in hopes they would message me and be like “Brandon! Meet us for drinks at our hotel!” But, that didn’t happen. You win some, you lose some.

After that, I stopped by a friend’s house for a little hot tub party and some good red wine with friends.

The next day was my first paddleboard lesson! I was so excited, it had been canceled twice due to rain.


All set!


I felt my frog swim suit was lake appropriate


But luckily the weather cooperated, and I met Nina down at Dinky Dock near Park Ave on the Winter Park chain of lakes. Yay, we finally get to paddleboard! One of the instructors said they were glad they didn’t cancel and I said “I don’t care if lightening is hitting that lake right now, I would still go out there, I  am that excited to do this!”


I will own that house someday


We are ready to go!

IMG_7525 IMG_7524 IMG_7523 IMG_7522 IMG_7520 IMG_7518 IMG_7517

There were about 20 of us there. We went through some basic instructions and were handled our paddles. The instructor informed us to keep our paddles turned a certain way, with the logo on the paddle facing forward. I looked down, and my paddle had no logo! I was like oh no! Then the instructor said “Yeah, we call that one Smart Paddle because you have to remember. Good luck!” The group laughed, and I was henceforth known as Smart Paddle.


The yellow paddle is Smart Paddle!

My friend Mike is also an instructor, and helped me on my board. OMG I was so shaky! My legs just wouldn’t stop shaking. Mike told me to relax and it would get better once I relaxed. I started going a bit slow, I was so nervous, I didn’t want to fall in the water. So I fell behind the rest of the group. I then started to relax, and started taking off! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I caught up with the rest of the group.

IMG_1260 IMG_1259

This was INCREDIBLE! So freeing! Such a great work out! I could feel the workout in my abs and legs. One of the instructors took pictures of our journey.

We then went through a canal to the next lake, everyone was instructed to get together. We all lined our boards up next to each other till we were in a long row, and everyone sat on their boards in the water and linked arms. We then were told we could ‘run the boards’ in the water, basically you could run the length of the 20 boards now connected while we were sitting on them in the water. WHAT?! Crazy right? Well, I was one of the only 3 that did it! My board was on the end, so I stood up, and started running across the linked boards and at the end jumped into the lake! GO SMART PADDLE!

It was seriously the best hour and a half ever. I never fell off! Totes my new hobby, totes. Already signed up again!




After my paddleboarding experience, then it was luau time! After a few fun singing SnapChats in the car on the way home, I had to get into my luau gear.


It was a joint birthday party at Deana and Chris’s house! They had the place decorated so cute, mai tais, leis, you name it! They had a huge spread of food, pork, fruit, anything you wanted really. It was A GREAT party. They even had a floating beer cooler for the pool. The beer cooler and Melissa were instant friends…


IMG_7570 IMG_7569 IMG_7568 IMG_7566 IMG_7565 IMG_7564 IMG_7563 IMG_7577

The mai tais were STRONG. OMG. So things got a little crazy towards the end of the night. If you are friends with me on Facebook, scroll down to the posts from this weekend and see the videos my friend Tim tagged me in that he made during the party. Nothing crazy is in the videos though 😉 Sorry, you are out of luck. Lets just say, the next day, I didn’t know where my swimsuit ended up…


I LOVE flamingos!

IMG_7590 IMG_7585


After a cup of coffee with Deana and Chris the next day, I cruised on back home and it was a day on the couch for this boy.


I met my mom and her boyfriend at Sonny’s for dinner, and went back to their house after picking up Arby’s cherry turnovers. DID YOU KNOW they are ONLY $1? $1!!!!! Seriously, go get one tonight and try one. They are to DIE FOR. Knowing they are only a $1 can be very dangerous…

I had a glass of wine or two that evening with a friend of mine, and we watched Marie Antoinette, the movie with Kirsten Dunst. If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with Marie, so it was a pretty blissful night I must say 🙂

Just incase you didn’t know, my four top obsessions (and I say TOP obsessions, there are more things Brandon is OBSESSED WITH) are (in order):

1) The TV show Dallas, the one from the 80s. There will be a separate blog on this subject, and my obsession with it, soon.

2) ABBA. Loved them since I was 13. Enough said.

3) Marie Antoinette. Can’t get enough! I have read almost every book on her and Versailles that has ever been published. I am a French royalty SPONGE.

4) European royalty. Kinda goes along with #3, but whatever, who’s counting.

Tada. The more you know. 🙂



So…question to you, my fabulous blog readers. Are all the hangers in your closet the same color? Because I have white ones, blue ones, black ones, different colors. And one day several years ago, I was watching a corny Lifetime movie with friends and this girl was in her closet and ALL the hangers were identical and I said “Oh come on, like anyone’s hangers are all the same color!”, speaking to the unrealisticness of the movie. And all my friends in the room were like “Huh? Mine are all white” and “Yeah, mine too…” And I just shut up and didn’t say anything. Am I the only one with mismatched hangers in my closet? TELL ME! HELP ME! I am really insecure about  my multi-colored hangers. And I’m like, well I will just go get a ton of white hangers. But I have a LOT of clothes. Do I really need to spend hundreds of dollars on hangers to make them all the same? What do I DO, people, what do I DO?!

This week has been ho hum so far. Just working and sleeping. Someone brought in donuts to work on Tuesday…


This was my donut. One would obviously think, oh it MUST have filling inside! It didn’t. Total donut fail. AND DONUT LIES!

Had drinks and appetizers with my buddy Kiko tonight, and it was SUPER fun to catch up with him! Kiko – I think this should be a weekly thing! 🙂  Before drinks with Kiko tonight, I was in the Millenia mall and they are getting an H&M there too! Where Forever21 used to be. How awesome is that?!

Super stoked for this weekend – Seeing Fleetwood Mac in Tampa with Janie, Christin and Adrianna on Friday night! My outfit…is going to…ROCK. So excited to wear it. Saturday is paddleboarding, and then who knows?

Remember those old rolls of film I found under my bed a few weeks ago? Well, I finally turned them in today, and am having them put on CDs. I will posted them when I get them, can’t WAIT to find out whats on them! They are from 2005 and earlier!

Well my lovelies, thats all I got for today.

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


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