About Brandon…

Brandon was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, on March 12, 1982. During early childhood, his family relocated to a neighboring suburb of Orlando, Florida. After attending high school, Brandon studied at the University of Florida, earning both his bachelors of accounting and masters of international business. He was very active in his fraternity, The Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and is still a huge Florida Gator fan. After college, Brandon moved back to the Orlando area where he currently lives and works as a CPA.

10 Random Brandon Facts

1. Alongside his dad, Brandon completely remodeled the home in which he currently resides.
2. He has cookies and milk before bed each night.
3. Brandon’s passion is travel, and some of his favorite trips are Maui, Alaska, Bermuda, Peru, Costa Rica, Zurich, but his favorite place in the world is the palace of Versailles and his favorite city is Stockholm.
4. He is a huge British monarchy buff. A monarchist, if you will.
5. Speaking of wines, you can really woo Brandon by giving him a bottle of St. Emilion French wine from Chateau Bertinat Lartigue.
6. Brandon loves wearing a blazer with jeans, and owns far too many of each.
7. His weekend car, named The Countess, is a 1980 Mercedes 450SL convertible.
8. He is a huge fan of the series DALLAS from the 1980s.
9. If you ever get invited to one of Brandon’s wine and cheese parties, you should definitely go. Once you go, you’ll understand why.
10. Brandon’s favorite music groups are ABBA, Alcazar, Empire of the Sun, Boston, and of course anything disco.

at the royal wedding, London, England

The Countess

Versailles, my favorite place on earth

Kerstin and me, Diamonds are Forever charity event, photobomb by Jon Mark


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