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Thank you for the joy that you gave, thank you for glimmering night and day, thank you for the songs we sing and play, you created history…For all the world and for me, I wanna thank you for the joy you gave…

Sorry it has taken so long for another update! I know, I’m a douche. Between holidays and studying and work and going to Lexington and DC and Ft Lauderdale, I just haven’t had time!

So, my life basically consists of studying for the CPA exam now and squeezing in some fun whenever I have the time now, so blogging time is limited. IT SUCKS. For those that don’t know, the CPA exam is for me to become a Certified Public Accountant, and I can’t move up anymore in my job until I get it. Its 4 tests, and all must be passed in a year’s time. I am sitting for the hardest section first, to get it out of the way, in January and I study all the time now. Its so much material to cover, its really overwhelming 😦

I hope you all liked my video of the 25 random facts about me in the last blog 🙂 I was up till like 3AM making that, so I hope my sleep deprivation wasn’t in vain.

Ok, lets get on with what EVERYONE wants to know about, which is why EVERYONE has been asking me update my blog! My Europe trip! This update will be about my quick little Sweden trip and the day leading up to it in Paris, and the rest of my time in France will be in another update. My next blog will be my summer in review, and I have a few thoughts on blazers, because several people have wanted me to “teach them to blazer”.

This was my first time flying over to Europe alone, and it made me a bit nervous, just the thought of making it all the way with no one to talk to or figure shit out with. The night before I was kind of a nervous wreck because I didn’t have a lot of time to pack beforehand, and was throwing ties and socks all over. But, I made it ok. Whenever I fly overseas, I always make sure I have an entire row to myself and check the seating charts constantly before my trip. So when I have an entire row to myself, I order a small bottle of red wine with my dinner which is usually served right after takeoff, pop a melatonin with dinner, then with the wine and melatonin I get super sleepy then stretch out across all the seats and sleep all the way over to Europe. That way, I get a good 6 to 7 hours of sleep, land overseas around 8ish in the morning there and I’m ready for the day! Works every time 😉


Sleepy Brandon over the ocean


Champs in the sky

This time though, my luggage wheel broke upon leaving the airport, so with only one working wheel I had to simply drag it. I am sure if you go there RIGHT NOW, you can still track my entire route to the apartment as a left one super long black streak on the concrete from the airport and through Paris. #notevenlying


When I arrived at Liz’s apartment, she had champagne waiting for me like always. LOVE HER. And I got to FINALLY meet her precious little boy.


After a quick change, we ventured out of the apartment and she took me to this 1800s French mansion that is now a museum, left just as the owners left it when they died, and its now also a fabulous lunch and brunch location, so we had an amazing lunch in the ballroom with a rose dessert. Yes, REAL roses this thing was made with!


It really tasted like roses! Amazing!



Just an everyday lunch in a ballroom in Paris. No biggie.

IMG_9527 IMG_9511 IMG_9498


Liz then took me for champagne on the top of the most fabulous department store in the world, Printemps. It takes up BLOCKS of the shopping district in Paris. We had champagne and caught up while being able to see each famous Parisian landmark. It was divine.


Printemps Department Store


The furniture dept in Printemps was EPIC

IMG_9573 IMG_9561

The next morning, I was off to Sweden! SWEDEN! I was REALLY, FINALLY, getting to go! After a morning selfie and a French breakfast, I was off. I had never traveled to another country by myself, so I was a little nervous but ready for the adventure.


I get to go to Sweden today!!!!!!!!!!!!


French morning noms


And I’m off! See ya soon Paris!

I had to take the metro, then a bus, to a smaller airport outside of Paris, where NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE at this airport spoke English, so I was really nervous but made it on the plane. Somehow. All the flights from this random small airport were going to places that I couldn’t even tell you what country they were in. I flew RyanAir, which I had only flown once before to Ireland and it was horrendous, and this trip reminded me why I do not fly RyanAir.


OMG! I’m in Sweden! Hi Sweden!


I landed in Stockholm and took a bus to my hotel in the middle of the city, and its true what they say – EVERYONE is blonde and/or GORGEOUS. EVERYONE was hot. And apparently EVERYONE does in fact drive a Volvo. I tried counting the number of Volvo’s on the way to the hotel, but I lost count because there are just that many! I had learned how to say “Do you speak English” in Swedish, and so far it seemed to be working!

I walked up to my hotel, busting with so much excitement. I just couldn’t believe I was there! I wanted scream! I wanted to jump for joy! So I see the sign, Stockholm Inn. Its over a sign that is for a coffee shop. Um, what? Where’s the hotel? All I see is a coffee shop. I walk into the coffee shop, and say “Var är Stockholm Inn?” (Where is Stockholm Inn?) and the coffee shop lady must have realized my awful Swedish and replied in English, “You are here!” So, this place is a coffee shop, but below the coffee shop is a hotel. ITS UNDERGROUND. And extremely tiny. The bathroom itself was a shower! Note to self, read more details on


View of room from bathroom


View into bathroom

I had to shower and get ready very quickly, I had dinner reservations 🙂  My Swedish pal, who I hope I may call a friend, Mr. Andreas, was kind enough to make me dinner reservations at a fabulous place he DJ’s at every Wednesday night called Orangeriet right on the water. I arrived by taxi and just couldn’t believe I was actually here!!! I had wanted to come here for SO long. The place was hoppin and the music was blasting. I was nervous, but didn’t even really know why. I walked up and gave my name, and was seated at the best table ever! Right on the water. Thanks, Andreas 🙂




Infront of Orangeriet


My view, right on the water




Me at my table

IMG_9672 IMG_9678

It was surreal to be there. I had some wine, Swedish beer, lobster and a salad. They don’t serve lobster there like they do here. They just like, cook the lobster and cut it in half for you. That was totally strange to me. I had a coffee too, but apparently Swedish coffee is VERY different than ours. Nasty. Afterwards, I walked to Pontonen, a bar that SITS ON the water across from Orangeriet, and had some wine there too. I was by myself, which was fine, but I wish I had someone I could have enjoyed it all with. I was so happy I could barely contain myself.


I am so happy to be here!!!!

IMG_9702 IMG_9697

Afterwards, my Swedish friend had informed me that after dinner I should go to another bar down the way on the water. So I walked there and quickly made some Danish and Swedish friends!


2 of my 3 new friends!

IMG_9714 IMG_9709

Then something SO CRAZY happened. I posted a pic on Instagram of myself at the bar thanking Andreas for the great recommendation. So he liked the picture on Instagram, which made a notification pop up on my phone. Andreas is famous in Sweden and Europe, and one of the guys I was with saw his name pop up on the notification and said “Is…is that who I think it is?” and I said yes, and he says “Wait…I thought you looked familiar…Are you that NakedDisco guy??” I almost fell over. I said “How in the world do you know that about me???” and he said “I follow the same guy on Instagram and have seen you comment, I have ‘liked’ so many of your pictures on Instagram and have read your blog before!!!” I was so shocked, apparently I am famous in Sweden too! Haha! What are the odds?!

They asked me if I knew any Swedish, and I said I only knew how to say “Do you speak English” and said it in Swedish. They were like “Uh, man, that’s not how you say that.” Apparently I was saying “Ta-lar du en-yell-ska” but it should have been “Ta-lar du en-glish-ka”. So, apparently I was saying “Do you speak to love?” or something like that. How horrifying! No wonder all the Swedes just smiled and started talking in English to me!

Ok, lets talk money. Sweden is not on the Euro, they have Swedish kroner. Its about 6 kroner to a dollar. Ok, whatever. Until you realized a draft beer is 60 kroner. That’s $10 my friends, for the cheapest draft beer you can buy. Everything was outrageous. My little lobster and salad dinner was around $130. A coke bottle is like $4 on the street. There was this amazing ABBA sweatshirt at the ABBA museum (we’ll get to that shortly) I wanted, that said “Take a Chance on Me”, but it was like $150. I regret not buying it now though 😦 I should have just done it…

It doesn’t get dark there in the summer till like 11:30, and the sun rises at 4:30. So strange but so cool. After a few drinks with my new buddies, I went back to my hotel and woke up for a full day in Stockholm! It was so gorgeous, I literally cried a little as I walked that I can’t live in a place as beautiful as this. It was a utopia! I never dreamt it looked like it did. I got on a boat that took you to various points around the city and I could hop on and hop off as I please. Another great recommendation from Andreas that made my time amazing! I hopped off at the ABBA Museum and entered. I couldn’t believe I was really here. I started shaking, for real, as I walked in the gift store and heard ABBA blasting. I REALLY MADE IT HERE!

IMG_9738 IMG_9739 IMG_9736 IMG_9742 IMG_9746 IMG_9754 IMG_9763 IMG_9765

They had ABBA EVERYTHING. And I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. But I only had my carry on with me and couldn’t. But I got coasters 🙂

The museum was EPIC. It started you off by telling you about the 4 member’s solo careers, how they met, etc. The museum was kind of like laid out as a timeline, walking you through the ABBA journey. It was packed, but I took my time looking at everything, reading everything, and touching everything I could! They had their clothes, perfume bottles, jackets, luggage, EVERYTHING! I was FREAKING out. I wanted to talk to someone so bad about everything I was seeing, but I heard no English around me 😦


Benny is my least favorite, but I chose to put my head through the Benny head-hole so I could have Bjorn in the picture. Bjorn is my favorite 🙂


Chillin with Bjorn


Ring ring!


I stood there a while, hoping it would RING! RING!

IMG_9808 IMG_9799 IMG_9797 IMG_9784 IMG_9783 IMG_9781 IMG_9778 IMG_9776 IMG_9769 IMG_9767

After the museum, I stopped in the Swedish Hall of Fame to make sure Alcazar was mentioned, and they were 🙂


I hopped back on my boat and traveled throughout the waterways, and then took a second boat tour around a different part of the city. I saw the building where ABBA’s recording studio was too!



IMG_9830 IMG_9851 IMG_9826 IMG_9848 IMG_9842 IMG_9833 IMG_9890 IMG_9891 IMG_9901 IMG_9911 IMG_9915

After my boat tours, I put on my ipod and walked around the amazing city listening to ABBA and Alcazar. It was amazing to listen to the music I love and walk through the city where its from! I had Swedish meatballs for dinner, and omg, it was one of the best things I had ever eaten.

IMG_9944 IMG_9940

The next morning, early, I departed. And was so sad to leave. I really, really wanted to stay.


I dont wanna leave 😦

Then, the stress. I arrived back at the tiny airport outside Paris and went to the machine to buy my bus pass, which was still inside the secured area. But it wouldn’t take my American credit card because it didn’t have the European chip in it, and I had no more Euros. And this is the only place I could buy the bus ticket. Oh no. What do I do?! Holy shit. I tried to call Liz’s phone. I get no service in here! I can’t leave because this is where I need to buy my bus pass, theres no other place to get one! There are no pay phones! I have no Euros! How will I get back!? I asked airport staff if they spoke English. No one did! PANIC. PANIC. PANIC. I am 30 miles outside Paris! WTF AM I GOING TO DO!?  So, sweating in a frenzy of silent panic, I decide to walk out of the secured area and somehow figure shit out. An ATM! Yay! I have Euros now. But no bus ticket machine. Um. Well, now what do I do? I stood behind a column and waited for the automatic doors from the secured area to open. I was going to bust through when they opened again and hoped to God I wouldn’t spend the next 10 years of my life inside a French prison. I calmly walked through and up to the bus ticket machine. So far, so good. Bus ticket in hand, I leave the airport a hardened criminal.

I made it back to the apartment in Paris, gushing to Liz about all my little stories. We then had a little picnic in the park and enjoyed a gorgeous Paris day.


And I am back!

IMG_0017 IMG_0012

More updates to come shortly. I really mean it this time!

Its almost Christmas! Get in some retail therapy and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the malls!

shopping piills

Retail therapy

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.