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Let’s have a good time, forget about the reality, ’cause you and I make chemistry, sometimes the best times of you are fantasy, ’cause you and I make chemistry

So, its bad that my Christmas trees are still up, right?


Oh, how boring life has been! I have been studying my butt of for this CPA exam and I feel like I am getting no where! Its just so much material for this first test. The tax chapter is killing me. Basically I have been going to work, then studying for 3 hours at a coffee, then meeting my trainer Ryan at the gym at 9 to 10, then going home to eat chicken and tuna, then sleep. Then repeat. THIS IS ALL I DO! My house is a disaster because I have no time to clean it! Saturday is my only real free day because I study with Deana on Sundays. Le sigh. And working out has made me so tired. And I am soooo tired of oatmeal. And salad. I want a burger SO BAD. And I miss my nightly cookies 😦

IMG_7221 IMG_7109 IMG_7206

IMG_7224 IMG_7112

I went to the mall today to buy a new swimsuit for my cruise next weekend, because since I have been doing so many squats in my workouts my, my butt and legs are starting to look really good. I got a cute burgundy pair, and then another pair that it super short, so I don’t know if I have the guts to wear them. I feel like I haven’t lost any weight yet though 😦 so shopping wasn’t too fun until I met the most fabulous check out girl. Our conversation was as follows:

Her: “Hi! Did you find some hot goodies?”
Me: “I sure did! However this swimsuit doesn’t have a tag and it was the last one.”
Her: “Well how about we make it the same price as this other swimsuit you’re getting?”
Me: “That works!” (especially since it was on clearance for $5!)
Her: (picks up the short jersey-knit lounge shorts I am buying) OMG I LOOOVE THESE! They feel soooo soft and high quality. I got several pairs of the ones we have for girls.”
Me: “They made my butt look amazing.”
Her: “I KNOW RIGHT?!?!”

She was super cool.

I DID however have a Sunday off from both working out and studying and had brunch with my love Adrianna and my old friend Brian who I reconnected with joined us. I forgot to take a picture of us however 😦 Brian and I lived down the street from each other from the age of 9 through high school. We hadn’t seen each other since high school graduation day! It was awesome to catch up and see where life had taken each of us. It was a super fun day! I love reconnecting with people and bringing them into my friend circles

I live to brunch

I live to brunch

The pretzel we shared

The pretzel we shared

Well, I hope everyone had a great New Years! I sure did!


NYE attire

Any resolutions out there? I don’t really have any resolutions per say, but here are some things I am working on for the year:

Going to Machu Picchu and hiking the Inca Trail

Going to Greece perhaps (!)

Finishing my CPA

Playing around with the idea of getting a new car and putting the Honda to rest. Either a Fiat or a Beetle I think. But I’ve never had a car payment before and I REALLY don’t want one…But couldn’t you totally see me driving one of these?!

1730650181287903155 2012_Volkswagen_Beetle_--_NHTSA_2

Getting out to LA to visit friends

Buying more blazers. I need a red one.

Mom and I are thinking of taking about a cruise from LA to Ensenada, Ponte Vedra, etc.

Having a monthly movie night at my house with my new popcorn machine

That’s kinda all I got goin on right now. Not too much else in the works. But trying to plan my 32nd birthday but that’s all very preliminary at this time 🙂

So, speaking of blazers, I saw this one at H&M for $69

hm blazer hmblazer2

I feel like its super hot, right? Kinda shiny though. But then Express has this one for $200:

express blazer

And that one is super sleek. Which one should I get?! Do I even need this with all the other blazers I own?! UGH I just cant decide!!! Should I just let this go??? I kinda feel like anything I would wear this bright blue blazer with I could just as easily wear a darker blue or navy blazer with it instead. Comment and help me decide what to do! Or just buy me one and have it shipped to my office or home please. H&M size is 38 regular, Express is 36 short. Thank you 🙂

So, my new years was amazing. SO MANY of my high school friends were in town from LA, and we all used to hang out at our friend Michelle’s house in high school. We used to have bday parties there, pool parties, game nights (like playing Dreamphone!), ring in new years eve together, brunches after homecoming dances, everything. If something was going on, it somehow always centered around being at or meeting at Michelle’s. We even became friends with her younger brothers (one is my trainer now!). Being that everyone was back in town, her mom had us all over for a New Years party. It was the first time we ALL had been together in YEARS!!!!! It was something really special for us. I tried to convince Grover (whom I showed up with at Michelle’s wedding reception) to be my New Years Eve kiss.

IMG_6990 IMG_6989 IMG_6986 IMG_6984 blog5 IMG_6983

I met up with Andrew and Amy there, as they were coming to the second party with me, which was a Gatsby party! Being that Leslie is the most fabulous hostess ever, she held off on the games until we arrived! First was a wine tasting, with all blush wines. We had to write down for each wine what it tasted like, looked like, smelled like, how much we thought it cost, and one word to describe it. But we weren’t to answer it like we thought it tasted like ‘pears’ or something, it had to be responses like “tastes like sweet communism” or “smells like the inside of my grandma’s purse”, all funny stuff! 🙂 We all had to read them out loud after each one. It was freaking hilarious. Amy’s answers were the best! And I put down as one word to describe one wine as “Cher”.


There was food. More games. More laughs. Pinata. One game was we had to read 1920 newspaper clippings from the NY Times and decide if they were real or not. Amazingly, they all were!

IMG_6995 IMG_6994 IMG_6993 IMG_7002 IMG_7007

My friend Andrew is basically every teenage girls’ heartthrob as he is an actor and does all kinds of things, and ends up in the teenage girl magazines from time to time. So, (and I found this out later) one of the young girls at the party recognized him and called her friend up because she was with a party with Andrew and was freaking out, so the friend comes over to see. Well, the girl that came over was one of the girls that recognized him at Steak n Shake and asked for a picture a few days earlier when we were there together! What are the freaking odds?! Sad for them, they never even talked to Andrew the whole night because they were too nervous!!!

IMG_7014 IMG_7011 IMG_7008

The party raged way after we rang in the new years, 1920s style. I met a girl named Allison, around 1:30AM I think. We discussed to possibility marriage, and I may have proposed, not too sure. Kinda hazy.

blog4 blog1

As always, Brooke and I were the ones left standing after the party ended and everyone had left. So sitting out on the patio at 4AM, we didn’t want the party to end and I went and grabbed all the open wine bottles, brought them outside to Brooke and said:

Me: “Ok, we are not stopping till we drink all this.”
Brooke: “But one of those is just sparkling cider, its not champagne”
Me: “Oh. Ew.” (moves sparkling cider bottle as far away from the others as I can without leaving my chair)

I found out later, at the same time, this happened in Leslie and her husband’s room:

Husband: “Uh, your friend Brandon just took all the remaining wine bottles and says the two of them are going to drink them all…?”
Leslie “Oh, he’s fine.”


The next day we all sat around talking, and Leslie and I reminisced about the good ol’ days over coffee. We then all went to Perkin’s as we were starving. The waitress didn’t find it amusing that I asked for a mimosa. I also made a new friend


That weekend I ate at Kobe with some friends to celebrate Kristen’s engagement, along with some scorpion drinks. Caught up with Adrianna as I hadn’t seen her in FOREVER, omg we couldn’t tell each other stuff fast enough! We have decided, with our crazy lives, we are starting a journal to document our lives, uncensored. She will make an entry, then give it to me and I will make an entry, and vice versa. We are totally going to publish this shit.


I hung out at Brooke and Tim’s one night with some of their friends, and I randomly had a ton of bow ties in my car so we had a little bow tie party. Our friend Alicia brought this stick, I forget what it was called, but it was SO COOL!

IMG_7076 IMG_7075 IMG_7077

Also, this photo of me was taken which my friends are tying to make into a famous meme:


This past weekend I slept. A LOT. I needed it.


I did get out of the house for George’s birthday! Him and my mom have been dating for like 17 years now, I don’t really know what to call him at this point. My stepdad? My mom’s partner? Significant other? Anyway, we went putt putting on a gorgeous day, dine at Texas de Brazil where they serve you meat on swords, then ended the night at Dairy Queen! Texas de Brazil is all you can eat, and I sat next to Lisa and we were chowing down HARD. As we both came up for air she said “omg, I’m getting dizzy!”

1185546_10104632158509031_745658698_n IMG_7176 IMG_7178 IMG_7192 IMG_7197

This week has been more gym and working and studying. So this weekend will probably be low key again, which is starting to be a nice thing 🙂

And my bowling league has started again!!! You can still join next week at the Altamonte Lanes!

IMG_7126 IMG_7250

Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.