Best Weekend Ever, #672

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Take me over, now take me out, give me something to dream about… Take me over, take me out, to the jungle through the night in paradise…

Aaaaand, we’re back! I know, I’m just as shocked as you are.

I know it’s a been a hot minute since I’ve blogged (well, ok, years), but I’m back at it because I have something now I didn’t have for some time, a precious little thing called TIME. I know I said that in my last blog post but it turns out I didn’t truly have the time like I thought I did back then. But now things are different and I am recommitted to sharing little tidbits about my life with anyone interested, so I hope you all will enjoy the ride. I always loved seeing in my blog stats that I had readers all over the place – China, Brazil, Guam, Turkey, South Africa etc, its always humbling to know that so many people are interested in my little life. I hope you all come back to share in both my big and little adventures.

I am going to do some “Blog Rewinds”, so I can share about my lifelong dream trip to Machu Piccu, and seeing Alcazar in Sweden, maybe talk about the crazy Costa Rica trip too, and of course the dollhouse I’m building. Mainly because I want to share these things in a deeper way that goes beyond just posted pics on Facebook and Instagram, just as is the case with everything I write here, and also so when I’m like 89 years old I can go back and read it 🙂





I know most bloggers talk about a particular subject or something they are always creating or doing, etc, or something they are an expert on. Well, that’s not really why I do this, but I would like to write about fashion some this go round, as people are always asking me for fashion advice like how to wear a blazer properly or where to shop, and things like why I hate Mariah Carey. So these things will be addressed in the near future, so stayed tuned ladies and gents 🙂


Lifes been crazy these past few years! Since I’ve posted a typical “this is whats going on in my life” blog post, I’ve taken some EPIC trips, completed my CPA, redid my family room (which I now refer to as the “lounge”), finally got my mom to go to Italy which was her dream, got to visit my English family, literally had two of my life long dreams come true, adopted the most amazing cat that has ever lived, got in a bad car accident, lost my grandparents… so just moving through this crazy thing called life and trying to make the most of every minute I have like I have always done, and of course bought some fabulous blazers along the way. New job, new car, sold my vintage Mercedes, and made some great new friends and said fare thee well to some along the way. But like with cars, you get rid of the ones that give you trouble and therefore you appreciate the new so much more!


My lounge



mom and I in Naples


I do just want take a quick moment to share with everyone something that has been happening in my life this week that I’ve been struggling to deal with – the cappuccino machine at work that’s on my floor is broken, however the one upstairs IS working, BUT our office is out of milk froth. Its been really hard, but I’m trying to push through and stay strong, especially for the others affected by this. ❤

So lets just jump right in shall we? Pull up a groove and get fabulous. I had THE BEST WEEKEND and I wanna talk about it!

I don’t usually do much through the week, I pretty much work and go to the gym and take the train home, and that’s IT. I truly LIVE on the weekends and was excited for this weekend for lots of reasons! My bestie Valerie was in town from DC along with her husband and kiddos, so Friday night her family met up with me and some other of our friends from high school at our friend’s Lauren and Samir’s house, along with EVERYONE’s kids. There were 7 kids…I think. Maybe 9? 10 including me? I’d have count. It was so special to get together with everyone, life has taken us all in different directions but we always get together for each other’s big moments and the little moments and its always like time has stood still. It was so cool to see everyone’s kids playing so well together and eating pizza. Everyone thought I would freak out with so many kids and diapers and the mess of toys, but everyone was impressed how calm I stayed LOL What was really cool is that it was 5 years to the DAY that we were at Lauren and Samir’s for their housewarming party! What are the odds?!


These pictures were taken 5 years to the day, me and Michelle. We were actually standing in the SAME SPOT, just looking in different directions!



Had to get home early, cuz the next day was a big day…

Picture it…1989, Wekiva Elementary, Longwood Florida. I never knew that walking into Mrs. Hicks’ class that day would lead to a great friendship in my mid 30s! Richie and I went to elementary, middle, and high school together, we knew each other but never hung out or anything like that. I saw him once since highschool, when I was working at Gap one summer home from college. Fast forward to last January, he messaged me out of the blue and was like hey, you’re local and I’m local so lets hang out! I was surprised but was like, heck ya, I’m game! Now not only is he my trainer, him and have wife have become truly some of my most favorite people. So when they invited to tag along for him and his business partner Kitt’s bdays on a boating day, I couldn’t have been more eager! A day on the water with all them, count me in!


I met up with the crew in Astor, FL, about 40 minutes northwest of where I live, also known as Bumblefuck. I didn’t have a clue where my GPS was taking me early that morning, but I found myself on a road that I traveled a lot coming back and forth from Gainesville during school. I pull up to a little hotel and marina I passed a million times back then, never really realizing what it was, and met up with crew. They rented a pontoon boat for the day and brought a sea-doo, and we packed it  full of drinks and food and supplies for a fun filled day at a place called Silver Glen Springs which I had never been to and where we’d meet up with more people.


Richie was our captain and Hov followed up in the sea-doo. I never knew the St Johns River went up so far! We were cruising past little river houses (if I win the Powerball I’m totally buying one) and it was just a beautiful boat ride up the river as we approached this massive lake called Lake George that we were to cross. It was HUGE, and I had no idea it even existed! I was already loving the day and so excited.




We approached the springs after about a 30 min ride, and the water became crystal clear as we entered this little inlet surround by the Ocala National Forest. There were boats EVERYWHERE, with more pouring in behind us. We picked a spot and anchored the boat, then our other friends came and parked beside us. By 10:30 the party was in full swing, and the entire spring was FULL of boats and paddleboards and sea-doos.

By noon, rap music and the smell of grilled hotdogs filled the air as American flags fluttered on almost every boat. Kids and families and retirees, all kinds of people were out there enjoying the Florida day, it was like the water made everyone a kindred spirit. The people on the boat next to us, named Lady Baba, loaned us water pistols for the day. We hung out in the waist deep spring water and just drank and cut-up, and then all of a sudden Jello shots just start being thrown at us from a boat! Someone with our group had made 120 of them for us for the day; the watermelon ones were made with tequila and I found out the hard way.





Facebook profile pic potential like whoa

I feel like I blinked and it was already time to head back! I literally could have stayed on that boat all weekend. On the way back one of our friend’s hats flew off into the water, and Richie perfectly steered the boat back in what seemed like 20 seconds so we could fetch her hat. I threw my hat up as salute to his good deed, and MY hat caught the breeze and landed far away in the water! My fedora that I take EVERYWHERE. Well, once again Richie steered the boat around perfectly to retrieve it. I may have been freaking out more than just a little…


The fearless leader, and expert hat retriever


a linen shirt is a must for after a day in the water

We ate that night at The Blackwater Inn at the little hotel everyone was staying at. It was just the kind of place you’d expect in this tiny town – a little restaurant right on the river, there was a salad bar and nothing had been redecorated since the 80s, and an old man played jazz and slow songs on a little keyboard piano. It was the perfect spot! I’m pretty sure my wine came out of a box, but I was having the best time that nothing could break my stride.


After a bit more hanging out, it was time for me to make the drive back home. I got home around 11 and threw my beach towels and stuff in the wash, cuz I was gonna need them that next day…

…cuz I was going to Volcano Bay!


My besties and I all got Universal passes so we could go to Volcano Bay water park all year. My company summer family outing was there a few weeks ago, so it gave me a nice preview. I was there at 9:30 ready for the day. Unfortunately one friend was too hungover, but I won’t tell who that was 😉

If you haven’t been to Volcano Bay, omg you gotta go, it’s the best water park ever! We just chilled in the sun and rode the slides ALL DAY LONG. The rides are totally legit, and some are pretty scary. During one group ride, my friend Chris said as I screamed he could literally see the very real terror in my eyes LOL but the five of us really enjoyed the day and pretty much laughed the ENTIRE time I’d say. It was just perfect.


I got home around 830, so sad my fun weekend was over. I was exhausted the next two days, the sun just zapped me hardcore! I got so sunburned too, I’m just a Peely McPeelerton.

I still feel tired, actually. Been doing my yearly purge at the house, but a little more intense than past years. I’m really trying to get rid of things I don’t use so I’ve been working on that after work each night this week. Trying to do a room at a time, its just soooo time consuming. And trying to do it all alone is always hard!

That’s all I got for today peeps. Can’t wait to see what this weekend will hold in store!

So long disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.



“Um, that is SO not my backpack…”

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Make a wish upon a star, and forever trust in who you are
Let happiness be the source, and love be the force…

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!


I’m alive, and a little heavier from constant Starbucks and pizza, after these 18 months of CPA exam studying. But its over! I’m done! And my blog can be back in action. It amazing how much free time I have now, now that I’m not studying. And before all this CPA stuff, I was SO OCD about my house. I couldn’t leave without my bed being made, floors spotless, laundry done, home immaculate. But from constantly having to study, it broke me of all that. So now, not only am I not studying, I’m not spending every waking minute cleaning, so now I have even more free time than I had before!

But enough about all that, lets get to the point of this post…

Lets go back. 10 years ago. I wore nothing but preppy frat guy clothes and Abercrombie anything.  Days revolved around recovering from the night before so I could be rested up to go out again that night. Class was a constant inconvenience on all the other things I had to do, which solely consisted of being a social butterfly and fraternity commitments (i.e. croquet, hanging out at the frat house, parties, getting ready for parties, themed parties, getting costumes for themed parties, throwing toga parties at my apt, etc).


I was busy…


Really busy….


Ya know, busy not studying…


Me and some fraternity brothers


I obviously didn’t have time for classes


Study group? Probably not….


Spring breaks!




Pool days followed by free drinks after? Sure!

I was about to start grad school…sometime in June? The end of July? I really wasn’t sure, cuz I really didn’t care. So I finally checked one day after searching for the crinkled information form I had in a desk drawer in my apartment, and low and behold orientation to my masters graduate program was TOMORROW. OMG.

I woke up and got ready that morning, leisurely. I lived almost directly across the street from the business school buildings so it was a quick walk. It was the first day I was meeting everyone in my Master of International Business grad school program. First impressions are important, and I would be traveling to London with these people so I wanted to look good. Pink button down, sleeves rolled up, blue seersucker shorts, flip flops (either Reefs or Rainbows), and a fratty fish belt. Done.

And…I was late. Damnit. (I MAY have stopped by Starbucks. I don’t recall. Either way, I was late.)

I opened the door to the lecture hall where my two day program orientation would be, and of course it was packed and had already started. I flung open the door and immediately ran into chairs that had been placed in the back for extra seating because there were so many people. NO. EMPTY. SEATS. CRAP.

I stood there for a brief second, trying to figure out what to do, which seemed like an eternity. The chair immediately infront of me had a backpack on it as if to save it, and the girl next to that seat could tell I didn’t know what the heck to do or what was going on. Then, the following exchange occurred with someone I had never seen before in my life:

Girl: (quietly) Here, sit here. (Motions to seat with backpack on it)

Me: That’s not my backpack.

Girl: Yes it is, sit down.

Me: No, that’s not mine, that’s not my seat…

Girl: Yeah, its your backpack, just sit here

Me: Someone is sitting there…

Girl: Just sit here, this is your backpack….

WHAT IS GOING ON!? WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT!? Whose backpack and seat is this?! Why…why…WHY does she think this is mine?!

By this point I don’t want to cause any more of a ruckus, so I reluctantly sit down, fully knowing someone is going to come back and take their seat, and be pissed I moved their backpack.

I then try to quickly figure out what the head of the program is talking about, and whats going on. Everyone has all these papers and things that I don’t have. Way to go Brandon, you’re the last train to pull into the station again.

In looking around in angst and frustration, the girl next to me can realize I’m pretty much completely clueless at this point and says:

Girl: Everything is in your backpack.

MY backpack. It finally hits me as I look around. Everyone has the same backpack. Cuz one was on each seat. We all get a Masters of International Business backpack and everything we need for the two day orientation is inside.


I don’t recall if we had anymore exchanges, or if she saved me once again during that 2 or 3 hour morning info session, but eventually we ended up talking before or during our walk together to where our lunch was being served. I could tell she was kind and outgoing and so I decided she was going to be my buddy for the day since none of us here knew each other. Almost everyone in the program had come from either another country or another school. I think there were only a handful of us there that had done our undergrad at UF as well.

Her name was Liz, and she and I sat down at lunch and other people joined us one by one. Liz and I were happily chatting and no one else was speaking. So Liz and I made everyone go around the table and say your name and where you were from.

From that moment on, that was our group. That was our little clique. Little did we know in that moment all of us sitting around that table would travel to Dublin and London together, party together, study together. Over the next year the friendships around that lunch table grew into lifelong ones.


Our crew in Dublin. Liz is kneeling with me. The guy in the trenchcoat kinda leached on to us for this picture.


Part of our crew


Happy friends


London grad school trip

And yes, it was all Liz and Brandon’s doing 🙂

Thank God and my lucky stars I was late that day! If I had been on time I wouldn’t have been seated in that back row, and “the backpack incident” would have NEVER occurred. And a trillion things and a trillion travels in my life would have never occurred.

Since that fateful day, Liz has become one of my best and dearest friends and now lives in Paris. I went to visit her in Switzerland after grad school and now visit her in Paris often.

10399349_756874001291_317_n (1)





First time in Paris

We have now traveled all over France together, we have had crazy nights sleeping in a double decker bus in the middle of a field, we went to the Royal Wedding, had a private photo shoot at Versailles, danced together in the streets of multiple countries, lived through the infamous “red hat night” (that night deserves its own blog post) and having my Louis Vuitton messenger bag named Rex being stolen, went biking through vineyards, via boats and trains and planes you name it and Liz and I have probably done it. She’s made me dozens of breakfasts and cups of espresso and has always been there for me, especially when I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses and cried. Oh, and have done a lot of shopping and drank a LOT of wine. We like the same things 🙂


La Tranch Sur Mer, France


Alone at Versailles




Ill de Rey, France




Kong, Paris


Outside Buckingham Palace for the Royal Wedding


Outside Buckingham Palace for the Royal Wedding




Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley


This was our home for 3 days, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, France


Blois, France


Liz playing the piano for me upon my arrival during one of my trips

Liz instant messaged me the other day with:

“Can you believe that it’s been 10 years since our fateful backpack incident?”

10 years. We have done so much together in 10 years. She has been a remarkable friend and hostess to me in those 10 years, and I love her dearly and can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead in the next 10 years. And another adventure starts in just weeks, when I am off to meet her second born son on yet another trip to Paris.

And all because of a backpack sitting in my closet.

As always disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


2014 Begins…Where Will it Take Me?

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Let’s have a good time, forget about the reality, ’cause you and I make chemistry, sometimes the best times of you are fantasy, ’cause you and I make chemistry

So, its bad that my Christmas trees are still up, right?


Oh, how boring life has been! I have been studying my butt of for this CPA exam and I feel like I am getting no where! Its just so much material for this first test. The tax chapter is killing me. Basically I have been going to work, then studying for 3 hours at a coffee, then meeting my trainer Ryan at the gym at 9 to 10, then going home to eat chicken and tuna, then sleep. Then repeat. THIS IS ALL I DO! My house is a disaster because I have no time to clean it! Saturday is my only real free day because I study with Deana on Sundays. Le sigh. And working out has made me so tired. And I am soooo tired of oatmeal. And salad. I want a burger SO BAD. And I miss my nightly cookies 😦

IMG_7221 IMG_7109 IMG_7206

IMG_7224 IMG_7112

I went to the mall today to buy a new swimsuit for my cruise next weekend, because since I have been doing so many squats in my workouts my, my butt and legs are starting to look really good. I got a cute burgundy pair, and then another pair that it super short, so I don’t know if I have the guts to wear them. I feel like I haven’t lost any weight yet though 😦 so shopping wasn’t too fun until I met the most fabulous check out girl. Our conversation was as follows:

Her: “Hi! Did you find some hot goodies?”
Me: “I sure did! However this swimsuit doesn’t have a tag and it was the last one.”
Her: “Well how about we make it the same price as this other swimsuit you’re getting?”
Me: “That works!” (especially since it was on clearance for $5!)
Her: (picks up the short jersey-knit lounge shorts I am buying) OMG I LOOOVE THESE! They feel soooo soft and high quality. I got several pairs of the ones we have for girls.”
Me: “They made my butt look amazing.”
Her: “I KNOW RIGHT?!?!”

She was super cool.

I DID however have a Sunday off from both working out and studying and had brunch with my love Adrianna and my old friend Brian who I reconnected with joined us. I forgot to take a picture of us however 😦 Brian and I lived down the street from each other from the age of 9 through high school. We hadn’t seen each other since high school graduation day! It was awesome to catch up and see where life had taken each of us. It was a super fun day! I love reconnecting with people and bringing them into my friend circles

I live to brunch

I live to brunch

The pretzel we shared

The pretzel we shared

Well, I hope everyone had a great New Years! I sure did!


NYE attire

Any resolutions out there? I don’t really have any resolutions per say, but here are some things I am working on for the year:

Going to Machu Picchu and hiking the Inca Trail

Going to Greece perhaps (!)

Finishing my CPA

Playing around with the idea of getting a new car and putting the Honda to rest. Either a Fiat or a Beetle I think. But I’ve never had a car payment before and I REALLY don’t want one…But couldn’t you totally see me driving one of these?!

1730650181287903155 2012_Volkswagen_Beetle_--_NHTSA_2

Getting out to LA to visit friends

Buying more blazers. I need a red one.

Mom and I are thinking of taking about a cruise from LA to Ensenada, Ponte Vedra, etc.

Having a monthly movie night at my house with my new popcorn machine

That’s kinda all I got goin on right now. Not too much else in the works. But trying to plan my 32nd birthday but that’s all very preliminary at this time 🙂

So, speaking of blazers, I saw this one at H&M for $69

hm blazer hmblazer2

I feel like its super hot, right? Kinda shiny though. But then Express has this one for $200:

express blazer

And that one is super sleek. Which one should I get?! Do I even need this with all the other blazers I own?! UGH I just cant decide!!! Should I just let this go??? I kinda feel like anything I would wear this bright blue blazer with I could just as easily wear a darker blue or navy blazer with it instead. Comment and help me decide what to do! Or just buy me one and have it shipped to my office or home please. H&M size is 38 regular, Express is 36 short. Thank you 🙂

So, my new years was amazing. SO MANY of my high school friends were in town from LA, and we all used to hang out at our friend Michelle’s house in high school. We used to have bday parties there, pool parties, game nights (like playing Dreamphone!), ring in new years eve together, brunches after homecoming dances, everything. If something was going on, it somehow always centered around being at or meeting at Michelle’s. We even became friends with her younger brothers (one is my trainer now!). Being that everyone was back in town, her mom had us all over for a New Years party. It was the first time we ALL had been together in YEARS!!!!! It was something really special for us. I tried to convince Grover (whom I showed up with at Michelle’s wedding reception) to be my New Years Eve kiss.

IMG_6990 IMG_6989 IMG_6986 IMG_6984 blog5 IMG_6983

I met up with Andrew and Amy there, as they were coming to the second party with me, which was a Gatsby party! Being that Leslie is the most fabulous hostess ever, she held off on the games until we arrived! First was a wine tasting, with all blush wines. We had to write down for each wine what it tasted like, looked like, smelled like, how much we thought it cost, and one word to describe it. But we weren’t to answer it like we thought it tasted like ‘pears’ or something, it had to be responses like “tastes like sweet communism” or “smells like the inside of my grandma’s purse”, all funny stuff! 🙂 We all had to read them out loud after each one. It was freaking hilarious. Amy’s answers were the best! And I put down as one word to describe one wine as “Cher”.


There was food. More games. More laughs. Pinata. One game was we had to read 1920 newspaper clippings from the NY Times and decide if they were real or not. Amazingly, they all were!

IMG_6995 IMG_6994 IMG_6993 IMG_7002 IMG_7007

My friend Andrew is basically every teenage girls’ heartthrob as he is an actor and does all kinds of things, and ends up in the teenage girl magazines from time to time. So, (and I found this out later) one of the young girls at the party recognized him and called her friend up because she was with a party with Andrew and was freaking out, so the friend comes over to see. Well, the girl that came over was one of the girls that recognized him at Steak n Shake and asked for a picture a few days earlier when we were there together! What are the freaking odds?! Sad for them, they never even talked to Andrew the whole night because they were too nervous!!!

IMG_7014 IMG_7011 IMG_7008

The party raged way after we rang in the new years, 1920s style. I met a girl named Allison, around 1:30AM I think. We discussed to possibility marriage, and I may have proposed, not too sure. Kinda hazy.

blog4 blog1

As always, Brooke and I were the ones left standing after the party ended and everyone had left. So sitting out on the patio at 4AM, we didn’t want the party to end and I went and grabbed all the open wine bottles, brought them outside to Brooke and said:

Me: “Ok, we are not stopping till we drink all this.”
Brooke: “But one of those is just sparkling cider, its not champagne”
Me: “Oh. Ew.” (moves sparkling cider bottle as far away from the others as I can without leaving my chair)

I found out later, at the same time, this happened in Leslie and her husband’s room:

Husband: “Uh, your friend Brandon just took all the remaining wine bottles and says the two of them are going to drink them all…?”
Leslie “Oh, he’s fine.”


The next day we all sat around talking, and Leslie and I reminisced about the good ol’ days over coffee. We then all went to Perkin’s as we were starving. The waitress didn’t find it amusing that I asked for a mimosa. I also made a new friend


That weekend I ate at Kobe with some friends to celebrate Kristen’s engagement, along with some scorpion drinks. Caught up with Adrianna as I hadn’t seen her in FOREVER, omg we couldn’t tell each other stuff fast enough! We have decided, with our crazy lives, we are starting a journal to document our lives, uncensored. She will make an entry, then give it to me and I will make an entry, and vice versa. We are totally going to publish this shit.


I hung out at Brooke and Tim’s one night with some of their friends, and I randomly had a ton of bow ties in my car so we had a little bow tie party. Our friend Alicia brought this stick, I forget what it was called, but it was SO COOL!

IMG_7076 IMG_7075 IMG_7077

Also, this photo of me was taken which my friends are tying to make into a famous meme:


This past weekend I slept. A LOT. I needed it.


I did get out of the house for George’s birthday! Him and my mom have been dating for like 17 years now, I don’t really know what to call him at this point. My stepdad? My mom’s partner? Significant other? Anyway, we went putt putting on a gorgeous day, dine at Texas de Brazil where they serve you meat on swords, then ended the night at Dairy Queen! Texas de Brazil is all you can eat, and I sat next to Lisa and we were chowing down HARD. As we both came up for air she said “omg, I’m getting dizzy!”

1185546_10104632158509031_745658698_n IMG_7176 IMG_7178 IMG_7192 IMG_7197

This week has been more gym and working and studying. So this weekend will probably be low key again, which is starting to be a nice thing 🙂

And my bowling league has started again!!! You can still join next week at the Altamonte Lanes!

IMG_7126 IMG_7250

Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.



A Merry Christmas From Florida to The White House

Music: I Want Your Love – Chic
Drink: Sweet Tea
Mood: Excited

Once bitten and twice shy, I keep my distance, but you still catch my eye…tell me baby, do you recognize me? Well, its been a year, it doesn’t surprise me….
Me with my new sock monkey friend

Me with my new sock monkey friend

As I was typing my ‘drink’ above, I just had the strangest urge to have Ovaltine. They still make that, right? That would be sooo good right now cuz its kinda cold out. Man, now I really wish I had some Ovaltine…

Anyway. Its been back to the gym (gym? what is that place??) for me. I have a cruise in like 4 weeks! OMG. And ALL I have been doing is eating and eating. I have been eating so much its borderline gross.

So, has anyone seen that article going around on Facebook about the “7 things you can’t say anymore if you’re in your 30s”? I say almost all of them. If you haven’t seen it, here they are and here is what I feel about them:

1: “Totes” – Ok, I JUST started hearing this being said THIS YEAR. I think this is a new word, and since it wasn’t around in my 20s, I am going to say it now, damnit.

2. “I know, right?!” – People have said this forever. I know, right? And will say it forever. I mean, what else are you supposed to say when your friend goes “Omg, I hate those new jeans everyone is wearing!”

3. “Amazeballs” – I think I personally made this word famous. If something isn’t just plain ‘fun’ or isn’t quite ‘epic’ or just plain ‘amazing’, what else are we to say? ‘Awesome’? I am not reverting back to saying ‘awesome’, its not 1995. If you don’t want me to say ‘amazeballs’, then come up with a new word.

4. “Cray” – The fact that this is on the list is cray. Period. ‘Cray’ is the perfect term to use when something is beyond crazy. What else is there!? Everyone knows EXACTLY what you mean when you say cray!

5. “I will cut you/I will cut a bitch” – Well, this phrase is just fair warning. Fair is fair. Honesty is the best policy, right? I mean, am I going to say “No, I won’t cut you if you hit on my girlfriend”

6. “Adorbs” – I think its cute when a girl says this in reference to baby clothes, girl clothes, or anything girly. If I hear a man say this, I will totes cut you and it will be cray.

7. “Feels” – This one I have never heard. Its used when you feel emotion, like “oh, so many good feels!” or “This story hit me right in the feels”. If you’re saying this, then please note it is not amazeballs that you say this.

I know, I still need to blog about the rest of my France trip, my summer, and people have been wanting me to teach them ‘how to blazer’. I will catch up on this, I promise! I just haven’t found time around the holidays.

IMG_6961 (2) IMG_6959 (2) IMG_6958 (2)

Wow, Christmas has come and gone. Crazy! This year I became addicted to peppermint mochas at Starbucks. Mochas have always been what I order each time at Starbucks, and normally I don’t venture from my usuals, but I tried the peppermint one this year and lets just say, I have had one EVERY DAY since I first I had one this season. I got the last red cup for the season at the Starbucks in my Target near my house. That should like good luck, right? Starbucks should give out a prize for that or something…


I don’t even really know everything I have been doing! I know I have had funny stories to tell, but I haven’t been blogging so I don’t remember them all 😦

This was the first Christmas since 1989 my grandparents from KY didn’t make it down here just because they are getting too old to travel. It was so different this year. But my mom is up in KY now visiting them.

This Christmas season started off with a trip to DC to see my Valerie! We have been best friends since high school and then went to college together. She is pregnant now so I went up for one last Val and Brandon weekend before her baby comes 🙂 She was like ‘I wish you could come up for my Christmas party!’ and I was like ‘Well, how about I come?’ so I did it! A few weeks before Val calls me at work and says ‘Brandon, I need your social security number and drivers license number….I am taking you to the White House!’ Her friend Raya works there and was going to bring me, Val, and Val’ brother Norman to the White House for a party open to employees and their guests!!! OMG!!!!

The second night in DC we had a great dinner in Old Town, then went for wine and dessert. The day also included shopping at Costco for everything for her and her husbands annual holiday party they throw! We even got a chocolate Capitol building. Too cool.




Shopping done!

IMG_6957 (2)

During the day however, I got caught in the rain going shopping in Old Town, as I ventured out to hit up Starbucks and shopping and started on my walk. And then it started raining. Oh that’s ok, I’ll make it I thought. Oh, I certainly didn’t make it. Half a mile from the house, soaked and standing under a Chico’s awning, I saw a Ross and sprinted over to buy an umbrella. I bought the only one that wasn’t pink or girly, solid black. Score! I popped up my new umbrella to find not only did it have Jones New York emblazoned on it, there was a huge hole in it. I made it to Starbucks soaked, thankful there was a dryer in the bathroom for my soaked hair. As I ordered my mocha, I noticed it had stopped raining. FAIL.

The next day was White House day! OMG OMG OMG. I, of course, got a special bowtie for the occasion. This was going to be an EPIC selfie day! As we walked up to the White House, we went through a security checkpoint. Then another. Then we had to into this trailer to have a bomb dog sniff us. If he barked, you were basically in a lot of trouble LOL. After that, we were in! We walked up to the side entrance and entered.

IMG_0087 IMG_0043

Upon entering, we were given a story book about Christmas at the the White House. Portraits hung on the walls of all the First Ladies, and they had each White House official Christmas card ever sent framed and hung.


We entered in the cross floor and saw the library and china room, where we saw each official White House china pattern from each past president.

IMG_6177 IMG_6182 IMG_6183 IMG_6176

We walked upstairs on to the main floor. The White House is like a palace! Everything. Is. PERFECT. Its way more palatial than you’d think it was. The ceilings are insanely high. We wondered through the East Room, the red and green rooms….all the furniture was so pristine even though it had been there for years! It was amazing. As we entered the East Room, an orchestra was playing Christmas music!

IMG_6229 IMG_6220 IMG_6196 IMG_6213

We then saw the official White House tree and the annual gingerbread house!!! It was amazing, it even had a working fountain. As we walked through, we couldn’t believe we were there. We even saw where the helicopter lands!

IMG_6209 IMG_6186 IMG_6234 IMG_6222 IMG_0068

We were given cookies from the White House chef and exited through the front door! AMAZING!!!! Truly epic.

IMG_6249 IMG_6227

I still can’t believe I was there. It seems like a dream.

Then we rushed home and got ready for Val and Brian’s big party. We got the cheese out as the bartender and server arrived, changed into our dressy clothes and we were ready for a great night. Me and some of her law firm coworkers convinced one of their coworkers I work there with them in ‘securities’, I was like ‘Yeah man, you’ve never seen me?? I work with Dixie on the 5th floor!” When he got back to the office, he emailed people trying to find ‘that dude from the party’ LOL guess I was convincing! I met soooo many new people and got to see some old friends as well.

IMG_6306 IMG_6290 IMG_6289 IMG_6284 IMG_6276 IMG_6267

The next day I was leaving, and omg it was SNOWING. HARD. There were icicles all over the plane, and we sat on the plane 3 hours before we took off because of the severity of freezing rain. WHY do people live where its COLD?!!?! I will never understand this. Thankfully the lady next to me offered for me to plug my dying cell phone into her lap top so I could update on Facebook how annoyed I was. I really didn’t think we were going to take off!


The next weekend was MY annual wine and cheese party. I had the worst week ever that week, car trouble, work stress, everything was going wrong! My friend Leila thankfully came Friday night to help me and restore my sanity! We caught up Friday night with some pizza and she made me relax, then the next day we did ALL the shopping and cleaning!

IMG_6447 IMG_6448 IMG_6386 IMG_6385

I always feel like Gatsby on this night every year. Since I live about 30 minutes from most of my friends, most people never come to my house except for this party. Always reminds me of Gatsby, how people would drive far just to get to his house for one of his epic parties!

As people walked up to my party, they were greeted with a red carpet and red velvet rope. As I answered the door, I through open both doors and had to ‘check the list’ to make sure the guests were invited, and then opened the velvet rope to let them pass. I had a ton of cheese and other things, even petits fours my grandma sends me each year for the party.

IMG_6402 IMG_6394 IMG_6389

Deana of course brought jell-o shots. Some people came that I hadn’t seen since high school! I expected about 65 people, but had 42 show up. It was the perfect amount and perfect mix of people. Best one yet! I had a blast, and everyone else did too. And each year, Michelle always brings me a flamingo gift. And there was a little drunk dialing goin’ on with my rotary phone LOL. Things got a little cray…


IMG_6408 IMG_6398 IMG_6399 IMG_6397 IMG_6410 IMG_6412 IMG_6413 IMG_6414
It took me a few days to clean up…for realz.

The next weekend was more parties! Friday night was Del Frisco’s for my best buddy Jon’s annual firm Christmas party. What a blast. A very special night that I am always so thankful and so honored that I get to attend. As its a very special and very private affair, I will just leave you with a few pics.

IMG_6517 IMG_6516 IMG_6514 IMG_6512 IMG_6504

The next night was the Sasso’s ‘Very Sassy Christmas Party’. I put on a sassy bow tie and arrived to find an ice luge! I met some really fun people, had a bit of bourbon, and played this game called Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t played, you need to. We played for hours!

IMG_6585 IMG_6576

The next day, I listened to Christmas music, did some Christmas shopping and wrapped presents and had a super Christmasy day to myself.


The next night, another party! I got to see TONS of my friends that live in LA. I am sure you’ve seen a LOT of them in movies, commercials, sitcoms, etc 😉 They are all on TV and movies and stuff, and I’m an accountant. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere….

IMG_6647 IMG_6649 IMG_6643 IMG_6658 IMG_6664

Christmas Eve, I went over to my mom’s for a few nights. We had George’s kids over for an Italian Christmas feast and played Win, Lose, or Draw. Omg, I am so glad I brought it over! We had sooo much fun laughing at each other’s drawings. George tried to make fun of my mom’s drawing of a car, but his castle was horrible. And we drank coquito! That night, I sleep with my little stuffed Santa like every year, in my room at my mom’s house.

IMG_6734 IMG_6705 IMG_6956 (2) IMG_6955 (2)

Christmas day was just the three of us. I got everything on my list! A featherbed, comforter, 2 new sets of sheets, a special pillow for my sleeping disorder – I have a really rare case of sleep apnea called a central apnea, and this pillow will help me be able to wear my breathing mask at night – tons of things for my house and a ton of new clothes. My mom really blessed me. She even filled my old 6ft stocking with so many amazing things! And George got me a old fashion popcorn machine!!! We feasted on a tenderloin and watched movies the rest of the day while wearing Santa hats.

IMG_6760 IMG_6761 IMG_6763 IMG_6785

The next day, my old buddy Andrew, who was one of my best friends in high school, texted me out of the blue for lunch with him and his wife Amy! OMG! I didn’t even know they were in town! What a joy to get to see them and catch up. I didn’t want to leave that lunch, I could have talked to them alllll day!

IMG_6815 IMG_6816

I also spent most of December wearing Christmas socks.


This past weekend I ate at Charley’s steakhouse with Jon, Jill, and Tom. Jon and Jill had got a ‘Chef’s dinner’ at a charity auction, and we didn’t really know what that entailed. Well, we soon learned after we got there we could order ANYTHING on the menu up to $1,000! OMG! I had chateau briand, and it only came in a 22oz size! One steak on the menu was 44oz! It was crazy. We had amazing wine and conversation, and every side you could ever want. Escargot, fried green tomatoes, the list goes on and on. It was the most special night ever! I mean, when would I ever be able to do THAT again?! They are always doing something amazing for me, I feel like I will never be able to repay them for everything they have done for me.

IMG_6836 IMG_6841 IMG_6832 IMG_6846 IMG_6842

Saturday I studied. Lame. And that night we had a little guy’s night at Jon’s for the Phish concert we watched on TV. Very chill and very cool.

IMG_6953 (2) IMG_6952 (2)

Sunday I studied all day, and it was back to work today.

And now I’m tired. Tomorrow is New Years!

Good night disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


My Trip to Stockholm, Sweden…The most amazing place EVER.

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Thank you for the joy that you gave, thank you for glimmering night and day, thank you for the songs we sing and play, you created history…For all the world and for me, I wanna thank you for the joy you gave…

Sorry it has taken so long for another update! I know, I’m a douche. Between holidays and studying and work and going to Lexington and DC and Ft Lauderdale, I just haven’t had time!

So, my life basically consists of studying for the CPA exam now and squeezing in some fun whenever I have the time now, so blogging time is limited. IT SUCKS. For those that don’t know, the CPA exam is for me to become a Certified Public Accountant, and I can’t move up anymore in my job until I get it. Its 4 tests, and all must be passed in a year’s time. I am sitting for the hardest section first, to get it out of the way, in January and I study all the time now. Its so much material to cover, its really overwhelming 😦

I hope you all liked my video of the 25 random facts about me in the last blog 🙂 I was up till like 3AM making that, so I hope my sleep deprivation wasn’t in vain.

Ok, lets get on with what EVERYONE wants to know about, which is why EVERYONE has been asking me update my blog! My Europe trip! This update will be about my quick little Sweden trip and the day leading up to it in Paris, and the rest of my time in France will be in another update. My next blog will be my summer in review, and I have a few thoughts on blazers, because several people have wanted me to “teach them to blazer”.

This was my first time flying over to Europe alone, and it made me a bit nervous, just the thought of making it all the way with no one to talk to or figure shit out with. The night before I was kind of a nervous wreck because I didn’t have a lot of time to pack beforehand, and was throwing ties and socks all over. But, I made it ok. Whenever I fly overseas, I always make sure I have an entire row to myself and check the seating charts constantly before my trip. So when I have an entire row to myself, I order a small bottle of red wine with my dinner which is usually served right after takeoff, pop a melatonin with dinner, then with the wine and melatonin I get super sleepy then stretch out across all the seats and sleep all the way over to Europe. That way, I get a good 6 to 7 hours of sleep, land overseas around 8ish in the morning there and I’m ready for the day! Works every time 😉


Sleepy Brandon over the ocean


Champs in the sky

This time though, my luggage wheel broke upon leaving the airport, so with only one working wheel I had to simply drag it. I am sure if you go there RIGHT NOW, you can still track my entire route to the apartment as a left one super long black streak on the concrete from the airport and through Paris. #notevenlying


When I arrived at Liz’s apartment, she had champagne waiting for me like always. LOVE HER. And I got to FINALLY meet her precious little boy.


After a quick change, we ventured out of the apartment and she took me to this 1800s French mansion that is now a museum, left just as the owners left it when they died, and its now also a fabulous lunch and brunch location, so we had an amazing lunch in the ballroom with a rose dessert. Yes, REAL roses this thing was made with!


It really tasted like roses! Amazing!



Just an everyday lunch in a ballroom in Paris. No biggie.

IMG_9527 IMG_9511 IMG_9498


Liz then took me for champagne on the top of the most fabulous department store in the world, Printemps. It takes up BLOCKS of the shopping district in Paris. We had champagne and caught up while being able to see each famous Parisian landmark. It was divine.


Printemps Department Store


The furniture dept in Printemps was EPIC

IMG_9573 IMG_9561

The next morning, I was off to Sweden! SWEDEN! I was REALLY, FINALLY, getting to go! After a morning selfie and a French breakfast, I was off. I had never traveled to another country by myself, so I was a little nervous but ready for the adventure.


I get to go to Sweden today!!!!!!!!!!!!


French morning noms


And I’m off! See ya soon Paris!

I had to take the metro, then a bus, to a smaller airport outside of Paris, where NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE at this airport spoke English, so I was really nervous but made it on the plane. Somehow. All the flights from this random small airport were going to places that I couldn’t even tell you what country they were in. I flew RyanAir, which I had only flown once before to Ireland and it was horrendous, and this trip reminded me why I do not fly RyanAir.


OMG! I’m in Sweden! Hi Sweden!


I landed in Stockholm and took a bus to my hotel in the middle of the city, and its true what they say – EVERYONE is blonde and/or GORGEOUS. EVERYONE was hot. And apparently EVERYONE does in fact drive a Volvo. I tried counting the number of Volvo’s on the way to the hotel, but I lost count because there are just that many! I had learned how to say “Do you speak English” in Swedish, and so far it seemed to be working!

I walked up to my hotel, busting with so much excitement. I just couldn’t believe I was there! I wanted scream! I wanted to jump for joy! So I see the sign, Stockholm Inn. Its over a sign that is for a coffee shop. Um, what? Where’s the hotel? All I see is a coffee shop. I walk into the coffee shop, and say “Var är Stockholm Inn?” (Where is Stockholm Inn?) and the coffee shop lady must have realized my awful Swedish and replied in English, “You are here!” So, this place is a coffee shop, but below the coffee shop is a hotel. ITS UNDERGROUND. And extremely tiny. The bathroom itself was a shower! Note to self, read more details on


View of room from bathroom


View into bathroom

I had to shower and get ready very quickly, I had dinner reservations 🙂  My Swedish pal, who I hope I may call a friend, Mr. Andreas, was kind enough to make me dinner reservations at a fabulous place he DJ’s at every Wednesday night called Orangeriet right on the water. I arrived by taxi and just couldn’t believe I was actually here!!! I had wanted to come here for SO long. The place was hoppin and the music was blasting. I was nervous, but didn’t even really know why. I walked up and gave my name, and was seated at the best table ever! Right on the water. Thanks, Andreas 🙂




Infront of Orangeriet


My view, right on the water




Me at my table

IMG_9672 IMG_9678

It was surreal to be there. I had some wine, Swedish beer, lobster and a salad. They don’t serve lobster there like they do here. They just like, cook the lobster and cut it in half for you. That was totally strange to me. I had a coffee too, but apparently Swedish coffee is VERY different than ours. Nasty. Afterwards, I walked to Pontonen, a bar that SITS ON the water across from Orangeriet, and had some wine there too. I was by myself, which was fine, but I wish I had someone I could have enjoyed it all with. I was so happy I could barely contain myself.


I am so happy to be here!!!!

IMG_9702 IMG_9697

Afterwards, my Swedish friend had informed me that after dinner I should go to another bar down the way on the water. So I walked there and quickly made some Danish and Swedish friends!


2 of my 3 new friends!

IMG_9714 IMG_9709

Then something SO CRAZY happened. I posted a pic on Instagram of myself at the bar thanking Andreas for the great recommendation. So he liked the picture on Instagram, which made a notification pop up on my phone. Andreas is famous in Sweden and Europe, and one of the guys I was with saw his name pop up on the notification and said “Is…is that who I think it is?” and I said yes, and he says “Wait…I thought you looked familiar…Are you that NakedDisco guy??” I almost fell over. I said “How in the world do you know that about me???” and he said “I follow the same guy on Instagram and have seen you comment, I have ‘liked’ so many of your pictures on Instagram and have read your blog before!!!” I was so shocked, apparently I am famous in Sweden too! Haha! What are the odds?!

They asked me if I knew any Swedish, and I said I only knew how to say “Do you speak English” and said it in Swedish. They were like “Uh, man, that’s not how you say that.” Apparently I was saying “Ta-lar du en-yell-ska” but it should have been “Ta-lar du en-glish-ka”. So, apparently I was saying “Do you speak to love?” or something like that. How horrifying! No wonder all the Swedes just smiled and started talking in English to me!

Ok, lets talk money. Sweden is not on the Euro, they have Swedish kroner. Its about 6 kroner to a dollar. Ok, whatever. Until you realized a draft beer is 60 kroner. That’s $10 my friends, for the cheapest draft beer you can buy. Everything was outrageous. My little lobster and salad dinner was around $130. A coke bottle is like $4 on the street. There was this amazing ABBA sweatshirt at the ABBA museum (we’ll get to that shortly) I wanted, that said “Take a Chance on Me”, but it was like $150. I regret not buying it now though 😦 I should have just done it…

It doesn’t get dark there in the summer till like 11:30, and the sun rises at 4:30. So strange but so cool. After a few drinks with my new buddies, I went back to my hotel and woke up for a full day in Stockholm! It was so gorgeous, I literally cried a little as I walked that I can’t live in a place as beautiful as this. It was a utopia! I never dreamt it looked like it did. I got on a boat that took you to various points around the city and I could hop on and hop off as I please. Another great recommendation from Andreas that made my time amazing! I hopped off at the ABBA Museum and entered. I couldn’t believe I was really here. I started shaking, for real, as I walked in the gift store and heard ABBA blasting. I REALLY MADE IT HERE!

IMG_9738 IMG_9739 IMG_9736 IMG_9742 IMG_9746 IMG_9754 IMG_9763 IMG_9765

They had ABBA EVERYTHING. And I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. But I only had my carry on with me and couldn’t. But I got coasters 🙂

The museum was EPIC. It started you off by telling you about the 4 member’s solo careers, how they met, etc. The museum was kind of like laid out as a timeline, walking you through the ABBA journey. It was packed, but I took my time looking at everything, reading everything, and touching everything I could! They had their clothes, perfume bottles, jackets, luggage, EVERYTHING! I was FREAKING out. I wanted to talk to someone so bad about everything I was seeing, but I heard no English around me 😦


Benny is my least favorite, but I chose to put my head through the Benny head-hole so I could have Bjorn in the picture. Bjorn is my favorite 🙂


Chillin with Bjorn


Ring ring!


I stood there a while, hoping it would RING! RING!

IMG_9808 IMG_9799 IMG_9797 IMG_9784 IMG_9783 IMG_9781 IMG_9778 IMG_9776 IMG_9769 IMG_9767

After the museum, I stopped in the Swedish Hall of Fame to make sure Alcazar was mentioned, and they were 🙂


I hopped back on my boat and traveled throughout the waterways, and then took a second boat tour around a different part of the city. I saw the building where ABBA’s recording studio was too!



IMG_9830 IMG_9851 IMG_9826 IMG_9848 IMG_9842 IMG_9833 IMG_9890 IMG_9891 IMG_9901 IMG_9911 IMG_9915

After my boat tours, I put on my ipod and walked around the amazing city listening to ABBA and Alcazar. It was amazing to listen to the music I love and walk through the city where its from! I had Swedish meatballs for dinner, and omg, it was one of the best things I had ever eaten.

IMG_9944 IMG_9940

The next morning, early, I departed. And was so sad to leave. I really, really wanted to stay.


I dont wanna leave 😦

Then, the stress. I arrived back at the tiny airport outside Paris and went to the machine to buy my bus pass, which was still inside the secured area. But it wouldn’t take my American credit card because it didn’t have the European chip in it, and I had no more Euros. And this is the only place I could buy the bus ticket. Oh no. What do I do?! Holy shit. I tried to call Liz’s phone. I get no service in here! I can’t leave because this is where I need to buy my bus pass, theres no other place to get one! There are no pay phones! I have no Euros! How will I get back!? I asked airport staff if they spoke English. No one did! PANIC. PANIC. PANIC. I am 30 miles outside Paris! WTF AM I GOING TO DO!?  So, sweating in a frenzy of silent panic, I decide to walk out of the secured area and somehow figure shit out. An ATM! Yay! I have Euros now. But no bus ticket machine. Um. Well, now what do I do? I stood behind a column and waited for the automatic doors from the secured area to open. I was going to bust through when they opened again and hoped to God I wouldn’t spend the next 10 years of my life inside a French prison. I calmly walked through and up to the bus ticket machine. So far, so good. Bus ticket in hand, I leave the airport a hardened criminal.

I made it back to the apartment in Paris, gushing to Liz about all my little stories. We then had a little picnic in the park and enjoyed a gorgeous Paris day.


And I am back!

IMG_0017 IMG_0012

More updates to come shortly. I really mean it this time!

Its almost Christmas! Get in some retail therapy and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the malls!

shopping piills

Retail therapy

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.



A Formal Apology for My Absence, 25 Random Facts, &, Well, More Randomness…

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Baby come back…I wanna be your everything, I’m gonna stalk you after midnight, I’ll stalk you when the bells are ringing, and we can make it work alright tonight…Baby come back, baby come back, don’t you wanna be with me?…

Here I am!


Oh wow, the summer has been so busy! I have meant to update so many times, but time just gets away from me. But now the summer is over (sad) and there are less things to do, so I will have more time to blog and update. There is so much to talk about – trips, crazy nights out, plays, new friends, new blazers and such, studying for the CPA exam, Miley Cyrus, my continued loathing of Mariah Carey, the list just goes on and on!








I love summer!


Can it be like this alllll the time? Please?



And I SERIOUSLY hope you all saw this on tv the other night:

And yes, its true, I have started studying for the CPA exam (SCREAMS). It SUCKS. My first test will be in January. (More SCREAMS).


Speaking of screams, its Halloween time! I actually got to reuse my costume from a party last year this past weekend:


So, I drive to the party, put on my Cupid costume in the car, since the invitation was for Vaughn’s Halloween party. I walk up to the house dressed as Cupid, and Vaughn comes out and isn’t in a costume and says “What are you doing dressed up? The invite said no costumes, its just a cocktail party.” So I was like “Um. Omigod. I’m dressed as CUPID and basically naked!” I walked in and everyone was like THAT IS AWESOME. So I look in the backyard and there are like 25 people out there, so I open the door to the backyard and everyone immediately looks at me and I shout “I thought this was supposed to be a VALENTINES party!” Everyone laughed and it was all good haha

I have Phil and Laura’s ‘G’ Halloween party tomorrow night, SO STOKED! Each year, they chose a letter out of a hat before sending out invites, and you have to come dressed as something that starts with the chosen letter. What ‘G’ thing do YOU think I’ll be?!

Another big recent update is that I joined a bowling league! Me and Julie, Stacey, Michelle, Deana and Chris have joined the Fun Time League. Its every Tuesday, we play 3 games, and its something we all look forward to! Its been a good stress reliever too. But its us and a TON of old people LOL. Its awesome though, everyone has totally welcomed us. And they are hardcore too, there is a President and a Treasurer, and we play poker during each game! I think bowling is going to be my new ‘thing’, I have asked Santa Clause for a bowling ball for Christmas that looks like an eyeball.


Yes, THATS the bowling ball.


Come join our league!


I love my bowling buddies!



I was having a goooood night!

One night bowling, I ordered the hotdog meal and you have to tell the waitress what condiments you want, so I said mustard and relish. They were out of relish, so she said she could put pickles on it. I said ok, then felt bad cuz I figured she was going to take time chopping up pickles to make relish. When my hot dogs came, this is what I got:


It looked interesting, so I tried it. IT WAS AMAZING. It was like a picnic party in your mouth or something. I have ordered it every time since! I am probably known as ‘the pickle guy’ now, but honey badger don’t care. And their fries are SO GOOD!!!!

Also, got these bad boys as my change at a gas station:


WHO gets $2 bills as change?! EPIC!

So, now, due to my blog absence, I issue my formal apology, as well as my plan to get my blog back on track:

And, as my gift to my blog followers due to my prolonged absence, I give you 25 Random Facts about Brandon. It ended up being like 20 minutes long, but #25 is really what makes the video so long…So that ends up making it less than a minute per item, and I put in a few ‘surprises’ along the way, so I hope you watch 🙂 Theres some gooooood stuff in here! LOL (and if you’re watching/listening at work, its work appropriate 🙂 )

Christmas is around the corner!


courtesy of Paula!


Bonne nuit.


My FIRST Video Blog Entry! An ABBA Album on a Vintage Record Player

Music: Does Your Mother Know – ABBA
Drink: Water
Mood: Happy

I still remember when music got into my heart, someone was telling me there’s someone singing the way things are, I couldn’t believe the first moment, that music could sound like you do, I’m paying my tribute for loving like I do ’cause knowing you was knowing me…

Welcome to my first video blog! It was my first try at this, so I hope you all enjoy 🙂

There will be a regular blog update coming in the next few days! Don’t forget to submit your thoughts/questions/blog ideas to me, and Skype me as well. Info is on the Contact Brandon page!

Without further ado…


Hope you enjoyed!

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

video blog


“Um, so, Delta Burke called, she wants her shoulder pads back.”

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I have a well developed sense of me, is that wrong, seems the healthy way to go, looking out for numero uno…My my me and mine, me myself and I, I function perfectly when independently…



And OOOOOH she has been a bitch tonight! And by bitch, I mean this rain. (side note, if you get that reference, I hereby pledge my eternal love to you) WHAT is up with all this rain. SERIOUSLY. WTF. Enough already! Last night I had a bad dream that I was in my Florida room and my ceiling started to collapse, and then the walls, from all the water! And in the dream I had to call in to work, and my insurance company wouldn’t cover the damage. I guess you can call that a true grown-up nightmare. Boogieman who? The State Farm insurance guy not cutting you a check is WAY scarier 😉

Booking my Paris/Stockholm tickets this week! I know, I have been putting it off far too long. Its only a month away! Just so obsessed with getting the best deal 🙂

Nothing too much is going on right now, which is nice. Been having time at home for a change.

IMG_8170 IMG_8140

There is just always something to clean, organize, or laundry to do though. Le sigh. I have been thinking about getting a maid, we’ll see. I just know that no one will ever be able to clean my house as good as I do.

In other news, I have started to sell stuff on Ebay! Just clothes and things I don’t use and have no need for anymore. I am amazed at how easy it is to do, and my things are selling fast! I was even able to sell my Louis Vuitton agenda and vintage attaché, I have never really used either and have been trying to sell them forever. Although all this Ebay selling has caused me to go to the post office a lot, which is ALMOST as bad as going to the DMV. Currently I only have one thing left for sale on there now, and its my Louis Vuitton iPhone cover for a 3G/3GS that I got at the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris. It’s a steal, the lowest price one on Ebay, I guarantee it! 😉

This past Friday night was low key as well, which was nice after the FRUSTRATING DAY at work I had. GEESH. I am not going to vent about it in a public forum, BUT OMG I was glad to get out of there on Friday.


That night I had a nice dinner with my pal Jeremy at The Vineyard, one of my favorite local restaurants and wine bars. We sat outside and had some great wine and food. I was in bed at 11pm which NEVER happens on a Friday night! It was so nice.

The next morning I work up a bit earlier than I usually do on Saturdays, because I was going on the Venetian Canal Cruise with PaddleBoard Orlando!

IMG_8202 IMG_8198

The universe did not want me to go. I couldn’t find my car keys at ALL, and then there was a horrible wreck on I-4. Luckily my buddy Mike is an instructor so I let him know I was running late. I seriously got there in the nick of time.

We paddled through the long canals connecting the lakes that make up with Winter Park chain, and got all the way to Lake Maitland. It was so much fun, made me love living in Florida even more! I navigated my board really well and still have never fell off! I am really loving this new hobby. Been shopping around for my own board too!

IMG_8214 IMG_8210

I went home after to rest, because I was supposed to have a HOT date that night and go to my favorite restaurant, 310 Park South on Park Avenue. I GOT STOOD UP. SERIOUSLY. WHO does that to someone?! So rude. I just couldn’t believe it, that someone would just f*ck up someone else’s Saturday night like that. But I was like, their freakin’ loss! So I called up my lover Adrianna, cuz we were goin OUT! I put together a hot outfit, and we were off to Rangetsu!

IMG_8224 IMG_8229 IMG_8228 IMG_8227


I was excited to go to Rangetsu because I had never been there. The sushi was amazing, as was the wine and company…until Adrianna spilled a glass of water ALL over me 😉 The manager and a bus boy moved us to the next table over and all was well. Even ran into some old friends of mine! We talked mostly about Adrianna’s upcoming NYC trip 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

IMG_8251 IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8259

After dinner, and some EPIC sing alongs in the car, we were off to Park Ave to meet up with Diane who had just been to a really weird wedding and was telling us all about it. She had quite the interesting night. We ended up at Prato for a bottle of Montepulciano and starting drinking it at the bar while we waited for our table, where the patrons next to us ended up hearing our very colorful conversation, which became apparent through the very witty remark one of them made when we asked them to take our photo 😉

IMG_8261 IMG_8264

We sat down at a table and enjoyed meatballs and such. During our time at Prato, the quote of the night occurred:

“Um, so, Delta Burke called, she wants her shoulder pads back.”

Yeah. We saw girls with shoulder pads. BIG shoulder pads. What is up with that?! When Diane said that, it sent me into hysterics. And I am pretty sure our waitress hated us.

While we were leaving, there was this amazing classic car out front, so we decided to twerk next to it. If you don’t know what twerking is, Wikipedia defines it as “a dance move that involves a person shaking their hips and bottom in a bouncy up and down motion, causing it to shake, ‘wobble’ and ‘jiggle.'”


You can watch us twerk here:

Then we cruised back to Adrianna’s and met up with another friend, who then convinced us to go back out! So he took us to some random club I had never been to, where we stayed till it closed. I sent a TON of SnapChats. It was kinda craaazy. And a hood of a car may or may have not got dented. Its unclear.

The next morning at Adrianna’s, we were trying to piece together the night over coffee, and Adrianna goes:

Adrianna: Wait….did we eat somewhere?
Me: OMG we went to IHOP!!
Adrianna: Did I eat anything?
Me: I…dunno. I…dunno what I had…

It was later determined I had country fried steak. We still do not know what Adrianna ate. Another crazy Saturday night!

I then cruised over to my dad’s because it was Father’s Day, and we were going to take the boat out! We had to wait a while for the rain to stop though. During that time, he let me go through his EXTENSIVE CD collection and let me take any I wanted, so of course I chose every 70s disco and 80s CD there was 🙂



My uncle and aunt’s neighbor Rhett came in the boat with us too! We went tubing and enjoyed some beers on the boat. It was a great day! That tube was incredible, I got airborn a few times! After the rain stopped, it was a gorgeous day out on the water, and we got a great sunset too.


I’m on a boat!

IMG_8308 IMG_8311 IMG_8316 IMG_8313 7162_10200874909709305_1302063332_n 941112_10200874925749706_325053052_n 1004721_10200874912949386_218814781_n 1011195_10200874916589477_59180467_n 1014286_10200874905469199_2096061112_n


After our time on the boat, we had some pizza to end a really fun day.

Last night after work, I just came home and ordered some chinese food and crashed.


Today I got to have lunch with my buddy Andrew!!!


After work, I had dinner with my mom. Then came home to clean the kitchen and unload the dishwasher while listening to some of my Europop.

IMG_8362 IMG_8358

Now its been a date night with myself on the couch with some James Bond.


Can’t wait to help my friends Jon and Jill move into their new house this weekend!

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.




Craziest Weekend Ever, #545 – Fleetwood Mac, Paddleboarding, & Old Friends

Music: Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It
Drinking: Hey Mambo 2010 – California Sweet Red
Mood: Relaxed

Thank you for the songs that sing and play, you created history…for all the world and for me, I wanna thank you for the joy you gave…

I have had a really crappy day, and a crappy week. Work has been brutal this week, since its my busy week. And just lots of other disappointments, one after another, plus old feelings and emotions being stirred up and brought to the surface that I wish weren’t there. Sigh. But enough about that.

BUT, I was out of milk tonight so no milk and cookies for me. I was not willing to go back out to the store. So this was my snack instead



Been raining here like CRAZY. I finally had to have someone come mow my yard since every time I am home to mow it its been raining. I am convinced my house will fall into a sinkhole.


The other day at work, we were all leaving work and standing outside waiting for the rain to die down to walk to our cars. I was standing with some colleagues under the awning of our large building, and my friend and coworker Julie came out and then upon seeing the rain, went back inside. A few moments later, she came out with her heels off ready to run, and off she went! While we were all being amazed of her bravery, we saw her drop a shoe, but she didn’t know it! We were all screaming JULIE! YOUR SHOE! YOUR SHOOOOOOE! But she didn’t hear. So I had to do what I had to do. I ran out in the POURING TORRENTIAL RAIN and grabbed her shoe and ran it to her car! She was stunned to see me out there with her shoe because she still hadn’t realized she dropped in her run. I was SOAKED!

IMG_8023 IMG_8022 IMG_8024 IMG_8019

But happy to be Julie’s blue shoe hero 🙂

So, SKYPE rocks. I just got on, and have discovered like everyone I know is on it! Its been fun. SKYPE me at Naked_Disco! I think I may do a video blog entry soon. What will it be on? Maybe I will tell you. Maybe I wont.

I can’t believe Trivia Night was a week ago tonight! It was Kristin’s 2 year anniversary working for my bestie Jon’s law firm, so we all went out for a meal and drinks, and ended up at Trivia Night in college park.

IMG_7744 IMG_7746 IMG_7749 IMG_7756

Every group that plays (the place is always packed with like 20 groups playing trivia) always picks wacky and funny and random team names. Ours was “You’ve Probably Slept with Brandon”, which was a crowd pleaser. Not my idea, but I was a good sport and went along with it of course.


We lost. Sad. But we came in like 4th out of 20. Jon and Jill answered like every question, I was like, how do they know so much?! One of the categories was James Bond, and I told my friends “OH I got this one!” because, if you know me very well, you know I am a HUGE James Bond fan. The question was “What famous redhead played Tiffany Case in Diamonds are Forever?” and thats one of my FAVORITES (my fave being The Living Daylights) and I couldn’t think of her name! I was so mad at myself. But now I will always remember that Tiffany Case was played by Jill St. John.

The next day I couldn’t get off work early enough, because I was meeting Janie, Adrianna, and Christin in Tampa for the FLEETWOOD MAC concert! Well, on my lunch break, I get informed via text that Adrianna’s boss has hooked us up with free rooms at The Hard Rock Casino, with a limo to and from the venue! OMG OMG OMG! So I changed at work, picked up some pink champagne for our rooms and limo, and I was off!

IMG_7795 IMG_7798 IMG_7796

We chilled a bottle super fast and brought it with us in the limo. So cool! I met up with Janie at the venue and we stopped for some quick beers and started catching up before the concert. We were catching up so much we were actually “shushed” by the people behind us. Oops.

IMG_7815 IMG_7818 IMG_7812 IMG_7820 IMG_7829 IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7832 IMG_7835

The show was amazing. Stevie Nicks stole the show of course, even had on a top hat and a tambourine, and she sand Stand Back! I didn’t think she would sing it because it wasn’t a Fleetwood Mac song, but she sang it! OMG OMG OMG! I was FLIPPING OUT! Hearing her sing that live made everything that had ever gone wrong in my life ok! I love you Stevie! We walked out in a daze. BEST CONCERT EVER!

IMG_7862 IMG_7860 IMG_7837

We got back in our limo and cruised back to the casino, where Adrianna’s boss took  us into the VIP Plum Room for food and drinks. They even had milk and cookies!!! OMG! I still got to have my milk and cookies!


We played some slots. I lost, Christin won. Then we followed Adrianna’s boss into the High Bet Room and had some drinks and watched her boss play Baccarat. I watched him for a long time and still have no idea what that game is about. People were betting so much money! I wish they would have bought me a new Fiat.


Big winner!

Then we went up to the room for more pink champagne and had our own little dance party.

IMG_7873 IMG_7880 IMG_7882 IMG_7871

Christin went to bed, then in the elevator back down Adrianna and I had this conversation:

Me: Adrianna, how do these amazing random crazy things always happen to us
Adrianna: I don’t know, but its like you and me are touched by something! Everything crazy and cool that never happens to other people always happens to us!
Me: Its so strange how we both have these insane lives, and yet somehow also know each other!

Then, walking out of the elevator, a man walks up to Adrianna with a white rose. He hands her the rose, and says “I will never forget you.” And just walks away.

UM. WHAT was that?! WHO was that?! Where did this rose come from? Why did he have it?! WHAT?! And there you have it my friends, the craziest random things always happen to me and Adrianna. What do you do with a white rose at 3AM in a casino? You take a photo shoot with it of course…

IMG_7898 IMG_7902 IMG_7917

We got back to the High Bet Room to keep Adrianna’s boss company, and ordered a bottle of blush wine (at like 4AM, mind you) from the French Loire Valley. My favorite region for blush wine! GOD it was GOOD. While we were enjoying this EPIC bottle of wine, this pretty woman comes up and I compliment her necklace which had a key on it. While she was explaining it was her grandmother’s necklace, Adrianna was like ‘Wow you have great boobs!” and the woman was like “Oh you can touch them honey, go ahead!” and then Adrianna did. So, yeah, that happened too.

IMG_7935 IMG_7933

We then went for food at 6AM and make some new friends in the cafe, then we finally called it a night. So many laughs! I didn’t feel so good the next morning…


Oh yeah…the rose thing happened…


oh what a night…

IMG_7942 IMG_7944 IMG_7940

The next day I cruised on back to Orlando for my paddleboarding lesson! Woot woot!


It was just as fun as the first time! And I still haven’t fallen off! After a quick change in the car, it was off to Lauren and Samir’s housewarming party!


yay for paddleboarding!

OH what a fun time this was! I saw some of my oldest and closest friends I hadn’t seen in a long time! We talked, laughed, caught up, just talked and laughed for HOURS. After most of the group left, we played Scategories on the patio and listened to the rain.


Throwback jams

IMG_7976 IMG_7972 IMG_7985 IMG_7986 IMG_7979 IMG_7983

After many hours there, my chest hurt from laughing. On the way home, a buddy wanted me to stop by The Hammered Lamb for a drink, so I had a nightcap with him and hung out a bit more.


The next morning, back to The Hammered Lamb for brunch! Always wanted to try their food, and omg it was good. Hung out there most of the day and enjoyed a beautiful Orlando Sunday outside. I wrapped up the night at Ember and then called it a night.

IMG_7999 IMG_7997 IMG_8008 IMG_8011

Not much has happened this week. Cleaned the house a bit, and put some of my old Louis Vuitton items on Ebay that I never use, and they already sold! YAY!

Something interesting did happen though Tuesday night. So, my buddies Erica and Kiko bought a gym! Congrats to them! SO happy for them. They have this product/treatment stuff they do called It Works! and they are these body wraps that help you tone up and shape up different parts of your body. I don’t consider myself fat or overweight, I am only 135 pounds with a 29 or 30 inch waist, but have had trouble toning up my stomach. I told them I was game to try it out for a weeks, and so Erica came over to wrap me!

IMG_8103 IMG_8100 IMG_8104 IMG_8107


So she puts this wrap on me and its like covered in this creme, then wraps me in cellophane to hold it on. It tingled! I could feel it working immediately. In layman’s terms, its this gooey wrap that goes on your stomach, or wherever else on your body you want to put it, and it tones you and makes your fat go away. In actual terms, its:

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.

  • Tightens, tones, & firms
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • Improves skin texture & tightness
  • Mess-free and simple to use
  • Results in as little as 45 minutes
  • Progressive results over 72 hours
  • Made with natural ingredients


I kept it on for 45 minutes, and after taking it off, I SAW INSTANT RESULTS! I was amazed! My tummy like, lifted and tightened. Amazing! I am also taking these things called ‘Greens’ that you put in water and drink, which gives you all these minerals and things, and is many many servings of fruit and veggies in this powder form that you drink after putting in water. The next day after my wrap, my stomach and core felt like I had done a full scale core/ab workout! I couldn’t believe it.


my skin soaked in all the goo!

I will do 3 more wraps on my tummy over the next 2 weeks. It has now been 2 days since my first wrap and I am STUNNED and AMAZED with how much my stomach has tightened up! I am also eating healthy (although I eat pretty healthy anyhow, minus my milk and cookies) and doing some basic workouts as well to help the process along. My before and afters of this process will be up on a special blog posting for my results of my wraps. I am one excited boy! If I have seen these results in the past 2 days with only 1 wrap, I can’t wait to see what I will look like in 2 weeks from now!

If you want more information on this exciting stuff, email me, Facebook me, come to my house, flag me down on the highway, or like Erica and Kiko’s Facebook page they dedicated solely to these wraps!

Well my blog friends, I am off to rest for another epic weekend. I am going on a 4 hour paddleboard cruise on Saturday! So excited. Plus a nice dinner date that evening 🙂 And booking tickets FINALLY to Paris and Stockholm tomorrow! SO excited. 🙂


Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams


Brandon so sleepy


Laughs, Lakes, & Luau

Music: Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon
Drink: 2012 Triada, Malbec, Argentina
Mood: Disappointed

The golden years, the silver tears, you wore a tie like Richard Gere, I wanna get down, you spin me around, I stand on the borderline crying at the discoteque…

This rain just won’t stop! It is that time of year in Florida again where it rains all day every day, pretty much. I have not been able to mow my grass in weeks because every time I am home its raining, or has just rained.. Its getting really bad! I need to just hire someone to do it early in the morning or something while I am at work, but I hate paying for something I can do myself, and I also extremely enjoy working on my yard, so its very frustrating. Grrrrrr. And now ALL this weekend we are going to be hit with a tropical storm and tornados. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the rain A LOT, but its interfering with my LIFE. Stop it, rain. Just stop it.


Outside my office

In some fun news, I got on SKYPE this week! Obviously I won’t be using it while at work, but try to SKYPE me some night at Naked_Disco 🙂 And no, no one has skyped me yet.

In some SUPER fun news, I got a fan email to my blog address!!! It comes from Christof in Belgium. He stumbled upon my blog several months ago and has been following me ever since! It was a very nice, fun, and exciting email to get. Christof posed a question to me which I will share:

“I see you wear very much blazers and vests. Why do you not wear both at the same time? And which one is your favorite to wear?”

Well, Christof, the reason you never see me wear both at the same time is because its just way too hot here! When I wear a blazer, it is usually only at night time. I don’t ever wear it while driving in the car, either. Too hot! A shirt and blazer can cause you to be very hot in Florida, even at night. So if I know I am going to be indoors in air conditioning, then I will wear a blazer. If I might be outside a bit, then that’s when I typically do a vest. My favorite to wear of the two is definitely a blazer. I think a man, whoever he is, just looks more sophisticated and classy in a blazer. I especially like to wear a black blazer with a black dress shirt. Black on black will always be uber chic.

Yay for blog fan mail! Do YOU have a question for the Prince of Disco? Then shoot him an email!

Me and my friend Liz in Paris are starting to make plans for my visit! Right now we are thinking we may take in a ballet, rent a limo to bum around town in, do a fun Versailles day, and of course drink on her balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I really want an excuse to wear a tuxedo in Paris. What could be more fabulous than THAT? Not much, I say, not much. What other shenanigans will we get in to? We will be spending time in La Tranche Sur Mer on the Atlantic side at the beach as well. She bought a cute little outfit for Raphael for our beach time!


We are starting to make our Stockholm plans as well! SO many restaurants there I want to try! We won’t be there but for a few days, so I am going to try to squeeze in as many as I can.

This past weekend was the BEST weekend EVER!!!! It started off with seeing The Tenderloins, the comedy troop that is the cast of The Impractical Jokers TV show. Its kind of a like a candid camera type show. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT OMG WATCH IT. Its on TruTV and its hysterical! I have loved the show when it first aired and was so excited when they were coming to Orlando to do their stand-up routine! I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I went by myself cuz I wasn’t going to miss this!


On my way to the show!


I am here!!!



IMG_7458 IMG_7449

There was a huge crowd and the show was hysterical. I laughed so hard the entire time, I was crying. I bought a meet and greet pass to meet them, and waited in line forever. I thought we would just shake hands, take a picture, and move on. So what was taking so long? They were letting in groups of 10 backstage at a time. Finally it was my turn, I was in the last group of ten. Basically once you are back there with them, you just stand around and talk to them and mingle, it was incredible! I met James Murray, my favorite one of the four, first and shook his hand and introduced myself! OMG JAMES MURRAY! Then I met Joe, and I was bubbling over with excitement so much he laughed. I couldn’t believe this was happening!!!! When I got my picture taken with them, I was so excited that Q said, “Hey, you need to calm down with your bad attitude problem” haha!!! I even made Sal laugh, I asked him how he was handling the Florida heat, and he said he got no sun at the pool that day and that tomorrow he just wouldn’t wear sunscreen. I said “Ooh, be careful, you don’t want to end up a Peely McPeelerton!” He laughed! One of the funniest guys ever laughed at a joke I made! Wow!

IMG_7467 IMG_7470 IMG_7502 IMG_7483

After my pic, I got to talk to James Murray for a bit longer and got my picture with him too!


Me and the old Murr!

It was surreal. Meeting the cast of my favorite TV show! Like, I see myself in the pictures with them, and I remember it all happening, I just can’t believe it really happened!

I immediately posted the pics on Facebook, tagged them, and did the same on Instagram in hopes they would message me and be like “Brandon! Meet us for drinks at our hotel!” But, that didn’t happen. You win some, you lose some.

After that, I stopped by a friend’s house for a little hot tub party and some good red wine with friends.

The next day was my first paddleboard lesson! I was so excited, it had been canceled twice due to rain.


All set!


I felt my frog swim suit was lake appropriate


But luckily the weather cooperated, and I met Nina down at Dinky Dock near Park Ave on the Winter Park chain of lakes. Yay, we finally get to paddleboard! One of the instructors said they were glad they didn’t cancel and I said “I don’t care if lightening is hitting that lake right now, I would still go out there, I  am that excited to do this!”


I will own that house someday


We are ready to go!

IMG_7525 IMG_7524 IMG_7523 IMG_7522 IMG_7520 IMG_7518 IMG_7517

There were about 20 of us there. We went through some basic instructions and were handled our paddles. The instructor informed us to keep our paddles turned a certain way, with the logo on the paddle facing forward. I looked down, and my paddle had no logo! I was like oh no! Then the instructor said “Yeah, we call that one Smart Paddle because you have to remember. Good luck!” The group laughed, and I was henceforth known as Smart Paddle.


The yellow paddle is Smart Paddle!

My friend Mike is also an instructor, and helped me on my board. OMG I was so shaky! My legs just wouldn’t stop shaking. Mike told me to relax and it would get better once I relaxed. I started going a bit slow, I was so nervous, I didn’t want to fall in the water. So I fell behind the rest of the group. I then started to relax, and started taking off! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I caught up with the rest of the group.

IMG_1260 IMG_1259

This was INCREDIBLE! So freeing! Such a great work out! I could feel the workout in my abs and legs. One of the instructors took pictures of our journey.

We then went through a canal to the next lake, everyone was instructed to get together. We all lined our boards up next to each other till we were in a long row, and everyone sat on their boards in the water and linked arms. We then were told we could ‘run the boards’ in the water, basically you could run the length of the 20 boards now connected while we were sitting on them in the water. WHAT?! Crazy right? Well, I was one of the only 3 that did it! My board was on the end, so I stood up, and started running across the linked boards and at the end jumped into the lake! GO SMART PADDLE!

It was seriously the best hour and a half ever. I never fell off! Totes my new hobby, totes. Already signed up again!




After my paddleboarding experience, then it was luau time! After a few fun singing SnapChats in the car on the way home, I had to get into my luau gear.


It was a joint birthday party at Deana and Chris’s house! They had the place decorated so cute, mai tais, leis, you name it! They had a huge spread of food, pork, fruit, anything you wanted really. It was A GREAT party. They even had a floating beer cooler for the pool. The beer cooler and Melissa were instant friends…


IMG_7570 IMG_7569 IMG_7568 IMG_7566 IMG_7565 IMG_7564 IMG_7563 IMG_7577

The mai tais were STRONG. OMG. So things got a little crazy towards the end of the night. If you are friends with me on Facebook, scroll down to the posts from this weekend and see the videos my friend Tim tagged me in that he made during the party. Nothing crazy is in the videos though 😉 Sorry, you are out of luck. Lets just say, the next day, I didn’t know where my swimsuit ended up…


I LOVE flamingos!

IMG_7590 IMG_7585


After a cup of coffee with Deana and Chris the next day, I cruised on back home and it was a day on the couch for this boy.


I met my mom and her boyfriend at Sonny’s for dinner, and went back to their house after picking up Arby’s cherry turnovers. DID YOU KNOW they are ONLY $1? $1!!!!! Seriously, go get one tonight and try one. They are to DIE FOR. Knowing they are only a $1 can be very dangerous…

I had a glass of wine or two that evening with a friend of mine, and we watched Marie Antoinette, the movie with Kirsten Dunst. If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with Marie, so it was a pretty blissful night I must say 🙂

Just incase you didn’t know, my four top obsessions (and I say TOP obsessions, there are more things Brandon is OBSESSED WITH) are (in order):

1) The TV show Dallas, the one from the 80s. There will be a separate blog on this subject, and my obsession with it, soon.

2) ABBA. Loved them since I was 13. Enough said.

3) Marie Antoinette. Can’t get enough! I have read almost every book on her and Versailles that has ever been published. I am a French royalty SPONGE.

4) European royalty. Kinda goes along with #3, but whatever, who’s counting.

Tada. The more you know. 🙂



So…question to you, my fabulous blog readers. Are all the hangers in your closet the same color? Because I have white ones, blue ones, black ones, different colors. And one day several years ago, I was watching a corny Lifetime movie with friends and this girl was in her closet and ALL the hangers were identical and I said “Oh come on, like anyone’s hangers are all the same color!”, speaking to the unrealisticness of the movie. And all my friends in the room were like “Huh? Mine are all white” and “Yeah, mine too…” And I just shut up and didn’t say anything. Am I the only one with mismatched hangers in my closet? TELL ME! HELP ME! I am really insecure about  my multi-colored hangers. And I’m like, well I will just go get a ton of white hangers. But I have a LOT of clothes. Do I really need to spend hundreds of dollars on hangers to make them all the same? What do I DO, people, what do I DO?!

This week has been ho hum so far. Just working and sleeping. Someone brought in donuts to work on Tuesday…


This was my donut. One would obviously think, oh it MUST have filling inside! It didn’t. Total donut fail. AND DONUT LIES!

Had drinks and appetizers with my buddy Kiko tonight, and it was SUPER fun to catch up with him! Kiko – I think this should be a weekly thing! 🙂  Before drinks with Kiko tonight, I was in the Millenia mall and they are getting an H&M there too! Where Forever21 used to be. How awesome is that?!

Super stoked for this weekend – Seeing Fleetwood Mac in Tampa with Janie, Christin and Adrianna on Friday night! My outfit…is going to…ROCK. So excited to wear it. Saturday is paddleboarding, and then who knows?

Remember those old rolls of film I found under my bed a few weeks ago? Well, I finally turned them in today, and am having them put on CDs. I will posted them when I get them, can’t WAIT to find out whats on them! They are from 2005 and earlier!

Well my lovelies, thats all I got for today.

Goodnight disco stars, wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


425265_10100484984838542_1804807699_n (2)