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Take me over, now take me out, give me something to dream about… Take me over, take me out, to the jungle through the night in paradise…

Aaaaand, we’re back! I know, I’m just as shocked as you are.

I know it’s a been a hot minute since I’ve blogged (well, ok, years), but I’m back at it because I have something now I didn’t have for some time, a precious little thing called TIME. I know I said that in my last blog post but it turns out I didn’t truly have the time like I thought I did back then. But now things are different and I am recommitted to sharing little tidbits about my life with anyone interested, so I hope you all will enjoy the ride. I always loved seeing in my blog stats that I had readers all over the place – China, Brazil, Guam, Turkey, South Africa etc, its always humbling to know that so many people are interested in my little life. I hope you all come back to share in both my big and little adventures.

I am going to do some “Blog Rewinds”, so I can share about my lifelong dream trip to Machu Piccu, and seeing Alcazar in Sweden, maybe talk about the crazy Costa Rica trip too, and of course the dollhouse I’m building. Mainly because I want to share these things in a deeper way that goes beyond just posted pics on Facebook and Instagram, just as is the case with everything I write here, and also so when I’m like 89 years old I can go back and read it 🙂





I know most bloggers talk about a particular subject or something they are always creating or doing, etc, or something they are an expert on. Well, that’s not really why I do this, but I would like to write about fashion some this go round, as people are always asking me for fashion advice like how to wear a blazer properly or where to shop, and things like why I hate Mariah Carey. So these things will be addressed in the near future, so stayed tuned ladies and gents 🙂


Lifes been crazy these past few years! Since I’ve posted a typical “this is whats going on in my life” blog post, I’ve taken some EPIC trips, completed my CPA, redid my family room (which I now refer to as the “lounge”), finally got my mom to go to Italy which was her dream, got to visit my English family, literally had two of my life long dreams come true, adopted the most amazing cat that has ever lived, got in a bad car accident, lost my grandparents… so just moving through this crazy thing called life and trying to make the most of every minute I have like I have always done, and of course bought some fabulous blazers along the way. New job, new car, sold my vintage Mercedes, and made some great new friends and said fare thee well to some along the way. But like with cars, you get rid of the ones that give you trouble and therefore you appreciate the new so much more!


My lounge



mom and I in Naples


I do just want take a quick moment to share with everyone something that has been happening in my life this week that I’ve been struggling to deal with – the cappuccino machine at work that’s on my floor is broken, however the one upstairs IS working, BUT our office is out of milk froth. Its been really hard, but I’m trying to push through and stay strong, especially for the others affected by this. ❤

So lets just jump right in shall we? Pull up a groove and get fabulous. I had THE BEST WEEKEND and I wanna talk about it!

I don’t usually do much through the week, I pretty much work and go to the gym and take the train home, and that’s IT. I truly LIVE on the weekends and was excited for this weekend for lots of reasons! My bestie Valerie was in town from DC along with her husband and kiddos, so Friday night her family met up with me and some other of our friends from high school at our friend’s Lauren and Samir’s house, along with EVERYONE’s kids. There were 7 kids…I think. Maybe 9? 10 including me? I’d have count. It was so special to get together with everyone, life has taken us all in different directions but we always get together for each other’s big moments and the little moments and its always like time has stood still. It was so cool to see everyone’s kids playing so well together and eating pizza. Everyone thought I would freak out with so many kids and diapers and the mess of toys, but everyone was impressed how calm I stayed LOL What was really cool is that it was 5 years to the DAY that we were at Lauren and Samir’s for their housewarming party! What are the odds?!


These pictures were taken 5 years to the day, me and Michelle. We were actually standing in the SAME SPOT, just looking in different directions!



Had to get home early, cuz the next day was a big day…

Picture it…1989, Wekiva Elementary, Longwood Florida. I never knew that walking into Mrs. Hicks’ class that day would lead to a great friendship in my mid 30s! Richie and I went to elementary, middle, and high school together, we knew each other but never hung out or anything like that. I saw him once since highschool, when I was working at Gap one summer home from college. Fast forward to last January, he messaged me out of the blue and was like hey, you’re local and I’m local so lets hang out! I was surprised but was like, heck ya, I’m game! Now not only is he my trainer, him and have wife have become truly some of my most favorite people. So when they invited to tag along for him and his business partner Kitt’s bdays on a boating day, I couldn’t have been more eager! A day on the water with all them, count me in!


I met up with the crew in Astor, FL, about 40 minutes northwest of where I live, also known as Bumblefuck. I didn’t have a clue where my GPS was taking me early that morning, but I found myself on a road that I traveled a lot coming back and forth from Gainesville during school. I pull up to a little hotel and marina I passed a million times back then, never really realizing what it was, and met up with crew. They rented a pontoon boat for the day and brought a sea-doo, and we packed it  full of drinks and food and supplies for a fun filled day at a place called Silver Glen Springs which I had never been to and where we’d meet up with more people.


Richie was our captain and Hov followed up in the sea-doo. I never knew the St Johns River went up so far! We were cruising past little river houses (if I win the Powerball I’m totally buying one) and it was just a beautiful boat ride up the river as we approached this massive lake called Lake George that we were to cross. It was HUGE, and I had no idea it even existed! I was already loving the day and so excited.




We approached the springs after about a 30 min ride, and the water became crystal clear as we entered this little inlet surround by the Ocala National Forest. There were boats EVERYWHERE, with more pouring in behind us. We picked a spot and anchored the boat, then our other friends came and parked beside us. By 10:30 the party was in full swing, and the entire spring was FULL of boats and paddleboards and sea-doos.

By noon, rap music and the smell of grilled hotdogs filled the air as American flags fluttered on almost every boat. Kids and families and retirees, all kinds of people were out there enjoying the Florida day, it was like the water made everyone a kindred spirit. The people on the boat next to us, named Lady Baba, loaned us water pistols for the day. We hung out in the waist deep spring water and just drank and cut-up, and then all of a sudden Jello shots just start being thrown at us from a boat! Someone with our group had made 120 of them for us for the day; the watermelon ones were made with tequila and I found out the hard way.





Facebook profile pic potential like whoa

I feel like I blinked and it was already time to head back! I literally could have stayed on that boat all weekend. On the way back one of our friend’s hats flew off into the water, and Richie perfectly steered the boat back in what seemed like 20 seconds so we could fetch her hat. I threw my hat up as salute to his good deed, and MY hat caught the breeze and landed far away in the water! My fedora that I take EVERYWHERE. Well, once again Richie steered the boat around perfectly to retrieve it. I may have been freaking out more than just a little…


The fearless leader, and expert hat retriever


a linen shirt is a must for after a day in the water

We ate that night at The Blackwater Inn at the little hotel everyone was staying at. It was just the kind of place you’d expect in this tiny town – a little restaurant right on the river, there was a salad bar and nothing had been redecorated since the 80s, and an old man played jazz and slow songs on a little keyboard piano. It was the perfect spot! I’m pretty sure my wine came out of a box, but I was having the best time that nothing could break my stride.


After a bit more hanging out, it was time for me to make the drive back home. I got home around 11 and threw my beach towels and stuff in the wash, cuz I was gonna need them that next day…

…cuz I was going to Volcano Bay!


My besties and I all got Universal passes so we could go to Volcano Bay water park all year. My company summer family outing was there a few weeks ago, so it gave me a nice preview. I was there at 9:30 ready for the day. Unfortunately one friend was too hungover, but I won’t tell who that was 😉

If you haven’t been to Volcano Bay, omg you gotta go, it’s the best water park ever! We just chilled in the sun and rode the slides ALL DAY LONG. The rides are totally legit, and some are pretty scary. During one group ride, my friend Chris said as I screamed he could literally see the very real terror in my eyes LOL but the five of us really enjoyed the day and pretty much laughed the ENTIRE time I’d say. It was just perfect.


I got home around 830, so sad my fun weekend was over. I was exhausted the next two days, the sun just zapped me hardcore! I got so sunburned too, I’m just a Peely McPeelerton.

I still feel tired, actually. Been doing my yearly purge at the house, but a little more intense than past years. I’m really trying to get rid of things I don’t use so I’ve been working on that after work each night this week. Trying to do a room at a time, its just soooo time consuming. And trying to do it all alone is always hard!

That’s all I got for today peeps. Can’t wait to see what this weekend will hold in store!

So long disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.