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Baby come back…I wanna be your everything, I’m gonna stalk you after midnight, I’ll stalk you when the bells are ringing, and we can make it work alright tonight…Baby come back, baby come back, don’t you wanna be with me?…

Here I am!


Oh wow, the summer has been so busy! I have meant to update so many times, but time just gets away from me. But now the summer is over (sad) and there are less things to do, so I will have more time to blog and update. There is so much to talk about – trips, crazy nights out, plays, new friends, new blazers and such, studying for the CPA exam, Miley Cyrus, my continued loathing of Mariah Carey, the list just goes on and on!








I love summer!


Can it be like this alllll the time? Please?



And I SERIOUSLY hope you all saw this on tv the other night:

And yes, its true, I have started studying for the CPA exam (SCREAMS). It SUCKS. My first test will be in January. (More SCREAMS).


Speaking of screams, its Halloween time! I actually got to reuse my costume from a party last year this past weekend:


So, I drive to the party, put on my Cupid costume in the car, since the invitation was for Vaughn’s Halloween party. I walk up to the house dressed as Cupid, and Vaughn comes out and isn’t in a costume and says “What are you doing dressed up? The invite said no costumes, its just a cocktail party.” So I was like “Um. Omigod. I’m dressed as CUPID and basically naked!” I walked in and everyone was like THAT IS AWESOME. So I look in the backyard and there are like 25 people out there, so I open the door to the backyard and everyone immediately looks at me and I shout “I thought this was supposed to be a VALENTINES party!” Everyone laughed and it was all good haha

I have Phil and Laura’s ‘G’ Halloween party tomorrow night, SO STOKED! Each year, they chose a letter out of a hat before sending out invites, and you have to come dressed as something that starts with the chosen letter. What ‘G’ thing do YOU think I’ll be?!

Another big recent update is that I joined a bowling league! Me and Julie, Stacey, Michelle, Deana and Chris have joined the Fun Time League. Its every Tuesday, we play 3 games, and its something we all look forward to! Its been a good stress reliever too. But its us and a TON of old people LOL. Its awesome though, everyone has totally welcomed us. And they are hardcore too, there is a President and a Treasurer, and we play poker during each game! I think bowling is going to be my new ‘thing’, I have asked Santa Clause for a bowling ball for Christmas that looks like an eyeball.


Yes, THATS the bowling ball.


Come join our league!


I love my bowling buddies!



I was having a goooood night!

One night bowling, I ordered the hotdog meal and you have to tell the waitress what condiments you want, so I said mustard and relish. They were out of relish, so she said she could put pickles on it. I said ok, then felt bad cuz I figured she was going to take time chopping up pickles to make relish. When my hot dogs came, this is what I got:


It looked interesting, so I tried it. IT WAS AMAZING. It was like a picnic party in your mouth or something. I have ordered it every time since! I am probably known as ‘the pickle guy’ now, but honey badger don’t care. And their fries are SO GOOD!!!!

Also, got these bad boys as my change at a gas station:


WHO gets $2 bills as change?! EPIC!

So, now, due to my blog absence, I issue my formal apology, as well as my plan to get my blog back on track:

And, as my gift to my blog followers due to my prolonged absence, I give you 25 Random Facts about Brandon. It ended up being like 20 minutes long, but #25 is really what makes the video so long…So that ends up making it less than a minute per item, and I put in a few ‘surprises’ along the way, so I hope you watch 🙂 Theres some gooooood stuff in here! LOL (and if you’re watching/listening at work, its work appropriate 🙂 )

Christmas is around the corner!


courtesy of Paula!


Bonne nuit.